Episode 546: A Mistake or Two

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Second Guessing

They say that hindsight is 20/20, but it’s also hard to look back on the past – especially the recent past – during a time of difficulty, and judge it accurately. The zombie apocalypse is about a difficult a time as you could ask for, and people will constantly be making quick judgement calls. Some will be good. Some will be bad. And the majority will be somewhere in between. Either way, people will be affected, and even with those good decisions, some people won’t be happy.

In an easier time we’d call them Monday-morning Quarterbacks (at least here in the US where football is king). They look at the calls that someone else make from a position of relatively little stress, and point out all the problems. It’s easy to do, when you’re not a few seconds away from being eaten by zombies (or a blitz, if we want to keep the football metaphor alive).

About this Episode:

We left off with everyone outside, along with the supplies our heroes – ahem – liberated. Rather than showing everyone trudging things inside, I thought I’d just jump ahead a bit, and give Inez and Brent a moment together.

Other News:

It’s Sunday afternoon as I write this, and I’m happy to report that, one day in, I’m on track for NaNoWriMo. Of course, this is day two, which means I’d better get cracking if I want to keep my streak alive. How about you guys? I know at least two of you are giving NaNoWriMo a go. Are you on track?

Discussion Question: Cooking

In a survival situation, zombie or otherwise, you really can’t be too terribly choosy when it comes to the food you get. After all, you’re lucky to be eating anything. And yes, no one wants to eat a bowl full of grasshoppers, when they’re used to filet mignon, but that’s what you have to do to get by in certain circumstances. Fortunately, a lot of people have some culinary ability, which could help make everything more palatable.

So to all the cooks out there, what sort of basic tips would you have for making survival food (not necessarily grasshoppers) a little less disgusting?

17 thoughts on “Episode 546: A Mistake or Two”

  1. How easily they forget: Inez shouldn’t have hit Lou in the back of the head with a hammer, and now that things are settling down a bit, she starts blaming people she was depending on to keep her alive.

    This is definitely called a grudge, whether done as a trope or otherwise. 😀

    Hopefully Inez will be grateful enough to keep an eye on Brent before he turns into a zombie, otherwise I very much feel that Brent will be giving her a one-way ticket to zombiefication very shortly! 😀

    • Hah, not a bad theory. She definitely has a selective memory, but I think that’s true of all of us.

  2. Back the bus up Dave! Youve got a reality show winner right there! Survivalist chef! Making the disgusting edibile without power, refrigeration or creme fraiche. Racoon Bordelaise…..Fresh mealworm (maggots) pan sauted with evaporated milk…..your sitting on a gold mine here!!!! BTW I get 25% of the royalties for “incubating” your rough concept.

    • Hah! Brilliant! I’ll call up Anthony Bourdain.

  3. @Damage: Regarding “evaporated milk” – does that mean milk that has evaporated in a zombie apocalypse due to having long since passed it’s use-by date? 😉

    What I’m saying is that in a zombie apocalypse it might be the milk that’s not really available! 😀

    • Hey BV, did you try to post this as a reply?

  4. FYI, Dave, no typos to report! 😀
    Another +1 for you! 😉

    • I figured that using “A Mistake or Two” for an episode title was a sure way to ensure I’d have tons of typos.

  5. Yes I think so, testing this one I’m writing now, because it says “reply” in the text here.

    • Well damn. I thought I had it fixed.

  6. Aaand … nope. Replies are still messed up, it would appear! 😀

  7. Yes, strange, though, that it does seem to work for you. 🙂

  8. Interesting discussion question.

    There are cultures around the world that don’t eat a lot of meat etc like we do in our world. There are a few cultures out there that get most of their proteins from insects, farming it takes a lot less space and resource to raise 100,000 insects compared to cows, and if you can get the same nutrients then why not?

    So in terms of making said survival food more edible, do a bit of research into how meals are prepared by these other cultures, and we can learn a lot from what is already being done. I mean heck, the French eat snails!

    Down here in New Zealand I have done a couple of survival weekends where we got dropped in the bush and had to “survive” for a couple of days. There is a big bug here called a Huhu Beetle, and the Huhu grub (the larva) are pretty large and can be eaten raw or cooked, they actually taste quite nice.

    So everyone run off into your garden and start finding your next meal 😛

    PS: This comment in no way reflects my current eating patterns… I want to go find a steak for lunch now! 🙂

  9. Sorry BV, my age is showing. Im referring to a product that also geos by the name “condensed milk” Basically its cows milk that has had a lot of the water removed (hence the term “evaporated” or “condensed” ) and been canned. Its has a long shelf life and used to be a household staple before refrigeration was popular. Its still used in a lot of cooking applications. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evaporated_milk

  10. @Damage: That’s okay, I know what condensed milk is, I was just pulling your leg. 😉 I just don’t show my age as much, I’m 47! 😀 There is also “skim milk” it’s like condensed milk but unlike the condensed, it’s unsweetened. 😉

  11. Dave you outta make a characters page with the different groups characters deceased and living with weapons skills and counts of zombies and people killed.

  12. I talk about eating bugs in every one of my classes. They are full of protein and easy to find/catch. I even give out samples. For grasshoppers and crickets, remove the legs or they get stuck in your teeth. And, there are many bugs you don’t want to eat raw.

    And, loving the NaNoWriMo challenge. I need to find more buddies. 🙂