Episode 699: Saying Goodbye

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Zombie Cliche Lookout:

In our normal world where we don’t have to worry about zombies killing and eating our loved ones, saying goodbye is tough. Especially when we know we won’t see that person again for a long time, or perhaps ever. If you have an aging family member whom you don’t see too often, you know exactly what I mean. You could leave one day, and never be able to see them again. This is made even worse when the person in question also has medical troubles. Furthermore, you never can say when some unfortunate thing might happen.

The point of all this? Make sure your loved ones know they’re loved, because even when it’s not the zombie apocalypse, you never can tell when a “goodbye” will be the last. And before anyone asks, no, no one has died in my life recently. This is just the theme I’ve been building toward with this story arc. Nothing personal going on.

About this Episode:

And with this, we’re wrapping up this story arc. I know, you guys probably wanted to see Tara go and pack up her stuff, agonizing over what to bring with her and what to leave behind, but sometimes you just have to cut things for the good of pacing.

Discussion Question: It’s Time to Leave

The zombies are here, and things are falling apart rapidly (like in the beginning of the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead).  You need to grab whatever you can and get the hell out of here to try to find safety. The thing is, wherever you’re reading this is where you’re leaving from, which should radically change the items you have available. I, for instance, am at work, so I wouldn’t have a whole lot to grab. I would, however, take the box of granola bars from my desk, a full water bottle, and my briefcase which has a multi-tool and a few other useful items in it.

11 thoughts on “Episode 699: Saying Goodbye”

  1. Typo alert, mouseover text: one–on 😀

    ‘You never know when you say “goodbye” whether that’s going to be for the last time.’

    This was restated more directly in the following paragraph:

    “you never can tell when a “goodbye” will be the last”

    It does seem a little repetitive, maybe Dave would want to fix that, I just flag what calls attention to itself as needing fixing. 😉

    “Make sure your loved ones know their loved” their–they’re — I looked at this one, If you wanted the contraction, this would be a typo and you should fix it to what I stated. It is possible, however, that it fits perfectly as is, because one’s loved ones should indeed know their loved (those whom they love and hold dear to themselves). 😉 English is such a wonderfully complex language, I don’t, sometimes, know if I’m actually flagging a typo or not. I just flag them, Dave can fix the ones he cares about! 😉

    • Fixed all. That last one was definitely a typo.

  2. Actually, I’m not sure most women would leave anything behind: I would imagine Tara to be, like most women, adept in the art of stuffing a suitcase so that it is Transcendental (bigger on the inside than the outside). 😀 After all, they do say women’s handbags hold an amazing amount of stuff in them! 😉 I think Dr. Who and his fellow Gallifreyans learned a thing or two from studying women’s handbags, it was by no means their invention! 😉

    • Further to that I would have thought Dave would come up with a strip or three consisting mostly of Tara packing her suitcases! 😀 That would be fun to watch, anyway! 😉

      • Hah, indeed.

    • I’m always annoyed when my wife doesn’t have something in her purse.

  3. I keep at least two weeks of food/water purification tablets/supplies/clothes/etc in the trunk of my car at all times (in a backpack from the Army/Navy store). As long as I have my car with me, I have a stocked go-bag.

    Now that I’m thinking of it, I’ve got to replace the food bars that I have in there as they’re about to expire…

    • Wow, you’re definitely more prepared than I am. I should do the same thing, especially considering how much driving I do.

    • If you had found food that was about to expire and were in a situation where you had need of emergency food, would you consider opening it to check if it was still edible before throwing it away? Or you just trust the label and throw out perfectly edible food right before the expiry date? 😀

  4. I really hope that when shit hit the fan, I’ll be at home! At least I have a swiss army knife and a baseball bat. Most important my daughter should b around too… So I don’t need to cross the city to get to her first.

  5. The law of the universe dictates that I would probibly be in the bathroom when the end of the world comes with no time to grab anything but my shaver and a half empty roll of toothpaste to defend myself with.

    Yes, I am most likely doomed.