Episode 389: Don’t Worry about Him

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Dead, or Undead?

In our regular lives, if we hit someone in the back with a sledge hammer, we’d only have to worry about whether that person was dead, or just very badly hurt (if you don’t count the obvious criminal and civil charges that would be coming your way, of course). However, when it comes to zombies, things get a little more complicated. Poor Lou could be badly hurt. He could be dead. He could be turning into a zombie. So what do you do? Do you rush to try to help, opening yourself up to a zombie attack? Or do you just sit back for a while and see what happens? And, I don’t know, maybe point a gun at his head. You know, just in case.

About this Episode:

I know a few of you guys really like the overhead view, so I decided to use one in today’s episode. These always remind me of the original Resident Evil game on Playstation. You know, where the characters were 3d, but all the backgrounds were pre-rendered. Yeah, baby, retro.

Resident Evil came out in 1996, when I was in high school. One of my friends had a Playstation, and we spent hours and hours playing that damn game. We rented it a couple of times before we just gave in and bought a copy. Ah, the memories.

Discussion Question: Your Zombie Origins

I’d been a casual zombie fan prior to getting sucked into Resident Evil, but after that, I turned into a huge fan. Since then, I’ve devoured almost every zombie-themed entertainment I could get my hands on, even though most of them are terrible.

So that’s my zombie back story. What’s yours? What got you interested in zombies? Are you more of a horror fan, or a post-apocalyptic fan? Zombies obviously have a good deal of cross-over with these genres.

22 thoughts on “Episode 389: Don’t Worry about Him”

  1. I wonder if there going to make Inez the new team leader >_>

    • She does seem like she’s taking charge, doesn’t she?

  2. I’ve been interested in post-apocalyptic buildings since that ‘Life After People’ program. I still watch episodes of it today and think ‘what if I was the last person in the world?’

    • That show was quite fascinating, wasn’t it?

      I read the book it was loosely based on as well.

  3. I liked resident evil (the film), but that’s it.

    What got me interested was bricksofthedeath to be honest. I’m not a HUGE zombie-fan, but my interest is way up now; thanks to the discussion’s here I did watch every episode of walking death AND I read every comic of walking dead. I also watched some zombie-movies and are more interested in the ones I didn’t see.
    There is something about people sharing an interest and discussing it in a civilized way, that gets new people interested.

    BTW, I only got to this site because of the Lego… so the real answer should be: Lego got me interested in Zombies… but I’ll give the credits to you Dave 😉

    • I’ll take that credit. Thank you, sir.

  4. Does Brent even know how to handle Murphy’s gun? And are they going to unlock his cuffs? 😀

    • I certainly wouldn’t trust Brent with the shotgun. As to unlocking Murphy? I’m sure we’ll see that settled very soon 🙂

  5. I saw Return of the Living Dead at a friend’s house when I was a teenager – he had video’d it off the TV and while his parents were out we sat and watched it. It was one of the first “horrors” I ever saw, the other being The Thing and my friend got angry at me because I was laughing all through the movie.

    I’ve never been able to take these films seriously but it doesn’t dampen my enjoyment of them either…if they are good of course. Planet Terror (brilliant), Resident Evil: Extinction as well Extinction, a zombie film set in germany I think, are the latest films I have seen.

    • Oh man, The Thing is one of my all time favorites. I love John Carpenter.

  6. I had absolutely hated zombies and everything to do with them for the longest time. They scared me and they always made me cringe at the sight of them. But suddenly I started having dreams just filled with zombies and eventually I started to find zombies something cool and a neat idea. Then I, much as yourself, started absorbing as much zombie material as possible.

    • Very cool, Calicade. I’m always fascinated by people who end up embracing a fear they had at one point.

    • I can only hope to your reach your viewpoint, Calicade!

      • My wife has the same struggles, Kim. I can usually only get her to watch one or two zombie flicks a year, although she’s into The Walking Dead for some reason.

  7. My first zombie movie was shaun of the dead, I watched it when i was 6. Since then, I started to watch more and more zombie movies, even the classic ones (Night of the living dead, return of the living dead, day of the dead, etc). Then moving on to zombie games. I got my love for zombies because of a vietnamese blog about the genres long ago.

    • A Vietnamese blog? Where are you from latiate1234?

      • Vietnam, born and raised here.

  8. I am not a Zombie fan. I hate zombies. Fear zombies. Dread zombies. My brother is the huge fan and he got me roped into it all, really. Now I teach classes in ZA preparation for both adults and teens. I still hate zombies. I take great satisfaction every single time I get to crack open a simulated zombie skull for a class. 🙂

    For the record, I consider this blog and Walking Dead and all the other movies I watch and books I read to be officially “research”. Knowledge = power, IMHO. And, for the record, the research still gives me nightmares. :-0

    • That sounds like a healthy way to battle a fear to me.

  9. I feel like zombies are surronding the building

    • Perhaps, but I already have one group of characters under siege.

  10. Way baack in early 80s I was scared to death by the zombie movies that came out especially dawn of the dead. Living in Scotland American malls were a very foreign concept to me so the idea of having post apocolyptic free rein of one was very appealing to run around and mess with all the goods however the zombie concept was actually horrifying and believable. Now I see the same movie and laugh. Because the setting was a different world to mine that I knew existed it made the zombies seem a feasible scenario. Don’t see many scottish zombie movies. My husband is obsessed with the nazi zombies at the center of the earth movie which is hilarious!