Episode 60

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
The thing about zombies is that if there are only a couple of them, and if you’re reasonably well armed (carrying a loaded Glock, for example), then they’re just not as scary. So what does the aspiring zombie writer do to up the ante? Gun jams, broken weapons, loss of ammo, mobs of the undead. If you can think up a way to cheaply stack the odds against the protagonist, zombie stories will do it. That is, of course, until it’s time for our heroes to start kicking wholesale ass, at which point all bets are off.



Just saw a snippet of “Resident Evil” – ahh the wonders of modern technology! 😉

As to the relevance to today’s strip, it seems that even though these guys are infected with a technological virus that turns them into flesh eaters, the means of stopping them is the same: Head shots. I wonder how long it’ll take the US army to run out of ammo? 😀


A lot of zombie flicks like to change up the source of the virus. Resident Evil’s bio-engineered outbreak is interesting, but I prefer to keep the origin unstated. To me, it’s never as satisfying to “solve that mystery” as it is to just enjoy the ride. YMMV of course.

As to the US army, well hopefully they’re pretty well stocked, because I don’t think many employees are going to be showing up to their shifts at the munitions plants.


I dunno how much the army keeps within easy reach, but I’m pretty sure there are more bullets in the US than people. The surplus from WWII alone is hundreds of millions of rounds.

zombies! :)

Unfortunatly no matter how much ammo you have you’ll have to eventually point the gun to yourself. In RE you are all infected because of the air. In this its the same thing because when you use melee you are close enough to smell their breath. The “virus” is in their brreath so if they breath on you than enjoy life while you can.

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