Episode 767: Elementary

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Possibilities

People don’t like uncertainty, and I’m confident that will hold doubly true during the zombie apocalypse. Uncertainty makes us nervous, and rightfully so. There are so many different ways for things to go sour, and generally only a few ways they can go well. It reminds me a bit of a quote from an old football coach: “When you three the ball, one of three things can happen, and two of them are bad.” I think many of us are wired to notice the negatives, even the possibility of a negative, far more than we notice the positives. It seems like things can more easily go bad, even if that’s not strictly the truth.

Of course, I’m drawing these conclusions from my very safe, very comfortable life where, I must admit,  I don’t spend every day struggling for survival. I’m risk averse now, I wonder if that would change at all should the relative danger of day-to-day life increase dramatically. Who knows, maybe I’d turn into a danger junky.

About this Episode:

I had a lot of fun shooting this episode. I was going for something out of Law and Order, with two cops reviewing the evidence and discussing what to do next in the case. In this case, Barb is playing the senior detective, who has a lot more experience and confidence. I think it came out pretty well.

Also, I’m still going to be slow (or entirely absent) on the comments. Apologies, and please carry on without me.

Discussion Question: Risk Positive People

Okay, so that write-up above is drawing on a hell of a lot of generalities. Clearly, not everyone is as risk-averse as I am, and that’s a damn good thing. We need risk takers, and we continue to need them in zombie fiction. Bearing that in mind, what are some ways taking a few big risks can yield big rewards when it comes to zombie survival?

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  1. Not being familiar with football terminology, I’m going to give this write-up a pass on typos for today, if the football savvy commenters spot any typos please let Dave know! 😀

    • I have never heard of anyone Threeing a ball. Lol!

  2. Well it seems now would be as good a time as any to assess Clark’s part in this whole mess. After all, he panicked and left them for dead. Is Barb going to question him now or later? 😀

    • That brings up something I was wondering about–not so much as Barb vs. Clark, but Clark vs. Clark’s actions.

      When we first met the “Bear Grills wannabe”, he was much more fearless. Now, after encountering one zombie indoors, he’s afraid. I know it’s been years since that debut ( https://bricksofthedead.com/comic/episode-twenty-nine/ ), but it just feels out of character for him.

      I’d expect that sort of behavior from Stewart but not him.

      • See if you can find the episode where he got hit by Ted’s truck. That may have changed him somehow, in my opinion. He did get hit by it, so presumably, it affected his personality somehow.

  3. “Okay! You check the house! And I’ll check the truck!”

    Cliche O’Clock!
    Uncertainty = … I’m not sure. 🙁
    Certainty will be very rare in the apocalypse. I’m pretty certain of that. 😊😆

    About this Episode:
    Now that I think of it, Barb does look a lot like Mariska Hargitay! Lol!
    But, for real, she kinda does. It’s scary!😰

    Question Time!
    See The Prison, in The Walking Dead. The group took a risk on clearing it out. They lost Hershel’s leg, but they survived there for months! I think that’s worth it.

    Extra Answer!
    If you let a survivor into your group, you’re taking a risk. But that survivor could become a huge provider for the group. And might even save some of your lives.

    End of Comment!

    Word of the day:
    “Barb is Multi-Careeral. She’s a nurse, but she’s also a Detective!🔍 ”

  4. Dave. I was just wondering.
    Will you be doing any Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 reviews. There have been 4 episodes already.

    Did you do season 2? I forget.

  5. How does one “three the ball”? [for BrickVoid]

    • Threeing the ball is a diversionary tactic where after the ball is passed off the QB fake passes to the right and then left to confuse the opposition before actually throwing the ball. This is often combined with the rocket slam, and double ally-oop to maximize the scoring potential.

      • Genius! 😀