Episode 96

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
All too often we avoid the unpleasant until our response is forced by time or circumstance. It is often easier, though seldom wiser, to put off facing an uncomfortable situation. We hope, in vain, that whatever problems we face might disappear on account of our lack of consideration, but that is never the case. Of course, in the middle of a zombie outbreak one must face problems head on, or quite literally be bitten in the ass for lack of action.



This series is great, I just saw every comic from 1 to 96 and I loved the characters and dialogue in between all of them. Great series Dave, I’ll be sure to check back every Friday to see the next entry, I especially like the gore under the skeleton. 😀


Thanks Legoped! New comics are on Mondays and Wednesdays. Friday is when I show off a cool zombie creation.


DAVE, have you ever thought of doing a cross over with a Webcomic, Like a Cross-over with with Brick House (or The Extra Awesome Webcomic just quietly)


I don’t know that Bricks of the Dead would really lend itself to a crossover, as cool as it would be,


“Was all about the Lolz” – Says Mr.DeaderThenDeadGuy Or dead zombie
Because every once n’ awhile everything needs to be done for the lolz. (Or pitch fork, because if you ain’t getting any kick ass looking kills with a Pitch fork, then you ain’t doing anything right.

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