Episode 460: Surprise!

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Not Alone

Surviving the zombie apocalypse is something that is going to take a considerable bit of focus. This is a good thing because it can keep you alive, but maintaining focus for any period of time can be difficult. Eventually, we’re going to get tired, and that’s where things like losing focus or tunnel vision come in. We’ve been keyed up for so long that we just can’t do it any more. Unfortunately, this is the the time where the zombie or hostile living people tend to surprise us.

About Us:

Once again, all you guys saw this coming, but we’re being reunited with the rest of Abe’s family, who have come to investigate the sound of the gunshot. As you can probably imagine, they’re not terribly happy about what they see.

Other News:

I have been hard at work on updating the character bios, which has got to be the most requested item from you guys. I don’t have anything posted yet, but I’ve gone through and reviewed a ton of comics to grab all the new characters. Look out for an update on that soon(ish).

Discussion Question: Donation Recognition

As I mentioned in Friday’s comic, I want to start encouraging donations (and even received one for an incredibly generous reader who asked not to be recognized) to the comic to help me afford things like a light kit for photography, hosting, and, of course, more LEGO. However, I don’t want to just bug you guys for stuff; I want to offer something in return.

The only problem is, I don’t really have a good idea of what to offer. That’s where you guys come in. What would you like to see me do in exchange for donations as a way to say thank you?

37 thoughts on “Episode 460: Surprise!”

  1. Fallout series 10mm Submachine gun. They’ve managed to break through universes to grab one rather decent firearm I see.

    • I know it’s not super realistic, but I like that gun.

      • In game the gun is really powerful, and the design is really mechanical and industrial making it really cool.

        • Agreed. I absolutely love the look of it. I never really used the gun too much in game (I liked the Hunting Rifle the most), but it was great when I did.

  2. I sure hope these guys can shoot faster than Sam can, because if Abe comes back as a zombie who knows if it will see Sam first, or one of them? Knowing what zombies are capable of, I speculate that one of this group are going to get bitten by a zombiefied Abe who doesn’t particularly care who their first meal will be! 😀

    • That’s a definite possibility.

  3. Wow, I really like the first two panels… these are two panels on which the ‘stiffness’ of the minifigs come in handy. Sam seems frozen by the sudden appearance and veeery slowly turns around.

    Thinking of all the copmovies I’ve seen… I’m amazed they let Sam turn around with the ‘gun’ still in his hands 🙂

    About those donations, maybe you can look for inspiration in these kickstarter-things. So if you donate so and so much, you get an original script, a behind the scenes tour of your house, a signed copy of one of the episodes, a skype session with you talking about zombies, a guest role… etc… etc…

    • How about a LEGO zombie scheurkalender ? (this one is for U Foolish :p)

      • What’s a scheurkalender?

        • Haha… he’s referring to a miscommunication as a result of a comment he made on my 365-blog yesterday. 🙂

          (a scheurkalender is Dutch for ‘block-calender’ btw)

        • It was more of a joke than a real idea actually

        • Ah, hah! Glad to see how many people are interacting off the site. Awesome!

        • And you get the credit for that. Thanks to your web comic I got a chance to reach Foolish Lego’s amazing website.

        • Outstanding!

    • Oh, awesome ideals, FL! I’m going to have to work on something like that.

      Do you guys think you’d be interested in a skype session or any of the other rewards FL suggests?

      • Tjose are just of the top of my head. You could check out a few of the (comic or zombie or movie?) kickstarter-projects to see what kind of rewards they offer and I’m certain you’ll get a lot of ideas.

        • A Skype session would be cool, a good opportunity for the community to meet wherever they are in the world they are.

        • I’d totally be up for a Skype session. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of a QA series of videos where I would answer whatever questions you guys submitted.

  4. Im a little worried about Sam now… I mean, he’s an important character, possibly the one with the most screen time, but I don’t know what to expect anymore after Abe was shot….

    Also: I think the same with Foolish Lego when it comes to a donation “reward” I think depending on the amount it should qualify as a different thing.

    • He is indeed an important character, but he’s in a tight spot right now.

  5. Wow, now Sam has to shoot them too…This is getting out of hand!


    He will negotiate, and they will forgive him/decide he was right

    I think the kickstarter idea is fantastic. I would support it!

    • Thanks legoone; I’m going to put together a kickstarter-style page soon.

  6. The Skype thing would be interesting. Maybe Dave could print a full comic book of all the episodes so far, and give that away as a reward? He could sign it to

    • *too

    • I’d love to be able to print a full book, but that would be pretty costly. Perhaps instead I could do an autographed episode, or maybe an episode photo?

  7. Zombie cameo! Donors get to send in a pic and lego-zombie representation of themselves appear prominently in a frame. Or possible donors names go into a raffle and and the winners lego-zombies gets called into play when Dave wants to have a zed kill off a major character.

    • Oh, that’s an interesting idea.

  8. Impossible scenario : It appears that the rest of Abe’s group hated him. What a relief, Sam did what they could never do.

    They let Sam go, not without asking him to become their leader before. But Sam is now leaving, alone on his horse facing the sunset…

    Or not.

    • Another interesting twist.

    • This is what I was thinking, too.

  9. Donation idea: Donors get killed by zombies

    • That would kind of discourage repeat donors.

  10. Donation idea: Donors get to have a custom zombie built after them. Who cares if you’re a person in a webcomic, but if you’re a zombie that means if you want to donate again, you can have multiple custom zombies! 😀

    • Oh yeah, cool idea! You guys are awesome.

  11. I do have one question, though, in the last panel there’s three of them yet it would seem only the female is holding a gun, the rest are actually not armed with guns, just a baseball bat and something I can’t identify. 😀

    • It’s hard to see because it’s out of focus, but that’s a pistol and a fire ax.

  12. Collect your shots & bios so far, then take software, then make calendar.
    You can put 1/2 shots and then put the first half for a “has is” the other “this is what I was aiming for”.
    Finally use as reward, yes/no?