Episode 698: What I Need

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Justifications

Even in the best of times, it’s hard to talk people into something they don’t want to do. Some people are worse for this than others, and some people who seem pretty easy going might surprise you with where they suddenly decide to dig in their heels. At this point, I’ve likely trained you all to expect me to say that this will be even more difficult in a zombie survival situation, and that was exactly what my first instinct was. But then I thought about it a bit, and I started thinking that maybe this might not be true.

Hear me out here. In times of extreme stress, people are going to quickly realize that they need to be a little more open minded if they want to survive. They might not like the idea of sleeping in a dirty tool shed, but they’ll get over their squeamishness in a hurry when they realize that it has a nice, strong door. So maybe people will be a little more open minded when they have zombies to contend with?

About this Episode:

We’re wrapping up this story arc after next week’s episode. The following week we’ll be checking in with some characters we haven’t seen in a while. Any big predictions? Wanton speculations? People willing to bet their lives on the outcome?

Other News:

There will be no comic on Monday, as it is a holiday here in the US: Labor Day. We’ll resume our normal schedule on Wednesday, September 7th. As always, thank you for your patience.

Discussion Question: Dying with Dignity

Here in the US, euthanasia is a pretty sticky issue, both legally and socially. I’m curious how you think people would look at assisted suicide in a large scale zombie survival scenario. In this case, let’s assume that the person who wants to die is going to die soon anyway. Either they’re fatally wounded or are suffering from a non-survivable disease. Would this be acceptable, and what additional considerations would people have to bear in mind?

12 thoughts on “Episode 698: What I Need”

  1. Typo alerts: heals–>heels 😀

    “that you” that–>thank 😀

    The first typo is in the second sentence of the “Zombie Cliche Lookout”, the second is in “About this Episode’ 😀

    • Fixed all. Thanks!

  2. I wonder if Gramps drinks to any extent? I know some old folks like a tipple now and then. What do you think he’ll get up to once Tara and her new-found friends have gone? 😀

    Will we even get to find out? 😉

    • He’s going to tap into his secret moonshine stash.

  3. As to who we’ll be seeing after next Wednesday’s episode, the logical choice would be Murphy and the gang, or how Brent and Stewart are coping with Brent’s imminent death and threat to the rest of the gang. It would also be of significant interest to see how Ted and Barbara are getting along in the house with a zombie infestation that broke in when last we saw them! 😀

    There aren’t really that many characters to worry about at present, there’s a chance we might see Michael and Joy again, or in the case of really, really, really unlikely candidates, Dave might focus in on paralyzed Lou. 😀

    • Hah, yeah I’ve really got things paired down nowadays, don’t I?

      • There’s also Emma, wonder what she’s going through right now? 😀

  4. AH! Prediction time! That’s my stuff LOL… So as you ask me my 2 cents, I’ll say that Murphy is now officially in pretty bad shape and things will go downward for him… Sam will take over as the new leader in some big time action scene!

  5. You asked about additional considerations. It feels like a given in zombie stories these days that if the dead aren’t explicitly dealt with the will become zombies. I think that might mean natural death becomes a thing of the past, if only to minimize the threat.

    • I don’t know if that’s the way natural death works. If someone did die of natural causes in Dave’s strip, they would likely become a zombie anyway, unless the so-called “natural” death involved trauma to the brain that prevented the corpse from reanimating.

      For instance, would it be possible for someone to suffer a fatal brain aneurysm and still become a zombie on Dave’s strip?

      • What I meant is that people are no longer allowed to die naturally, anyone dying is killed as a precaution.

        That’s an really good question about what would make a brain non-viable. I hadn’t given it any thought beyond physical damage.

  6. Ah yes, the classic “Go on with out me! Ill be fine just knowing you are ok…” argument.

    Which is all fine and dandy until you stop and consider the other person, who is going to be morally scared eith the knowlege they left a loved one to die, out of nessecity or not…and always wondering if they are still alive….

    Yes, they will be just fiiiiine…