Episode 563: Moving On

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Making Progress

In zombie fiction, the deck is stacked against the survivors. Obviously, they’ve got to worry about zombies, but there’s always a pile on of other horrific circumstances. Despite that, they still have to make progress. They have to move forward toward their goals. Otherwise, it’s just a painful experience to watch. Of course, their progress can easily be undone, but that’s a whole other subject. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples, shall we?

In the original Night of the Living Dead, our characters achieved several of their goals, primarily boarding up the windows and doors in the farmhouse. Of course, that didn’t really work out in the long term. Or how about 28 Days Later, where our heroes actually make it to the military blockade promising the answer to infection. Although that didn’t really work out either. Or how about in the remake of Dawn of the Dead, where everyone (but Steve) banded together to armor up some parking shuttles and make their bold escape to the mall? I mean, yeah, that plan also fell apart, but… You know what? I’m starting to see a pattern here. A pretty nasty pattern at that.

About this Episode:

You know what’s fun? Coming up with noises to put in the comics. Even though I kind of suck at it.

Other News:

As I mentioned last week; I’m going to be taking the next two weeks off to spend the holidays with my family. We’ll get back on schedule on January 5th, 2015. That said, I might sneak in a Christmas episode, so maybe check in every now and then, just for funsies.

Discussion Question: All I Want for Christmas is…

Okay, obvious question: what are you guys hoping for as Christmas gifts? Oh, and if you don’t do Christmas, I hope you take no offense.

19 thoughts on “Episode 563: Moving On”

  1. Typo Alert, Zombie Cliche Lookout, second paragraph, first sentence, after the second comma: “winders and doors” winders–>windows 😀

    Same section, same paragraph, second last sentence: “I’m starting to see a pattern here.” Add bolded word to sentence. 😀

    In the first paragraph, there seems to be “always a pile on of other horrific circumstances” but I’m not sure if that one is actually a typo or not. I’m therefore flagging it as optional so Dave can fix it if he wants to. I suggest removing “on” from that sentence, if it is a typo, which I doubt.

    • Fixed the first two. Pile on is a idiom, so I’m going to leave that.

  2. TheBeefThief’s Christmas/New Year Wish List

    -10246 Detective’s Office
    -Another Fire Axe
    -Lego haul from Pick a Brick
    -Printed Bricks haul from Minifigs.me

    *remember Doug, the character from The Walking Dead Game? You can choose between him or another character in the first episode; most players didn’t Save Doug. I found out he was based on a real guy who used to work for the game company, and I thought it would be cool to make him a custom minifig of his character from the game (he’s a AFOL), with the hopes of him one day being able to receive it. Is that a good idea or what?

    • That’s a super cool story. I always love finding out people are LEGO fans.

  3. I like this site concerning sounds:


    • Nice find!

    • Nice, but there is an important thing missing… they don’t have any Zombie moans!

      • That’s an excellent point, Greg.

  4. First I wish to issue the following disclaimer lest I be though a selfish asshole by all.
    For Christmas I want, peace on earth, an end to world hunger, universal good will toward men, a cure for all disease or deformities, and that all people should live free, happy and health lives in a world without disease, war, hunger or fear.

    Now that I have all the selfless, high-minded stuff out of the way..

    I want a Polaris Ranger Crew-900 with Track Conversion


    • Hah; love this.

  5. “On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”
    ~Chuck Palahniuk~

    The pattern you mention, Dave, in my opinion, iis one if the reasons the zeepoc has such enduring appeal. At the end if the day, the real monsters are not the zombies, nor the savagery of humanity, currently masked by a very thin layer of civility. The true villain is Death. Relentless, single minded, all consuming death.

    Religion, mythology, the arts, science. They all address the issue of Death by either adding an afterlife, attempting to extend this life, or by simply denying it’s occurrence. But zeepoc madness is all about recognizing inevitability. The zeepoc is the great equalizer, and plays no favorites. And that same terrifying message applies to us all. After all, isn’t the fun of these imaginings to explain how I will be the one to survive, but not you? I would be the exception!

    This is one of the reasons The Walking Dead, Romero and Game of Thrones have such an impact. You know that that these artists have broken our most fundamental rule of fantasy: The hero must survive! Heh! Many of us gave still not forgiven GoT for having beheaded Papa Stark; and many of us actually believe that when Walking Dead ends, Rick will still be alive.

    Sadly, many view these views as cynical and depressing. Instead, the unspoken “blessing” is the reminder that time is immeasurably valuable, that every second matter, and every breath to be cherished. The zeepoc tells us, “Look, sooner or later it’s gonna happen, so the sooner you embrace Death’s inevitability, the sooner you can get on with embracing Life.”

    BTW: Thank you, Big D for another awesome, entertaining year. Thank you Mrs. Big D for tolerating and supporting your husband’s creativity. Have a rip-roaring holiday season!

    • Well said, Luis. And thank you for your kind words.

  6. No particular Christmas wish for me… just hoping to spend some quality time with family…. and I do have a couple of LEGO projects I would like to work on!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    • Right back at you, Greg.

  7. These types of questions….what do you want for Christmas, what would you do if you had 3 wishes, What would you do if you could go back in time for a single day, should all come with an automatic disclaimer excusing the responder form all noble and selfless responses.

    • More wishes. I want more wishes.

  8. @Greg “Nice, but there is an important thing missing… they don’t have any Zombie moans!”

    *Bookmark deleted again 😛

  9. Not sure what the guy would think if he received a Lego minifigure based on a game he was in years ago, from a person who he’s never met before, though 😀

  10. Well, Damage, for years I’ve given Santa an option: either Peace on Earth or a Jaguar; whichever is easiest.

    Given his unwillingness or inability to address either my altruism or selfishness, I’ve now started a workable relationship with his cousin, Krampus.