Episode 87

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
In zombie stories,we often only see the beginning of zombies feeding on their victims. We witness those initial few bites as the prey slowly loses the ability to fight back before they finally die in agony. After that, we’re usually whisked away to some other scene. The zombies, too, are often interrupted. They’re either destroyed by the living, or leave their food to shamble after their next meal, never considering that a bird in a hand is worth two in the bush.

Every now and then we’re shown the effects of a complete zombie meal, with all that remains of the victim being a torn-apart skeleton and some leftover gore. Perhaps the best example of this is in the original 1968 version of Night of the Living Dead, when Tom and Judy are completely devoured after being killed by the gas pump exploding.

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  1. Let’s hope these zombies aren’t the kind that like gnawing on bones until there’s nothing left! 😉

    • They’re just savoring the flavor.

      • Bone marrow is nutritious, and rotting bone marrow would probably make it even more attractive to a zombie! 😉

      • That’s very true. Waste not, want not.

  2. Oh, poor zeds! They must be starving 🙁 Good thing the fresh meat finaly arrived!
    Wait, what…? 😀

    • Hah, well said Adelaide!

  3. are those red snakes?

    • No, they’re entrails.

      …yes, they’re red snakes.

      • I probably would’ve used a hotdog piece, but this is a genius idea!

      • I never even thought about a hot dog. I’ll have to remember that.

  4. well that was a gory scene it looks like merphy and the gang are pretty much screwed!

    nice work dave!

    • Thanks Mark! I was hoping my gore would be appreciated.

  5. Wow nice gore effects! where’d you get the cool lego blood with the gutsand skeleton from?

    • Thanks Drew! The effects are quite simple: opaque red pieces in the floor, with transparent pieces on top. I also used some red snakes for intestines or what-have-you. The skeleton is an official LEGO piece.

      • It’s such a simple but elegant effect. The camera angle, and the focus point beyond the gore (adding a slight blurring), enhances the effect even further. Probably some of the best LEGO carnage I’ve seen – I meant to comment last night, but was too appalled and amazed to post intelligibly. (Also – 27 comments now. Well done!)

        And after that restful interlude in the story… some action.

      • Thank you, kind sir!

  6. Hi CancerKitty.

    This is the Colonel. I’ll be back to the BCN before the deadline, so I’ll enter your contest. Would you mind procuring me the Bricks of the Dead text logo as a PNG, please?



    • Hey Colonel, glad to hear you’ll be returning!

      I put a link the the font I use for my logo on the contest page; I figure that way people can use it however they like.

      • Alright-e-o, thanks so much.
        Teh Priezez r liek soo 2wtaleh o-sum.

      • Hah, I didn’t follow all of that 🙂

      • Mm’k, getting the font into GIMP is a really big hassle, I reapeat my request of a reaaally big spoiler’d PNG text logo in a post in the contest thread, because though I can’t post, I can still view.



      • I can make one up.

  7. OMG! I love how the red snakes are intestines <3 That's great! You guys are so clever! I wonder how this scene is going to play out? I say shut the door and just shoot them from the windows in the door until they are dead and then ransack the house cause zombies don't eat canned foods 😀

    • If only they had some ammunition for Murphy’s guns!

    • Yeah, they have no ammo.
      Plus, the room (or apartment) has no door now 😀 😉

      • I unfortunately didn’t have a windowless door piece, otherwise there wouldn’t have been any windows either. If you look back, the windows are blacked out so you can’t see into the room before the door is kicked down. That was the best work around I could contrive.

  8. Jynxy you stole my line! just when I thought I was the guy with the original line, you came and stole it like … oh 3 hours before…
    Sorry never mind just me whining again.

    • Hah, no worries Bloxz.

    • teehee I’m sorry. Must have been my icon on here xP

  9. I have a bad feeling that when they get back to girls, they will be gone.

    Maybe it’s just me

    • Boy, that sure would be harsh. I don’t think I’m that cruel to my characters just yet.

  10. I wonder, no matter the amount of Zed-Apoc movies I watch, you never find those people just ready to KICK ASS… They’ve had a plan all along, had their weapons, Ammo, and food all just prepared prehandedly for a Zombie Apocalypse. Will never find them, I’m sure I’m not the only one that constantly plans along with their 4 other buddies on how they would react in such a situation and has made a full out complete plan on surviving. Maybe that might be to boring for a beginning? I would be Giggling like a little girl to see constant head shots from epic honed skills and a pwn crew just rollin’ the streets like a baus. Damn Cliché’s…

    • I think the reason for that is that it’s just not as dramatic to see well prepared people handle a problem efficiently and professionally. It’s just more exciting to watch people have to think on their feet and sometimes fail at it.

      • I guess its only fun in games if you have well prepared people. Get some friends, form a plan.. Yada Yada. But you got a point, you give them the rising action, and more of a rising action and there will always be a Climax for each scene. (Of lolFail no doubt) And it also gives me a reason to laugh and shake my head in shame at them.

      • Games are definitely an exception.

        You make another good point too. It’s fun to be able to watch people mess up on screen and say “Man, I could do better than that!”

        • To a certain extent, sure – but it gets old real fast. Consider watching a group of survivors overcoming the odds stacked against them, vs. watching a group of idiots stumble into problem after problem against the odds. The latter could work in a comedy, but would be rather lame as a more serious film.
          That’s one thing I liked about Tremors. The characters didn’t strike me as particularly stupid, but they took heavy losses anyway. That really underlined the danger the monsters posed to me – those guys were doing about as well as you could likely expect, and it still was barely enough.

      • Anywho, can’t wait for the next Strip! I’m actually looking into buying some more legos just because I would love to make my own little set up… I grew up playing with lego’s and I’ve lost at least a bucket worths of them. I remember so many times I could never find my Minifigures fully together. Always had to put random parts together and color the parts black with marker to make it match… Ahh the days…

      • You absolutely should pick up a bucket. Hours of fun for all!