Guest Strip 6

About this Episode:
If you’ve been reading this comic, then you’re probably already familiar with Lich Barrister of Ye Olde Lego-Time Theatre. He’s been an incredible friend and supporter, and I can’t recommend his comic highly enough. It’s witty, it’s verbose, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Seriously, get on it.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
We all like to imagine a world in which zombies are a daily reality (come on, admit it). We generally think of this in terms of survival strategies, improvised weapons, and how we could potentially barricade our homes and workplaces. What most of us don’t consider is how a zombified world might affect other aspects of our live. Commercials, for instance.


Lich Barrister

I think I’ve enjoyed your “zombie cliche lookouts” for this week as much as the comics – it’s been fun watching you work to build a cliche to suit each.

And here I thought I was genre-hopping enough to flummox you. Well played, Cancerkitty, well played.


Hah, we aim to please. I get a kick out of writing that section. This week was even more fun that usual.

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