Episode 69

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Zombie bites generally come up during either the first or third act. Early on in the story, the victim is usually a minor character whose death/zombification is used to help lay the ground rules. They show us how serious bites/scratches/fluid transfers are, and help give zombie battles a bit more gravity. If it’s later in the story, expect someone close to the protagonist(s) to get infected. This is typically an emotionally charged moment that demonstrates how much a particular character has changed since the beginning.

4 thoughts on “Episode 69”

  1. Looking good so far, Dave. I wonder if someone will come up with some way to try and save our hero before the bite turns him into a zombie?

    I think they’re going to need a restraint so he can’t get loose and infect the rest of the group. And they are really going to have to work on getting along with each other better.

    • Thank you, sir!

      You’re totally right about getting along. Just wait to see how well they’re relationship is doing next week.

  2. “She is ill after she was bitten by a zombie. Hey! Nice garden shovel!”

    • Are we talking about the girl in the garden, or Shaun’s mom?