Episode 765: Looking Close

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Searching for Signs

Generally speaking, it’s not a good sign when people go missing during a zombie outbreak.The best case scenarios is that they’ve simply hidden themselves away somewhere, perhaps fleeing from some zeds. There are a whole range of negative outcomes, however. Perhaps they were attacked by zombies, and are now undead themselves? Or maybe they were ambushed by hostile survivors? Were they killed outright? Held hostage?

There is, of course, another bad option. Perhaps they left the group because they have their own goals that run counter to yours. Perhaps, for instance, they’ve decided they’d be better off in charge, and have decided to splinter off, centralize power, and eventually take over. After all, as zombie fiction loves to remind us, living humans are the truly dangerous ones. Zombies, on the other hand, become little more than just up-jumped environmental hazards after everyone learns to deal with them.

About this Episode:

I’m not really happy with how this episode turned out. I tried shooting things from loads of different angles, but it just ended up looking a bit awkward. The idea here that Barb is doing a fairly thorough search of the area, looking for some sign of the missing Vicky and kids. Things just look big and empty. I should have put some pieces of longer grass here, or maybe some plates to make the ground seem uneven. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this area before, so I couldn’t very well start making a bunch of cosmetic changes to it. That would be weird.

Discussion Question: Where are They?

Assuming Vicky and the kids have not been devoured, what could they be up to? Any chance that they have, as discussed above, decided to turn into villains? Or is there, perhaps, a bit more mundane of an explanation?

16 thoughts on “Episode 765: Looking Close”

  1. Typo alerts: ” they’d be better of in charge” of–>off 😀

    “Things just look big an empty” an–>and 😉

    Not bad, two for today! 😀

    • No celebration song for you today, Dave! ☝😮

      Maybe “Hurt” by Johnny Cash,
      would be more appropriate . 🤕😔🙁😢😭


      • Hah!

    • Fixed both, thanks!

  2. I think it looks okay to me, at least she’s bending down, that means she’s certainly looking for something. 😀

    • Hah, very true. I just need to do better at landscaping.

  3. “Be quiet, Clark! I’m trying to investigate this blade of grass!”

    Cliche Time!
    Who ever thought there would come a time when the best case scenario would be hiding from zombies, in a garbage can! But in this case…it is! 😁

    And the second best being getting captured by a group of hostiles! Lol!

    About the EP!
    Yeah. The first two panels aren’t your best. I wasn’t sure if she was picking up a weapon, or what. Maybe some dialogue would have helped.
    Maybe something like…
    Clark-“What are you doing?”
    Vicky-“Looking for signs!”

    (Lol! Oops! Barb, not Vicky! Haha!)

    Idk. Just a thought. 🙄

    ❔The Question!❔
    Yep! A couple months down the line, “The Family” is gonna be a HUGE villainous group! 😁

    I think they’re inside. Maybe the zed will be feasting on Vicky’s body while the kids are hiding. Good luck getting Those kids to move! 😉
    Or else Vicky is fighting the zed inside. But I’d think Clark and Barb could hear the struggle from out here.

    🏁End of Comment🏁

    🔮Word of the Day🔮


    “Ted was great at Groundskeeping! Weeks into the zombie apocalypse, his yard was still as smooth and green as a Golf Gourse Green!”⛳ 👍😉

    • “Who ever thought there would come a time when the best case scenario would be hiding from zombies, in a garbage can! But in this case…it is!”

      Or under a dumpster.

      • Yes! Lol!

  4. Where are they…. well, assuming of course they did not get eaten, they would most likely have gone back into the house. It’s their own place after all, they know the layout and they would be better off inside than out in the open.

    Oh, just had a nice idea, just as Barb and Clark are hanging out in the backyard, Vicky and the kids sneak into the truck and leave.

    • Twist!

    • Nice!

  5. Looking at panels: 706 – current it looks like they’ve ran from the living room, past the downstairs bedroom (possibly with the missing weapons in it), then finally down into the basement.
    That’s a classic “we’ve been cut off from…” Situation.
    An awesomeness moment may have happened and had the mother go into “Mama bear mode”, now that would set up for a string of possibilities. The only problems are we the readers haven’t seen the bodies and noises.

  6. Where are they? They went for tea because the comic secretly exists in England, obviously.


    Where are they? Watching TV of course. Just because the world is ending is no reason to miss the tenth season of Samurai Jack yo!

    • I would definitely put the apocalypse on hold for Samurai Jack. Season ten was fantastic.

  7. Just noticed that Clark no longer has the shotgun that was on the right side of his backpack. I guess Barb disarmed him at some point.

    He still has that length of pipe. I hope Barb doesn’t come to regret leaving him that.