Guest Strip 1

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About this Episode:
Our very first guest strip was contributed by Louise of fantastic comic, Tranquility Base. If you aren’t already reading it, do yourself a favor and start today. It’s a fantastic mix of sci-fi and satire, with allusions and guest appearances aplenty. Just be careful not to buy anything from Squidman.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
It’s a testament to the ubiquity of zombies in popular culture when we see the term start cropping up to describe real world problems. Zombies may only seem like a problem that fictional characters deal with, but when your network is paralyzed by hundred of zombified workstations, only your IT guy (the real world equivilent to Evil Dead‘s Ash, at least in this case) can save you. Godspeed.

2 thoughts on “Guest Strip 1”

  1. It was my pleasure to do. Oh and I’m feeling better now (since the last panel) — must’ve been something I ate 😉

    • or something you drank