Episode 68

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About this Episode:
As it turns out I didn’t have any red hand pieces to use for Jeff’s injury. That means I had to use a brown piece and then color correct it in Photoshop. Not a big deal really, except that I’m colorblind so I’m never quite sure if I’ve picked an appropriate shade. So if Jeff’s hand looks weird to anyone… well just use your imaginations.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
At some point in every zombie story, a character gets bitten. Depending on the type of zombie, this bite either means that they are infected with the zombie virus and will soon turn, or that they’ve got a death sentence and, after they pass, they’re going to come back as a shambler. Whether the bite infects or simply kills is a subtle, yet important distinction that tells us a bit about how the zombies work in this particular story.

If the bite infects and turns the victim, then the zombies might still be living and possibly (but almost never) be curable. But if the bite kills and the person rises after death, that means anyone who is killed can come back. In Bricks of the Dead, bites kill.

4 thoughts on “Episode 68”

  1. Nice, so you still have an out with which to save Jeff, if you want.

    • That’s right, if I want.

  2. i got like 3 red hands all from the same set

    • Sounds like you were far more prepared than I.