Episode 696: Accepting the Facts

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Accepting the Obvious

Taking a step back from your pride any/or stubbornness to accept an obvious but difficult truth is one of those hard things about growing up that people don’t really talk about. It’s so hard, though, that many of us simply can’t do it. We cling to ideas that they can’t support rationally, but are too invested in to let go of. It can get a person into a lot of trouble. Naturally, it can get a person into even more trouble once civilization has started to fall apart and zombies are roaming the land, eating people’s faces. Those damn zombies just have a way of making things more difficult, don’t they?

About this Episode:

So, yeah, Tara’s face really doesn’t fit the content of today’s episode, does it? That’s probably my biggest challenge when it comes to making a comic out of LEGO® bricks. They seem to have gotten better about giving figures multiple expressions lately, but a lot of the good faces just have one look. I suppose for kids playing that’s probably fine. But what about men in their thirties like me? Come on, LEGO®.

Discussion Question: Voice Actors

Another great discussion question from BrickVoid: “Here’s a Discussion Question I bet Dave would’ve never thought of: If you were casting the characters in voice acting roles using a script that plays out closely to the current plot of Bricks of the Dead, who would you pick for which voice, and why?”

This is a really fun one. It would be pretty damn cool to see Bricks of the Dead turned into an animated film or series. Better still if it was done with really high quality stop motion, which is something I’m completely incapable of myself (that’s what the comic was originally meant to be).

3 thoughts on “Episode 696: Accepting the Facts”

  1. Generally I love George Takei’s voice in voice roles. Not sure which character he would be. James Earl Jones is an obvious choice and for your smooth talker Matthew McConaughey.

  2. Okay, my write-up doesn’t seem to have saved for some reason. I’ll get it re-written this morning.

  3. I like the fact that BotD was first to be a stop motion movie… I kinda thought about it myself for my own work… And gave up LOL… Amount of work is just insane…