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This guest comic comes to us from frequent commenter Silver Fox. Not only is she an awesome addition to the community here at Bricks of the Dead, but Silver Fox is also running her own fantastic comic called Readership of One (don’t let the name fool you, her readership is significantly higher than she would lead you to believe). If you haven’t checked it out yet, well, what are you waiting for? I made that a link and everything.

So what is Readership of One? Well, it’s something a little different from most other comics out there. It’s a mashup of superheroes and a sort of dark, urban fantasy. It sounds a little bizarre (most unique ideas do, at least at first), but it works pretty damn well.

Not only is her comic great, Silver Fox has done something I always love: given us a good deal of background information, including things like a cast of characters and a guide to her world. Good stuff!



sadly, yes, i didnt feel like saying 2 or 3 sentences at 10 o’ clock at night

Silver Fox

I’m glad you all enjoyed it and it worked out well enough.

Silver Fox

You’re welcome Dave! It really was fun to pull off… I know I gave him a blue hat, done for contrast, anyone catch that’s supposed to be Stewart she’s eating?


Snotty kids with bad attitudes and no skills get thrown to the zombies first.


Silver Fox

@AC – Because the parts for Stewart were right at hand and it seemed too funny rather then trying to see if I had the parts (which I do) for any of the others.


i dont think that stewarts a snot-nosed brat, and because of that he got eaten, take shannon for example, she was the peacekeeper in the group, yet she still had to die, obviously this had nothing to do with stewarts additude


besides, i thought that naughty boys got coal in their stockings from santa/parents


They get coal in their stockings when there is a society. In a complete collapse the stakes are higher; so the zombies turn them into walking pudding cups.

Let’s face it, Stewart’s attitude needs to improve; or he’ll find himself spending the rest of his existence as zombie stool before too long.


hey fox, i read your comic, i liked the whole “America’s got talent” thing, sweet judges, i think that howard turned out the best though

Silver Fox

Thanks, I’m gonna give the “season” six episodes before jumping back to the main comic.


what about fighting gravity from season 5? could you do one of their acts?

Silver Fox

@aside from the judges and the host, I was gonna focus on making my own acts. On the chopping block and being held for my next “season”, I am referencing and parodying one of the more hideous acts that got buzzed off.

Otherwise I wasn’t planning on any homages to the more memorable acts who’ve made it to final rounds. But I can keep it in mind.


Great comic, very funny.

The colors look a little washed out though, compared to some of your other comics. Were you experimenting with lighting or camera settings, perchance?

Silver Fox

I was indeed 1) problems with the camera and 2) I was going for darker. It may also be the result of my experiments with buttons in photoshop while playing with features, going what does this do?


It happens. I find myself doing the same thing, but on Flickr because I am not clever enough for my own webcomic. 😉

I really like how the background and contrast turned out; but at the same time the colors look washed and the glare is a little distracting. One problem I imagine with brick comics is making the glossy plastic of the elements look a little more realistic (if that’s the theme of the comic, of course). The light needs to be bright enough to catch detail, but diffuse enough to prevent glare. I don’t envy you that enterprise.


Don’t take any offense to this, or think I’m saying it’s bad. I had to read this a few times to quite understand what was happening. I think most of my confusion was because of the lack of a question.

I’m fond of it now though!


Personally, I love the callback. I’d love to see the other zombified characters in the background, occasionally, like Dr. Stevens and Deputy Skinner. Of course we’d have to see them in the background of the other characters’ story arcs, so the other characters won’t recognize them.

Huess Jass

no im just kidding, i am “anoymous A” and the thing that i said about wasnt true


Not to be an ass, but when I load the page I use the “Recent Comments” feed on the right side of the page to follow conversations that occur on the board. A lot of times there is relevant discourse that can get lost if we don’t know where to look for it. If someone posts four or five irrelevant comments in a row, all of those other replies get pushed off the bottom of the page, never to be seen again.

I would encourage folks to avoid meaningless posts so that folks that are trying to communicate don’t get lost.

Not being mean, just a suggestion.


thanks evan, i got the idea when i had a sub in 5th grade, i got the whole class raddled up


I don’t know whether it’s just a bad paste job or what but the D’s in Silver Fox’s word balloons looked like L’s unless I focused really hard on them. Still, a really excellent guest strip, even if Shannon gets killed again! 😀

Silver Fox

It’s the font.

I’ve been frustrated forever with the program I use since I got the new computer. I will try changing fonts to see if it helps.


Ha! this is funny, I especially like the sound effects!

and Dave, do you need any more guest comics?


Hey Brickyman,
I think I’ve got enough to hold me until after I return to a normal schedule, but if you want to make one, I’ll find a place for it. I loves me some guest comics.

the dude person

Hah, nicely done Silver Fox! It seems that zombies vs. werewolves theme just keeps on going. (First the RoO guest strip for Zombie Outbrick, then Evan’s guest strip miniseries here, now this one, too. 😉 )

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