Episode 390: Getting Squared Away

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Zombie Cliche Lookout: Back to Normal

In a short story, novel, play, or film where you have a limited length story, things tend to run pretty linearly. You have a beginning, middle, and end (or an introduction, raising action, climax, resolution,and denouement, if you prefer). But when it comes to long-form storytelling, such as comics and television shows, things have to get mixed up a little bit. Instead of a single story, things tend to get put into different arcs. They’re not self-contained, but there’s a good bit that happens within that arc that doesn’t necessarily carry forward into the overall story. Of course, a lot of what happen tends to contribute to the overall meta-story, but the little things tend to get reset to the norm once the arc has ended, sort of like a television sitcom.

Obviously, all of this doesn’t apply only to zombie stories.

About this Episode:

I have to give credit to Brickvoid here, he called everything that happened in this episode in the comments from the last episode. Nicely done, sir.

Discussion Question: LEGO Zombie Mood Music

Here’s a great one from Kim, or resident zombie-survival instructor (seriously, that’s her job; how cool is that?): “For my classes, I always play a little zombie mood music (think Jonathan Coulton’s “Re Your Brains”) before class officially starts. But it’s hard to find (I only have 4!). So, the discussion question could be “What zombie music do you listen to? LEGO music? Is there any LEGO zombie music out there?”

This is a tough one; I can’t imagine there are that many songs about LEGO or zombies, and especially LEGO zombies. So how about this, what sort of music do you listen to when you’re building LEGO and planning your zombie survival strategies? I don’t listen to a ton of music these days, so I’ll be the weirdo who says he generally sticks to podcasts and the like.

12 thoughts on “Episode 390: Getting Squared Away”

  1. I’ve got a discussion question for Dave:

    You and your group have been in a zombie apocalypse for some time now, you’ve figured out how to keep zombies off your back, and you’ve settled into a secure area that is safe and you’re now planning to try and bring back some of the luxuries you were used to in a modern high-tech civilized society.

    You also know that since a large part of the population was zombified or eaten by zombies, that there’s a lot of modern high-tech gear out there just waiting to be taken by someone who’s got the opportunity and transport to pull it off.

    So, which do you choose? Would you try to recreate the high-tech you’re used to from scratch, or would you try to simply raid the existing tech stock, knowing that the tech support for such is probably also a zombie by now?

    Also, a secondary question: What kind of tech would you consider high priority in a zombie apocalypse?

    • Oh, I love the hypotheticals.

  2. For me I believe the best zombie music is “In a heartbeat” from 28 days later

    • I’ll have to look that one up on Youtube. 28 Days Later had quite a cool soundtrack.

  3. OK, so this is unrelated, but I recently joined St. John’s Ambulance Cadet Team, and they said that in a few months they’ll put a fully-equipped ambulance out in the field, and we can take a look inside and study the equipment.

    I’m going to ask them ”what are the most important things to have from here in a big disaster, such as an earthquake?”

    I’ll note some things down and tell you what useful items to grab from an ambulance in a WCS!

    • Very cool! Looking forward to that.

  4. I just thought of an interesting unanswered question regarding zombies and killing it in the head:

    If someone who’s about to become a zombie sustains an injury like that which Inez gave ol’ Lou, and said injury applied to a zombie would kill that zombie outright, would this mean he’s been saved from becoming a zombie? If he’s infected, that is.

    • That’s another very interesting question, BrickVoid. Come up with one more, and next week with be the BrickVoid week of discussion questions.

      • Actually, if you could figure a way to do it, I’d prefer an answer to that question in-strip! 😀

        And besides, don’t you get enough discussion questions from others? C’mon guys, Dave needs questions, give him some! 😀

        • Oh, I’ve got a few things planned with Lou and his (assuredly) horrific injury.

          I have been getting quite a few suggestions, which is fantastic.

        • Just as long as you don’t turn him into one of those mythological loose ends which can neither die nor become a zombie! 😀

  5. BAM. She took him down. He just got PWND.