Episode 85

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Forgive me for speaking in broad generalization, but everyone wants to, and believes they can, kick down a door. How many of us actually can, is another matter entirely. Years of destroying our common sense with television and movies has led us to believe that we are, as if by instinct, capable of any number of action movie tropes. Sliding across the hood of a car? No problem? Make a fifty yard shot with a handgun? Can do! Jump off a fire escape and safely land in a dumpster? You got it. The sad fact is that, should we try any of these things in the real world we would almost certainly be horribly injured, killed, or quite possibly arrested.

12 thoughts on “Episode 85”

  1. I bet, after all that, someone discovers the door’s unlocked, or the keys were conveniently left somewhere nearby, like taped to the underside of the garbage can. I mean, seriously, who picks garbage cans up to look underneath them? 😉

    • I have to say, I’ve never picked up a garbage can to look underneath.

  2. I knew it! 😀
    I wonder how Murphy is gonna ‘open’ that door…
    Possibly, he could break those glass…parts… of that door with the fire-extinguisher, reach the doorknob and open from inside. That’s another way to open a door in movies, right? 😀

    • Remember, he did say his foot was the key.

      • True, he did.
        But now when I noticed the lovely fire extinguisher… Well maybe next time 😀

      • The fire extinguisher is really good idea; I wish I’d have thought of it a few weeks ago. 🙁

  3. Another thing that happens in movies (not as much anymore I believe) are things such as trying to shoot a lock to open it and using a single bullet to cause a rocket-propelled projectile to backfire (like in the movie R.E.D). I’ve also found a good zombie game called Corpus Aegrus (Diseased Corpse) and I’ve only played the demo, but it’s pretty good. Just google Corpus Aegrus and that’s it.

    • I’m getting the impression that I shouldn’t base my understanding of physics and biology on what I’ve seen in movies and TV shows.

      Thanks for the head’s up on Corpus Aegrus ; I’m off to check it out now.

  4. who dude! there are naked and half naked ladies in the ads on here! please take them down!

    • Really? There certainly shouldn’t be.

      No nudity showing presently, but I’ll double check my settings with Project Wonderful to make sure I’m opted out of adult ads.

  5. I’ve slid across the hood of a car. I’ve hit a target at 50 yards with a hand gun, granted it wasn’t moving. Never jumped off a fireescape on to a trash dumpster. I have kicked open a door, it was an interior door, exterior doors are a bit too difficult to open.

    • I’m kind of jealous of you, Siabur. The only item on that list that I’ve tried is sliding across a car hood. I was unsuccessful.