Episode 766: Drawing Conclusions

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Inconclusive

Under the right circumstances, you can tell a lot about a zombie encounter by closely examining the place where it occurred. Naturally, someone who is actually trained and experienced can tell a lot more, but you don’t need to be one of those CSI guys to draw some basic conclusion. For instance, a big pool of blood? The tells you someone got hurt. Depending on how the zombies work in this particular story, you could even tell if it was a zombie or a living person. Say, for instance, that zombies don’t bleed much because their blood congeals or pools at their feet? Then if you’re finding blood, that means your survivor is probably pretty hurt.

I can’t think of a good example of this sort of investigation happening in a zombie story for some reason. I am, however, unable to get The Two Towers out of my head. Aragorn was able to draw all sorts of very accurate conclusions from the site of the battle between the orcs and the soldiers from Rohan. I guess what I’m saying is, just be Aragorn.

About this Episode:

I’m doing this write-up on father’s day morning, waiting for the pancakes my kids promised me. Suffice it to say, I am, perhaps, a bit less focused than normal. Expect a few typos.

On a related note, I’ve also got a pretty crazy week, so I may be a little slower than normal following up on comments and the like. As always, please carry on without me.

Discussion Question: Hope or Nah?

Based on what Vicky discovered, do you think there’s hope for Vicky and the kids? Could they be safely locked in the house, watching the investigation? Have they been chased away by the zombie? Did they only delay their fate, and will still end up in the belly of a pack of hungry zeds?

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  1. Typo alerts:

    “The tells you someone got hurt.” The–>That 😀

    “Based on what Vicky discovered, do you think there’s hope for Vicky and the kids?”

    Change first instance of “Vicky” to “Barb” I don’t see Vicky anywhere in this comic, do you? 😀

    • Lol! I’ve gotten their names mixed up a couple times, too! Haha!

  2. Don’t be confused, Barb.
    You have entered into another dimension.
    A dimension of sound, a dimension of sight,
    a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas.
    You’ve just crossed over into…The Twilight Zone.

  3. If they weren’t bitten or killed, they’re probably desperately trying to get rid of it. 😀 Hopefully they’ve led it to someplace they can deal with it, or lose it, like off a pier or something. 😀

  4. “That IS strange. How about we go, now?”

    No blood, and a zombie body. Good sign!👍😀
    Lots of blood…and guts…and zombies eating the body of your friend. Not such a good sign. 😮🙁

    About the episode:
    Let me guess! … You waited for your pancakes. And you waited…and waited…and waited. Then you finally got up to check on the kids. AND…they were asleep!😁 😒 So you ended up making pancakes for everyone. Haha!

    How were they? Did they have blueberries? 😕

    Question Time! 😄
    Lots of hope! Yep! 😊
    If there’s no red, then you ain’t dead!😎😂

    “Did they only delay their fate, and will still end up in the belly of a pack of hungry zeds?”

    Love that sentence! 😁

    🏁End of Comment🏁

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    Nope. No smoking-gun here! 😊
    Move along.☺

  5. Standard zombie tropes demand that they have been eaten for zombie brunch. Because z stories are supposed to be grim and dark (even though people are being chased by canabal corpses >.>)

    But you often throw standard zombie writing tropes on their head for a twist soooooo…

    I honestly have no idea :3

  6. There was a note.

    A zombie ate it. 😀

    • Lol!