Episode 700: Just the Facts

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: A Quick Summary

When you have a story with multiple groups of characters, you’ve got a couple of different approaches to keeping the audience up-to-date on both groups. The two most popular choices are either quick cuts between the stories, or simply offering up a brief summary every time you switch between groups. Obviously, this comic opts for the latter approach. The big problem with this approach is that it requires exposition with every transition. This being somewhat of a fantastical story, I could have simply created a new character (the exposition zombie) to handle all this, but I figure I’m already straining everyone’s suspension of disbelief as it is. The only answer is to have the one character who has kept her composure lay everything out simply and succinctly to the others.

About this Episode:

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been to this set. During this time, it fell apart in storage. I put everything back together before shooting, but realized after the fact that I forgot a small bit: the small shelf that held Ted’s lumber. Ah well. Let’s say they broke that up for extra materials to barricade the house, shall we?

Sometimes I really wish my script supervisor didn’t have that crippling meth addiction.

Other News:

Hey everyone, 700 episodes. How cool is that?

Discussion Question: What’s a Girl to Do?

Put yourself in Barb’s shoes for today’s episode. She’s managed to keep a cool head despite extreme pressure, but everyone around her is in various states of losing it and shutting down. Vicky is barely holding on; the kids are useless, and Clark is just about to go catatonic. How do you corral them all to keep them alive and working toward a common goal, or at very least keep them from freaking out and causing more problems for you to deal with.

13 thoughts on “Episode 700: Just the Facts”

  1. Typo alert “fantastically story” fantastically–>fantasy 😀

    Also, I think something is eating angle bracket characters, did Dave change something? I got suspicious after the last typo alert post had some go missing without explanation. 😀

    So either the blog software update ate them or one of Dave’s zombies did! 😀

    I know Dave’s zombies pretty well, they’ve only gone after what he sends them after thus far, so hopefully it’s the blog software update doing that. 😉

    • Hrm, and then I talk about it, and it comes back again! 😀 Oh, well, hopefully just a temporary thing then! 😀

      • Typo fixed. The angle brackets probably disappear because the software assume they’re an unclosed HTML tag.

  2. The kids are probably thinking whether now’s a good time to ask if they can get on the roof and fly away! 😀 Speaking of kids, how much does anyone think they’d really grasp of this kind of situation?

    • Yeah, they’re not getting a whole lot of this. They’re just completely overwhelmed.

  3. By the way, Dave, you should probably add something extra in for reaching the big 700 milestone! 😀 It looks so neat and pretty on the title there! 😉

    • Right you are. I’ll do that.

  4. As for the Discussion Question, I think Barb should put on an “you’ll answer to me, bub, if you lose it now”, but mostly for Clark. I think Vicky is trying to keep her composure somewhat together for the sake of her kids. 😀

    • Barb sounds an awful lot like Wolverine.

      • Well, I think she should be rather sharp, being a nurse. 😀 Being willing to claw your way through someone’s emotional distress in order to get them back together is something nurses probably observed doctors doing when they treated patients. It’s all about mentally preparing them for what’s to come. 😉 The ones that respond well will toughen up, or just fall to pieces, and Barb really needs to know whose support she can count on in this particular group. 😀

        • “* and the ones that don’t will just fall to pieces”, minor sentence mistake there. 😀

  5. As she is a nurse, I’d talk to everybody like a surgeon operating surgery. Giving short and simple order “You, do this!” “You, do that!”… It should work pretty nicely… Or fail in a dramatic way… I haven’t decided it yet in my mind!

  6. 700 episodes is pretty darn cool. Well done.