Episode 69

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Zombie bites generally come up during either the first or third act. Early on in the story, the victim is usually a minor character whose death/zombification is used to help lay the ground rules. They show us how serious bites/scratches/fluid transfers are, and help give zombie battles a bit more gravity. If it’s later in the story, expect someone close to the protagonist(s) to get infected. This is typically an emotionally charged moment that demonstrates how much a particular character has changed since the beginning.



Looking good so far, Dave. I wonder if someone will come up with some way to try and save our hero before the bite turns him into a zombie?

I think they’re going to need a restraint so he can’t get loose and infect the rest of the group. And they are really going to have to work on getting along with each other better.


Thank you, sir!

You’re totally right about getting along. Just wait to see how well they’re relationship is doing next week.


“She is ill after she was bitten by a zombie. Hey! Nice garden shovel!”

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