Join Us if You Want to Live: Episode 181

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Zombie Cliché Lookout: You’re Coming with Us

If a group of people take the time to rescue you from zombies, or any other large scale disaster, there’s a good chance they’re looking for something in return. Whether that’s supplies, access to your impenetrable underground fortress, or even for you to join their gang of merry survivors. Of course joining up with people has it’s own pluses and minuses. For instance, are you joining as a full member, or are you going to need to prove yourself through dangerous missions first? If you’re a women, are they accepting you into the fold for one of those creepy, “we need to repopulate the planet” sort of deals? Are you just slave labor? There’s a lot to think about here.

Discussion Question: The Team Up

If presented with the opportunity to join up with a group you know very little about, what do you do? Would you need to be desperate to accept, or is the prospect of teamwork something you’d jump at despite the risks?

And We’re Back

Well I sure hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break, because Bricks of the Dead is back in full force. We’re going to continue with The Bonus Features for a little while, but when that ends Bricks of the Dead is going to start updating thrice weekly. I know, it’s exciting stuff.

We’re also got a whole pile of reviews, both scheduled and in the works. Not just for zombie books either. We’ve managed to get our grubby mits on some of the hottest LEGO-related books on the market right now, like The Brick Bible and The Cult of LEGO, so look out for those in the next few weeks.

And let’s not forget the 16×16 Challenge. In case you didn’t hear, GI Brick upped the prize ante with an awesome prize donation: The Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Pack. We’re already getting some pretty great entries in, so you slackers had better get crackin’ on yours!

And speaking of GI Brick, if you’re in the market for some badass weapons for your figures, then I urge you to check out their wares. They’ve got some fantastic stuff available.


35 thoughts on “Join Us if You Want to Live: Episode 181”

  1. My response would be: “You have friends? What’s it like?”

    • Hah.

  2. My response would be “With friends like you who needs zombies?” 😀

    • Nice one; that sounds like a ‘no’.

  3. My response would be: “…”

    • I’m sensing a trend here.

      • I love being a trend setter.

        • Hah, I’ll bet you do.

      • My sarcastic response would be, “Black Bolt? What are you doing in a zombie brick comic?”

        • Had to Wikipedia that one.

  4. Kind of scary that he says “you’re coming with us” with that jolly smile. lol

    • Oh yeah, that dude is spooky!

    • He’s just really enthusiastic.

  5. my response: “I prefer my other group, but if we can join groups than i think all of us will be happy”

    then i sit down and eat some beef jerky. Or instead of any of that, i go into a frenzy and try to kill all of them.

    • Man, beef jerky sounds pretty good.

      • mmm…jerky.

        • Damn straight.

  6. No matter how I read panel two it always comes out in that weird accent that muscle guy from the simpsons has.

    • “Up and at them”
      ‘Up and atom!”
      “Up and at them”

      • “…Better.”

        • God I love that episode.

  7. My response would probably be, “What’s your medical and dental plan like?” or “Depends, what’s your gamer score on XBox Live?” Cause I ask strange, inappropriate question like that for no reason.

    • That’s a good way of getting them to leave you alone, I suppose.

      • If you’re really looking to either freeze them up or have them leave you alone, ask the standard “Kirk or Picard?” to get them going. If that’s a little too enthusiastically taken up, you can try an oddball like “Forrest Gump or Pulp Fiction” or “Choreography by Bob Fosse or Martha Graham?” One of these should give you enough time or be off putting enough.

        • The prequels weren’t completely terrible, right? I mean, the pod race was cool, right?

        • I am so gonna use that!

  8. After a good sizing up and giving them a small interview each.. I would decide slowly off of what I saw in their eyes, how they presented themselves, and their responses. I would decide either they are a good ally (Future encounters will be meant with possible trading relations), people that I would love to join up with (Obvious), or people I want to keep my distance from in all situations for my own safety.

    • Very methodical.

  9. My response ‘ F#%k no, I don’t even know you. Plus if we stay and wait for my friends, if there still alive, and team up and kick some zombie a$$ and rule this apocalypse.’

    • Oh and happy first episode or any other thing on this site.

      • Thank you, sir!

        • After new years. Sorry.

        • It’s still a new year.

  10. Hah, I think I found a typo in the cliché lookout… “if you’re a women”… 😉

  11. It’s kind of hard to make out what the guy in panel two is saying. Without being able to read his tone, it could be anything from “Don’t worry, we’re not leaving you in this shit-hole” to “You’re coming with us whether you like it or not”
    About joining a group if given a choice? Sure. Strength in numbers, it’s pretty much always better being with a group than on your own. If they were planning on eating me or something, I doubt they’d offer me a choice in the matter. There’d need to be some serious red flags to refuse.