Episode 388: Well Hello There

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: I’ve Heard Enough

How long is long enough when it comes to listening to a creepy or potentially crazy person ramble on? Sooner or later, you’ve got to cut them off. With a lot of us, that happens when they cross some sort of line. Perhaps they say something that’s just too absurd to listen to (pretty much anything out of the mouth of 9/11 “Truthers”, at least as far as I’m concerns), or perhaps they say something particularly offensive. And sometimes, they start talking about hurting people, or endangering the group. That’s when it’s time to stop listening (and possibly hit them with a hammer).

About this Episode:

I imagine most of you saw this coming; there were even a couple of comments predicting this very turn of events. What can I say, I’m predictable.

Discussion Question: The Supernatural

In addition to zombies, history, photography, and web design, I’m also very interested in critical thought and skepticism (I think James Randi is super cool). I doubt many people here really believe in zombies – although I know a few do (I was contacted by a documentary crew about this last year, as a matter of fact) – but I’m thinking that many of us have a few other beliefs that don’t skew with science. So let’s hear it. Do you believe in ghosts? Bigfoot? The Loch Ness Monster? Alien abduction? Chupacabra?

What makes you believe in some of these, and not others. What makes some of them believable, where others aren’t? I know a few people who believe in ghosts, but think Bigfoot is ridiculous, and that’s because ghosts operate in a sort of spiritual realm, when Bigfoot would have to exist in the real world and maintain a reasonable breeding population.

Full disclosure: I’m asking this because I’m considering adding a few science/skepticism books to the review rotation, and I’d really love to gauge your interest.

32 thoughts on “Episode 388: Well Hello There”

  1. Actually, predictable for me would’ve been Inez having been bitten somewhere outside, died, and resurrected as a zombie which would wander into ol’ Lou’s path and get shot dead! 😀

    This is kind of unexpected, but I think perhaps she’s trying to say she’s doing the group as a whole a favor. Whether anybody agrees with her is a moralistic matter to be debated to death by the cast in the webcomic! 😀

    • That would have been a cool twist too.

  2. I once saw Bigfoot’s ghost riding Nessy to attack an alien ship that was abducting me for anal exploration. Then the government shot me down from the sky and a bunch of tiny blue men pulled me into the forest and claimed that they would kill me if i didn’t start trying to eat them.

    • Well that’s quite an experience.

      • 0_o what?

  3. Damn, I don’t have any real beliefs that don’t “skew with science.” How about a belief that somewhere out there exists a frozen pizza that is actually good and compares with Pizza Hut or something like that?

    Nah, that’s too far fetched. Sorry, I got carried away…

    • I f’in love those crappy little Totinos Party Pizzas.

  4. I know ghosts or at least unrestful spirits exist; having been tormented by them as a small child in my parent’s new house. I don’t know about good ones or helpful ones though.

    • Okay, I want to hear more about this one.

      • Ditto.

  5. I’m sure Lou is fine, it’s just a “small blow with a sledgehammer on the back of the head”…
    I’m a rational guy so I don’t give much credit to the fringe theories, although I wish the Harry Potter world was real.

    • Spoken like a future quidditch champion.

  6. I love Inez!!!!! 😀

    • Oh yeah, she’s pretty sexy for a tiny plastic lady.

  7. In short, my philosophy is that I don’t directly believe in anything I can’t see for myself but I believe in the possibility of its existence. Zombies aren’t any more likely or unlikely, just the most terrifying to me. I’d rather it be happy unicorns that really exist.

    Bring on the science books!

    • What if they’re horrifying, flesh eating unicorns? Still cool?

      • Yikes!

        They could pin you down/to a wall with their horn and then start munching away on you while you were impaled.

        I hear a b grade movie in the making here.

        • “Attack of the Zombicorns”?

        • I like the way this is going.

        • You guys are warped (she says as a compliment).

          Happy unicorns.

          *shudder* Zombicorns? *shudder*

  8. Wow, ok I knew Inez was going to appear and the proverbial might hit the fan… but I didn’t see this coming, she asked no questions, just straight into it.

    Well played Dave, very well played.

    Regarding supernatural stuff.

    Ghosts, they could exist, have had my mother and step father both claim to have seen them at different times and have had pets go nuts in a particular room in the house. Haven’t encountered one myself, so still somewhat undecided on this one.

    Aliens, space is a big place with lots of planets and so on. So do I think other life forms exist in our universe? Definitely! Do I think they have visited and abducted humans and such carry on? Well that’s where I get sceptical.

    Lochness monster/yeti/bigfoot et al, there is a possibility that some of these type of creatures exist, I mean the Lochness monster might just be a remnant of the dinosaurs that is still kicking around (Sharks, Crocs etc are all that old)… but the thing that makes me sceptical is they are all big creatures that would need to eat plenty and have decent size populations, yet we still struggle to get any real footage of them at all, in this day and age? So yeah, this is the one I reckon is rubbish… in saying that it is still fun watching people trying to prove they exist haha! 🙂

    • Re: aliens

      The universe is incredible vast, and there are lots of planets out there with the potential to support life. Do I believe there is life out there? Absolutely. Intelligent life? Probably. Aliens that mutilate cattle, vandalize wheat, and probe our anuses? No way.

  9. This skew with science discussion has reminded me of a great little quote:

    “Tell a person that the park bench has wet paint, and they have to touch it to check for themselves, but tell a person that a star is a ball of gases burning millions of kilometres away and they will believe you”

    • Hah, who said that?

  10. Hang on… third frame it looks like Inez is checking Lou and then fourth frame… Has Inez got the sledge up for another blow to make sure Lou stays down?

    Nice photography and positioning of the minifigs in this comic Dave!

    Sorry I’ll stop spamming comments now. :/

    • Hah, that’s considerably darker than what I was going for. It’ll become more evident tomorrow, but what Inez did was pick up the pistol Lou had.

      • That’s what I thought she did! 😀

        • Horray!

  11. Well, I believe in God, and that tends to skew with science…so…

    Please don’t hit me. :I

    • Not necessarily. I think you can be a spiritual person and still believe in science. There are lots of scientists that believe in a higher power.

      The problem, at least as far as I can see, is denying science to try to “prove” religion.

      • This is true. In all honesty, I don’t think that He skews with science in general…just a lot of widely accepted theories.

      • Well put Dave. As someone with a scientific/technical education and way of thinking I spend a lot of time reading and researching this stuff and roughly half of all scientists have some kind of belief in a higher power. By some “coincidence” its predominantly the non-believers who become publicly known (Hawking, Sagan etc)

        Best quote I ever heard from a PHD physicist. “Most of the atheists you find on a college faculty are in the Political Science or Philosophy departments.”