Episode 86

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
At some point in our lives we’ve had to deal with an unapologetic jerkass. You know the type. They like to lord things over you when they have the chance. They like to pick arguments whenever they think they can win. And they like to sling derision instead of trying to work together toward a common goal. Movies love the jerkass. He (and it’s usually a he) is a character the audience can love to hate. And when the jerkass gets his comeuppance, no one has to feel bad.

In zombie flicks, the jerkass is dealt with in one of two ways: humiliation or being devoured by the undead. If it’s early on in the story, the jerkass will most likely be embarrassed rather than killed off, since the audience needs to hate him until the third act. After that initial embarrassment they may choose to start working with the team, or they might let that feeling of inadequacy fester until they get the chance to turn it against their perceived enemy.

9 thoughts on “Episode 86”

  1. Well, now that’s over, I wonder what surprises await them? 😀

    • I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about behind door number one.

  2. Yeah, let’s see if they find something ineteresting 🙂
    Also, I hope that our “jerkass” is not gonna die in third act, haha! 😀

    Btw, Dave, do you have any idea why my “Gravatar” doesn’t work anymore?
    It was all ok and then ‘POOF’ and my avatar won’t show O.o

    • As far as your gravatar goes, it’s based on your email address. I’d verify that you’re using the same one and you’re not mistyping it.

      It’s hard to say what’s going to happen to ol’ Stu.

      • Oh, LoL … how embarassing… yes, there was a little typo in my email adress 😀 My bad 😀

      • And the great troubleshooter solves another mystery!

  3. I love how Murphy makes it look so easy 🙂 I can just imagine the look on Stu’s face and the verbal outrage going on in his head–that or he’s about to mention to Murphy how he “loosened the door for him when he kicked it the first time” 😀

    • Oh yeah. Stewart clearly got the job started 🙂

      • Not actually that far-fetched, assuming that Stew wasn’t totally screwing his attempts up. I’ve personally seen cops kicking a door in in real life, and it took them about half a dozen tries.