Episode 562: It’s Getting Colder

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Other Problems

In zombie stories, the zombies usually start off as the biggest problem. The problem here is one of adaptation. People, as a whole anyway, can generally adapt to things fairly quickly. Of course, it’s a painful and deadly process. Eventually, we get past this, and learn how to live in a world with zombies. There are a lot fewer people at the end of it all, but those that are still around are much more capable when it comes to handling the undead.

It is at that point that other threats start to come to the forefront. These are usually other living humans. Sometimes they’re natural antagonists, but other times they just happen to be a different group with different goals who can’t get along with our protagonists for one reason or another. And then there are the other challenges: sudden medical emergencies, inclement weather, lack of needed supplies, natural disasters, and a thousand other issues and emergencies. Surviving in the zombie apocalypse would be a lot more challenging than simply not getting eaten by zeds.

About this Episode:

Don’t worry everyone, we’ll be resolving this broken truck thing pretty soon. I can’t imagine how long we can keep Russell perched on that bumper realistically. I wonder how mechanics normally work on giant trucks like this.

On an unrelated note, I’m trying out a new lighting setup, so let me know if anything looks bad. Or, you know, good.

Discussion Question: Winter Break

As I’m sure everyone here is aware, Christmas is rapidly approaching. I’m planning to take a bit of time off from the comic to spend with my family, and my question is, what does everyone here think is reasonable? I was thinking of taking the last two weeks of the year off – making Friday’s episode the last one for a little bit – and then picking back up in 2015. What do you think; would I have a riot on my hands?

18 thoughts on “Episode 562: It’s Getting Colder”

  1. Regarding the Discussion Question: Take off whatever time you feel is reasonable, especially if you want to make vacation plans. If the comic has to go on a short two week break, then that’s okay. But if it turns out it’s going to take longer than that, you should let us know if you’re able to! 😀

    I really don’t expect you to worry about us, from my POV anyway. It’s your life, you’re doing this comic for us for no other reasons than your photography abilities, your love for the zombie genre, and the LEGO brick.

    Just remember to have a Christmas comic us, that’s about all I expect, because I’ve come to expect that. Other than that, do what you think is right. 😀

    P.S.: There are no typos today! 😉

    • Holy crap, no typos!

      Oh, and no worries; I’d definitely post something if I was going to take a longer break. I hate it when websites just shut down for a while with no communications.

  2. Actually, if you condition yourself to it, the cold isn’t as bad as people think. The Celts and Scottish were known for fielding entire armies barefoot in winter early on. The problem with this being that us modern people aren’t conditioned much at all.

    I remember reading about a guy who tried winter without any cold weather clothing at all and he was surprised to find he could handle it for some time… until he couldn’t and developed a severe illness requiring he stop the test and recover.

    • God, I’m no where near tough enough to go barefoot in winter. That’s hardcore.

  3. Nah, no problem! Take as much time off as you want. Just try not to break any more bones! 😛

    • I can’t afford to break any more bones; that shit gets expensive!

  4. Not to burst your bubble, but it’s inclement, not inclimate.


    • Curses! Fixed.

  5. In my opinion it doesn’t matter how long you take off as long as it is clear before and during your absence on which date the first comic after your off-time is back up. Uncertainty is the problem most of the time.

    • That seems pretty fair to me.

  6. NOOOOO my dosage of lego minifigs getting getting torn apart by zombies… dropping rapidly… can’t… go on- Yeah it’s okay if you take a break. 🙂

    • Hah, thanks Benni.

  7. Hmm. 3PM Friday and no comic. Dave didn’t go on holidays early, did he? 😀

    • I think BrickVoid has stumbled upon a timewarp!

  8. It’s still Thursday over here in Europe 😛
    Is your mind wandering off to the upcoming Holidays? 🙂

    • I don’t blame him; I wish it was Friday too.

  9. Yeah, sorry! I’m having one of those days, it would seem! 😀

    The good thing about being a webcomic author is you get to tell them their mistake! 😉

    • Hey, it happens to all of us.