Episode 453: Fight!

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Inevitable Conclusions

Tension is fun and all, but at some point it has to lead to a conclusion, usually one that everyone sees comic. That is to say, a big damn fight.

About this Episode:

Once again, I used some yellow sticky-tac to hold up Sam and Abe in the third panel. This stuff is absolutely amazing; you only need a little bit, and it’s reusable forever. I’m still using the batch I bought four years ago. The only trouble is that it’s very hard to get minifigs to stand up with sticky-tac without the yellow blob showing in the shot. You then have two choices: either crop around it, or Photoshop it out. I’ve used both methods in the past, but I think cropping it out ends up looking better.

If you do plan to go the Photoshop route, use a tripod and take two exact shots of the scene, one with and one without the minifigs. That way you can stack them and erase portions of the minifig picture to get rid of the tac. It works pretty well, although your shadows will often need to be tweaked a bit.

Other News:

Still have room for guest strips and fan art, guys! Make it happen.

Also, while I won’t be producing comics and whatnot, I will still participate in the site as much as possible. I’ll do my best to respond to comments and whatnot.

Discussion Question: Passing the Time

So I’m laid up. I can’t do much and my leg hurts. Also, my LEGO® and DVDs are all packed up. So what do you guys think I should do to pass the time as I heal up?

And before everyone says it, yes, I know I need to update the character bios. I’m totally working on that.



Perhaps read a book? When was the last time you picked up a book that wasn’t zombie related? It could be a new experience, a brand new adventure you can craft for yourself! Okay, who are we kidding, just lay down and browse the internet for cat videos or pictures, there’s nothing you can do…


I actually read quite a lot of non-zombie books. I’m a big reader. I’m usually reading three or four books at the same time.

Also, cat videos.


Have you noticed how cat videos tend to get results involving CAT earthmover vehicles of all kinds? 😉


There’s something better than sticky-tac, IMHo, at least I think it would work well for most sistuations: Simply use a tiled floor and put some studs where you want the fighting to take place and then tweak the scene around them so that they either don’t show up much or have the minifigs standing on them. I’ve seen this used to good effect in some displays where sticky-tac simply wouldn’t work for one reason or another.

Another choice that would work well part-wise is to look through for suitable thin poles or bars from the “Bar” category on BrickLink, there are quite a few bars that would work well to have a hidden hand hold the minifig up or support them from the back angle. Good for mostly side-on shots where one side of the minfig is guaranteed to be hidden and his hand isn’t needed in the shot.


Will it work well in most “sistuations, Brickvoid 😛

Sista’s and studs together are not okay in my book haha… (okay, this one is a little…well, very farfetched, I know 😉 )


I’ve tried the studs a few times; it works fairly well. I’ll have to try the bars.


Read books would have my absolute preference, but also brainstorming and thinking up plans and projects for other stuff (your new house, the comic, the character-bios etc… etc… ).
Sadly, if I were in your situation, I’d still be flushed with work 🙁

Well, finally Sam goes for Abe, hah!
Now we’ll see what will prevail in a fight… training (Abe), vs emotion/blind rage (Sam). I’m hoping the emotion will win, but I fear the training will prevail. (I’m not trained 😉 )


Oh, I’ll still have work. I’m working full time and have a contract I’m working now, with another in the wings.


So Sam just decides to wrestle this ex-military guy with a gun. Ha, it reminds me of the time my grandpa (who used to be in the RAF) decides to rugby-tackle me out of nowhere. Don’t mess with anyone who’s got military training.

Passing the time? Maybe buy some video games you haven’t played before, or just try building some Lego sets.


Your DVDs are packed away, I guess that means no video games. You could watch some online gameplays of video games instead.


Be careful getting into modded Minecraft – while the mods can be fun, they can also be time-consuming to research and setup properly! 😀 A lot of time researching is watching YouTube videos to figure out how a particular mod works. And if your kid starts taking an interest in modded Minecraft – probably when he gets older – make sure he finishes his homework first! 😉

Nom Zoms

Mods are ao addicting. Direwolf20 and Attack of the B-Team packs are the best.


All I can think of after seeing this scene is the big fight from Team America! I’d imagine actual Lego figure fighting would be quite similar…

As for things to do, I think its time to find another game for the new “Lets Play” segment.

Hope you’ve received all the episodes for my contribution while your off 🙂


Oh man, that’s a brilliant mental image.

I have received them all. Were you still planning to do write-ups?


Oh yeah I was supposed to do that! Do you still want me to do it or is it too late now?


I can heartily suggest the recently published “The Martian”, which was the most realistic piece of hard sci-fi I have read in years. If you are into that sort of thing. I hope your drumstick heals before the walkers rise, Dave.


Dave, it was written by Andy Weir. Sorry I took so long to respond.

Undead Shifted Beef

Thanks for updating the bios! I have really been waiting for that. Also, Dave, could you email me when my figs arrive?

Silver Fox

Get him Sam!

Dave, I will try my hand at a guest comic for you. I’ve been trying to get myself back on track with my own comic after the events of this past holiday season.

But I should like to get something in.


That would be awesome, Fox. I do know what it’s like trying to balance your own stuff, so good luck!


OK, Episodes 1-6 of my comic are ready to be sent in!

Where do I send them to?


Aaand sent. I hope they’re in the right format for the website.

Nom Zoms

It must be zombie weekend. It’s rare when you have two zombie movies on at the same time, expecially Zombieland and I Am Legend! Reading a good book is always fun, Dave, and no pressure on the bios!

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