Episode 697: The Right Thing

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Perspectives

People see the same thing in very, very different ways. This observation certainly isn’t unique to the zombie sub-genre, rather, it is a simple part of the human condition. Ten people can witness the same scene, and come away with ten very different descriptions of what happened. Add in the additional stresses and challenges of zombie survival and people are likely to only diverge even further.

These differences in perspective are often tiny enough to be imperceptible, but can occasionally manifest themselves in huge ways, causing huge rifts between people and even groups. Need an example? Look no further than a hotly contested election, such as the one we’re having now in the US between Trump and Clinton.

About this Episode:

The big focus of this arc has been on Tara’s father, who quickly accepted the fact that he can no longer control his condition with medication, and needs to do what he can to protect his daughter. While this is certainly understandable and even noble for him, it puts Tara in a very tough position. She can honor her father’s wishes and abandon him, or continue to try to take care of him and defy him.

Discussion Question: More Casting

I really enjoyed BrickVoid’s suggestion in the last comic about potential voice actor casting for some future animated (stop motion, perhaps?) version of Bricks of the Dead. I figured I might as well take that ball and run with it. So what about if Bricks of the Dead was being adapted into a live action feature film? What stars would you like to see in major roles in the comic? Also, what sorts of things do you think would need to change in order for the adaptation to be successful?

I’m going to toss my hat into the ring with one minor character. For Abe, I’d love to see either Ron Perlman or Will Patton in the role.

6 thoughts on “Episode 697: The Right Thing”

  1. Regarding the Discussion Question: Well, the zombies would probably get changed into something resembling anything but a zombie! 😀 I guess for a movie to be successful, it would have to have some sort of happy ending, or at the very least, an ending where the main cast survives to go onto the sequel, such as they often do. 😉

    • Bah, Bricks of the Dead rejects non-zombies and happy endings alike!

  2. Regarding the election, well, Australia had a double dissolution Federal election, I’m still not sure we’re entirely clear of the fallout from that! It seems that stuff that gets dissolved in a political environment often means reduced majority for the returned party. I wonder why they failed so badly at running a Census which was held shortly after the election, and wound up being filled out at a later time for those who chose to do it online, because the site got overloaded from all the information, and even the Minister responsible was at first calling it a hacking attempt, which was later revealed to be false.

    • Good to see it’s not just here that politics are completely absurd.

  3. Stan Lee for Mr. Dad pictured above of course.

    Also, and beware of a horrible misspelling incoming, Sean Connery should be in there some where.

    If not the physical action of someone asking Sean Connery (james bond) to do a voice in a lego zombie movie would be priceless

    • Steam, I was thinking the same thing… I don’t know why but I’m sure Sean Connery would fit nicely some where… Actually He’d look great with Abe’s beard and eye patch!