Episode 59

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
There are few things more surprising in life than the unexpected firearm. Occasionally it brings salvation, like when one of your co-workers turns into a walking corpse who wants to sink his rotting teeth into your yielding flesh. Generally, though, the surprise gun means that your life is about to take an interesting turn into the exciting world of armed robbery, kidnapping, or maybe even murder. Yes, things are about to get very interesting for you.

14 thoughts on “Episode 59”

  1. now how are they supost to get the power upp.

    • Power up?

      • “I went out into the night,
        I went out to find some light…”

        Or, in this case, ammo for a revolver. Potato, po-tah-toe…

      • I think he meant the lights.

      • Oh, hah. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks Flamero!

        I don’t think the lights are coming back on, what with their maintenance zombie dead and all. I need something to get these damn characters out of the newsroom, right?

        • I’m guessing they could only get one tech to stay there with them then?

      • It’s always important to usher the stubborn out into their inevitable demise – or, their unlikely heroism. I’m betting that revolver-man doesn’t make it too long. People who plan ahead rarely make for good heroes, it seems – easier for the audience to identify with someone who’s not cannier than them, I suppose.

        • I don’t want to speak for you, but personally I identify a lot better with people who aren’t raving idiots…

  2. This is one of those rare cases where the unexpected firearm is a very good thing.

    • A surprise gun is always interesting.

      • Intresting yes. Good rarely.

  3. does he go to and from work during a zombie apocolipce

    • That’s an excellent question. If you pay really close attention, you’ll probably notice that the timelines between these guys, and our normal crew don’t quite match up. I’ve got plans for that down the road.

      To answer your question, no, they aren’t commuting. They’ve barricaded themselves at work to keep the news flowing as long as possible.

      • Well, they won’t be doing that without power. If they planned this ahead though, they should still have a secure perimeter and plenty of supplies. Of course, they really need to check the perimeter after what happened to maintenance guy.