Episode 88

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Whenever young tough guys talk about what they’d do in a zombie outbreak, they tend to talk primarily about combat and weaponry. They generally neglect minor details like where they’re going to procure food and water. When these issues are brought up, the tough guy like to say that they’ll just scavenge whatever they need as though it’s the easiest thing in the world. Unfortunately for them, in a world overrun by the walking dead, they’re not the only ones scavenging for food. While they’re looking for some bottled water and a couple cans of fruit cocktail, a shambling horde of undead cannibals is looking for them.

41 thoughts on “Episode 88”

  1. Fast Zombies = Too Easy
    Slow Zombies = SNEAKY NINJAS… That’s why you never turn your back to a slow zombie.. They will get on top of you and make you bleed.
    I want a P-apoc with Slow zombies not only because they would be slow.. But because they would be fun to mess with. These gags involve random things such as if you was playing DR2… Get something.. Stuff it into their mouth, they will never bite anything ever again.

    • Replying to my own Comment as a mild Edit… Love the Cliche and I could not agree more. Interestingly enough I include that in ever situational idea I come up with. My main concern is none perishables. Thats why I believe in the 4 Manned Canned Run. Must have only 4 people to a group if you are a survival mobile Group! I know there are mild exceptions but you wanna keep your load light, Food can be used more practically, Communication runs better, and Tensions don’t run as high. (Depending on who you have in group)
      Now this only works if you are a group that doesn’t plan on attempting to rebuild society. Because your going to have Testosterone Raging males killing off zombies, comparing kills… And if you get a female.. All the unneeded details are there.
      And on a side note before I start going on further and further with advice and what not.. I think I might need to find a place to put all these ideas down for fellow zombies Apoc lovers to read… Before I end up spaming this here fine comics Comments.

    • Absolutely start writing them down. A zombie survival workout might be fun here. People can compare their plans against others. Fun fun fun!

      • Okay everyone, time to start sharing your plans!

        Your Zombie Survival Plans

    • Maybe a special thread or something like that? Would be a great idea, something I know a-lot of people would check on when they could. Also would have a-lot of other benefits with it as well.

      • If there’s some interest in it, I’ll put up a special page for zombie apocalypse planning where people can comment their ideas.

        What does everyone thing? Does this sound like something you’d like to see?

      • “What does everyone thing? Does this sound like something you’d like to see?”

        Sure thing!

      • All right; I’ll put something together in the next couple of days. Start getting your plans together.

        Also, thing instead of think. I hate typos.

      • Oh, lol, didn’t even noticed it.
        It happens to me pretty often hehe (typing “thinG” instead of “thinK”) O:)

  2. Of course now we’re going to find out if the effects of already having been bitten by a zombie will make any difference. And the scared guy is running right past a crate-load of potential zombie kick-ass (if only he knew how to use it) sitting right there.

    • Yeah, he’s not really thinking about his options at this point, just getting out of dodge.

      • By the way, does Murphy make a sprint all the way to edge of scene from the zombie who tries to get him at the door, or does the force of the zombie’s attack push him that far over that he goes almost entirely out of scene?

      • He’s tackled from behind and falls forward that far. Conveying movement better is something I need to work on.

  3. Oh no Murphy please survive!……but Sam no comment for you.

    • No love for Sam? Hah!

      • Hope Stu will beat him up for this lol 😀

      • Stu just doesn’t seem the type to actually attack someone. Bully them, sure, but physically attack? I don’t know…

      • Oh… that’s probably true.
        Ok, hope he will threaten him with it, then 😀

      • Hah, I’d imagine Sam is probably in for some passive-aggressive cajoling in the near future.

  4. they should have gone to a sporting equipment store get some hockey arnor and someting to hit them with then takie a trip to the huntings store.

    • I think looting was probably part of the plan, but Murphy hustled them inside pretty quickly when they arrived in town.

  5. So do you aggree that my sigfig is a good actor for sam? The only difference is clothing and hair color, so you just need a makeup department. As an actor i think my character should be less of a wimp, and more of a geek who knows a ton about zombies!

    • The face is right, but the torso and hair are different. Still, it’s an adaptation, so there are going to be changes made, right?

  6. Sam, you coward! O.o
    But Murphy is a cop, I’d bet he has some skills in close combat, so hopefully they both will be fine!

    • Well the correct word would be Police Officer, and they are trained to only take some one down to the ground so that they can detain them. Not kill them.


  7. One of those books that are popular just because zombies are popular, like you say in the disclaimer-

    – Feed.

    It’s actually pretty damn good.

    • I quite liked Feed too. It was a little self-serious on the whole “bloggers are the future” angle, but a very entertaining book.

  8. No not Murphy! Stu on the other hand, I can see him pulling wise-cracks ad bulling everyone right up until he turns and then a bullet to the brain–that’s the way stu would probably go xP

    • That sounds about right, yeah.

  9. Just found this comic, and it’s pretty great.

    • Thank you!

    • Me too. I love zombies! But when are the living people going to get shotguns and BLOW THEIR ROTTING BRAINS OUT?

      • Sorry, I do that sometimes.

      • There’s going to be more action coming down the pike, but this isn’t going to be a videogame-like comic where people just shoot the monsters all the time. I’m aiming for something primarily character driven rather than action driven.

      • Yeah, I just want to see more gore. *creepy voice* I like gore.

      • Just go back one for gore. The quality of that gore is worth ten, twenty lesser strips.

        The good news is that there’s likely to be more within ten strips. Zombie attack, y’all – something’s going to get messed with.

      • Hah, well said Lich!

  10. I don’t get just what happened here. These are supposed to be slow zombies, yet these two just charged out through the door before the humans could react.

    • I wouldn’t say they charged, they simply surprised the humans.

      • Either way, Murphy seriously dropped the ball here by turning his back on them.