Episode 67

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
One of the keys to surviving the zombie apocalypse is being able to rely on one member of the group to be a voice of reason. Generally speaking, this person has some sort of authority in the regular world; they might be a boss, or a policeman, or an officer in the military.  But then again they might just be an average Joe who’s sick of listening to all the squabbling. Whatever they are, they know the value of a team working toward a common goal rather than being distracted with petty infighting while the shambling horde of walking corpses silently bears down on them.

8 thoughts on “Episode 67”

  1. Alike other cliches, this also can sometimes aplies to real life, though to other situations than “zombie apocalypse” and without the “shambling horde of walking corpses” bit.

    • You have to edit a bit to make things universal, but a lot of cliches become ubiquitous for a reason.

      • I’m remembering every single groupwork assignment where it was something other than “Let Lich do it while we chatter and act like morons!” Alas, I enjoyed good marks too much to deliberately tank the assignment. In retrospect, that would have been awesome.

        Deliberately tanking it in this setting would be leaving someone to die, though. I wonder if there’s that cliche for rivals…

      • Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, Lich.

  2. Jack Shepard from Lost is a example of this kind of Trope, as he organizes tent building, and food collection.

    • Possibly, Jack also got into a lot of arguments with other characters, like Locke and Sawyer. If anything, I think Hurley would be the closest on Lost.

  3. If they follow him, are they constrained to Murphy’s Law?

    • I suppose they would, Mark.