Guest Strip 5

About this Episode:
Chris Doyle’s Brick House is one of the first brick comics I read, and I still get excited every morning to check it out and see what kind of shenanigans his characters are perpetrating that day. If you haven’t read it yet, go check it out now. You’ve got a back catalog of over 1,000 episodes to get through, but it’ll never feel like a slog. In fact, once you get caught up you’ll be aching for more.

Doyle is no stranger to zombies in his comic, as you can see here. In his guest strip he was generous enough to use on of my favorite reoccurring characters, who was introduced in this strip.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
If there’s one thing about zombies that you can count on, it’s dedication. Zombies don’t tire out, or get bored, need to take bathroom breaks, loose motivation, or need vacations. They are single-mindedly dedicated to the goal of ripping the flesh from your bones while you weakly scream in horror. But what happens when the zombie in question is a bit of a celebrity, like – say – Wash from Firefly and Serenity? Well then you’ve got to expect a little bit more ego and a little less dedication to task.