Episode 545: Hi There

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Quick Intros

Meeting new people, especially in a survival situation, is important. The more people you have around you, the easier it can be to survive. Except, of course, that you’ll need more supplies to keep everyone fed and healthy. Surviving the zombie apocalypse becomes much more doable when you’ve got a few friends to watch your back and smash some zombie skulls. Of course, if these new friends show up in the middle of a zombie attack, introductions and getting to know each other might have to be truncated just a bit.

About this Episode:

A little more table setting here. I need to get people and supplies back in the cabin, and wrap up the sub-plot with Michael and Joy., and then we’ll get to dive into the meat of this arc: Brent and his zombie bite. I’m really looking forward to exploring that.

Other News:

National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow, and I’m going to do my best to finish. If you’re interested in giving it a try, sign up a NaNoWriMo.org. Oh, and let’s be writing buddies! Share your profile, or hit up mine right here. Let’s keep each other motivated.

As a reminder, the goal here is to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. That breaks down to about 1,667 words a day, which is very doable. The problem is that if you miss a couple of days, it’s hard to get back on track. This worries me a bit, since I have a surgery scheduled for November 6th, but I’m going to do my best.

Discussion Question: Halloween Plans?

It’s Halloween, the best holiday of the year, and I want to know what everyone’s plans are. Taking the kids trick-or-treating? Going to a party? Staying in and watching horror movies? Let me know!

I’ll be taking my kids out trick-or-treating, and then hopefully watching some Night of the Living Dead, which is my normal Halloween movie tradition.



Typo alert, comic, first panel, Murphy’s word balloon: “Who’s this?” Change to “Who’re they?” 😀

He’s very obviously addressing two newcomers, “who’s” is better suited to situations where there’s only one newcomer. 😉

About This Episode, third sentence: Concatenate (join) with the second sentence, by replacing the full stop at the end of the second sentence with a comma and adding the third sentence to it at that point. 😀

Whilst fixing that up, also correct this typo in the now concatenated second sentence: “dive into meat of” Insert “the” between the two italicized words. 😉

Other News, first paragraph, fourth sentence: “Share you profile” you–>your 😀

Discussion Question, second paragraph, after the second comma: “my normally” normally–>normal 😉

Some impressive typos there, Dave! 😀


I’m going to leave the one in the comic, because I think that’s just an authentic way people talk. Fixed the others, though.

Thanks, as always.


This Halloween I’ll be heading outside with a friend and seeing some of that once-in-a-year sp00ky action everyone likes.


For me, no Halloween plans. Could’ve gone with my uncle to Rocky Horror, but after the fifth time going it gets somewhat stale(Especially after Sci-fi night). But this Halloween I’m going to do what all people do when they don’t have anything to do for Halloween.

Stay at hope and watch every horror movie I own(Might even have to break into those DVD that have multiple low-budget horror movies in one case, AKA, Ginger-Dead Man, The killer bong, Leprechaun, ect.), and even trying to catch a horror movie or two they play on TV this time of year; yeah they cut all the good stuff but it’s better then nothing.


I think that’s a pretty damn good plan, Kyle. You handing out candy too?

I never did get into Rocky Horror, although I had a few friends who just adored it.


Probably not. Might wear the WW2 Gas Mask I have lying around in order to sp00k some people though!


“Nice to meet you.” This just makes me chuckle, considering all that is going on with these poor, wretched characters. 😀

I’m off to watch Michael Keaton’s “Birdman – The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance.” Yeah, we are THAT family that leaves so as to avoid the trick-or-treaters.


Not handing out Candy this year. We live on a vary busy street and don’t wanna risk a kid getting hit by a car as they run from house to house for candy.


With the second typo, where you had to join the two sentences, you have a full stop and a comma, where it should only be a comma. 😉


I do up the yard for the kids ever year and get quite a few trick or treaters. I will be giving out candy like crazy, I think.

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