Be Prepared (For Zombies) – Episode 179

Zombie Cliché Lookout:

If you haven’t already checked it out, Zombie Squad is a hell of a group. Their mission is to get people to prepare for disasters, but their approach to this goal is unique. In order to be prepared for anything nature and the economy can throw at you, prepare for zombies. After all, if you’re prepared to deal with living long term in a world of walking, ambulatory corpses, then a tornado or a hurricane should be a cake walk.

Other News:

So you may have noticed that this episode has an actual title. The site has been plateauing on traffic lately, so I’m trying to take some steps to increase Bricks of the Dead‘s visibility on search engines. That means more textual content in the comics, and more mentions of search engine keywords like “zombies”. Fun stuff, right? Also, the Zombie Cliché Lookout is now a headline. SEO!

And speaking of fun stuff, how is everyone doing on the 16×16 Challenge? No entries have been posted yet, but I’m sure everyone is hard at work.

Discussion Question: Preparing for Zombies

I’d like to try something new. This was suggested in the comments a while back and I’ve been meaning to get to it for ages now. From now on (unless it’s just a massive failure, of course) I’ll post a discussion question for each comic, and hopefully it’ll get the comments buzzing, or whatever noise it is that comics make.

Today’s question is: “It seems like there’s a lot of crossover between people who are into zombies and people who are into preparing to survive. As fans of the genre, what sort of preparations have you made to live in a world of the walking dead?”

To clarify, preparation is a broad term. Exercising to be physically fit is one way to prepare, hoarding toilet paper and ammo is another. It’s a veritable rainbow of preparedness.



All this friendliness is freaking me out. When do they get around to why they bopped his noggin? 😀


Oh, I’d imagine fairly soon.

Remember, the nature of the comic makes it seem like this conversation takes longer than it really does.


Is it possible for dead zeds to infect live people through accidental contact? Or is it a requirement in your comic that zeds have to be the roaming and eating type for infection to happen?


In Medical Science, that would be the most likely theory. Unless the infection was not an infection at all, but a parasite that leaves it’s host after it has reached a useless state, for example missing a head. All it would take is a stronger strain of the parasitical viruses we have today to create the fictional one depicted in this comic. There’s one in Indonesia and surrounding areas that does the weirdest thing.

Once it get’s into the body of it’s first victim (a common sewer Rat) it literally rewires it’s brain so it’s top priority is to get the rat inside the cat (this is starting to sound like the most messed up Dr. Seuss book ever) and get into some kind of fluid contact with it. Yes I’m talking blood. So once the Rat is dead inside the Cat, the parasite leaves the Rat and does the exact same thing as it did before. Control the Cat and get it’s worst predator (Dog) to get a chunk out of it. This nasty little parasite will then work it’s way up through the ranks until it reaches the top predator-humans. And Bears. And there you have it- a human found virus that might just evolve so the parasite will try and attack the victim, spreading it’s virus. Zombies, if you will.
Science, guys!
Fear it.


I’m still working on my entry, but it’s nearing completion. It should be up soon. Just putting some finishing touches on it before I shoot, edit, and upload it. With any luck, mine should be one of the first ones you get.


To answer the Discussion Question:

I don’t do what I do in case of a zombie outbreak, but I do practice some Parkour. I say some because I’m not really dedicated to anything I do to be honest, and thus my Parkour skills are not much to look at compared to many videos you see on Youtube. Similarly I practice martial arts on occasion, and own some medieval weapons. So… Better than the average person, worse than those who really try.

I also have a fair amount of food stored, more because I bought it then decided to make something else than out of a survival intent, but it’s the fact that I have it that counts. Not so much in the shape of water, only a few bottles.

*Shrug* I don’t know how I’d do in the event of zombies. Better than some, worse than others.


Some preparation is better than none. Being in good shape is pretty huge, I’d imagine.


My preparations are to know what buildings in the area I am in would be easily defend-able with makeshift weapons and by my self, where all the food supply (stores,schools, etc) places are and I have practiced turning everyday items into lethal weapons.

After all it could happen at anytime and all the guns and ammo and food do you no good if you aren’t with them (or reasonably close) right when it happens.


My answer-no one can be fully prepared for the zombie apocalypse. If a zed turns up without you hearing it cause’ your just going about your day to day life, maybe listening to music, and suddenly it bites you and you’re screwed. Look at Shannon in the comic. She had an HATCHET. But if you don’t see a zed, what use is it really?
But for safety, I keep a garden fork outside.
TIP: When you walk into a different room, assess it for potential weapons and stuff.
And Dave have you played that game I thought you night like?


Bad luck is a killer in the zombocopalpse.

I did play that a while back. It’s not bad, but I didn’t hold my interest too long.


A tad violent for my liking. In the game, if you hit a civilian or soldier, they literally explode, as I’m sure you saw.


I do recall that, actually. My main concern was that the mechanics seemed off to me.


Personally, I’m not sure I could really prepare. My family’s old and frail and I’m not exactly fit. As such, our preparations would most likely be stocking up on supplies and hiding at home until we either get infected, kill ourselves or die. Alternatively we could just take sleeping pills to avoid becoming on of “them”.
If I were physically able and not so attached to things at home, I guess I’d make sure I had a weapon like a blade or a mallet and only move around during the day. But then, where would you go?


I think stocking up on food and potable water is going to be more important than weapons and the like. After all, we’re slightly more likely to see tornadoes and hurricanes than zombies, right?


I take care of my dad so I always have the same worry. He had a stroke and has mild paralysis on one side so running is not possible.

We’d do the same – batton down the hatches, stock up on supplies and wait.


I think my kid would be a kick butt zombie hunter. He is a cub scout, a great skater boy and rocks out in Metal Gear and Black Ops.

Maybe there is hope for us after all. lol


Angelina, you can’t stock up on supplies after the SHTF.


Yesterday I was taking a look around zombie survival quizs and I realized something. People take Brooks Zombie Survival Guide as if it was a bible, and this really concerns me. I’ve taken these tests.. A multitude, and well they seem to follow every work in that book blindly with out any refined thought; this is unhealthy. I’ve constantly made an average 70% grade on each one, and its mainly around the concern on what I actually know about zombies. Now this is rather foolish, because I’ve been studying the possibility of zombies, ways to kill zombies, and effects of different things on them. I’m far from knowing everything about a fictional creature, but I’m pretty sure I can justify all my answers and ideas with actual reason/scientific explanation.

My point is; people have stopped thinking for themselves, and its a sign of the times and possibly the times to come.


Your comment made me think of something. Like a lot of people who have looked into it we have all been wondering why they are making WWZ considering how much they’re changing it. Your comment makes me wonder how much is simply based on name recognition.


Yeah, this is one of the problems I had with the Zombie Survival Guide. Not the book’s fault, of course, but it’s still an irritation.


Answer to your question on the previous page if you haven’t seen it: I’m a PS3 guy 😀


I’m French and I love your brickcomics !
Sorry for my bad english …


Bienvenue! Tu vas voir, ce site est une tuerie et pas seulement pour le comic!
The best way to get started with the site would be for you to enter the contest.. just saying…


“concerned citizens”… “just people prepared for this”… nah, they’re just cannibals looking for a snack!

As for your question – dude it’s a pretty serious topic.
I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and not just because I’m hanging out with a bunch of weird zombie fans (yes, I am talking to you).
If the chances to see one day some live action of the walking dead are slim there is on the other hand a reasonable chance to live through really difficult times in terms of economics. I live in a rich country where people are used to have free access to unlimited resources – food, supplies, entertainment… the day something goes wrong it’s not going to take long to be a complete mayhem.
Just one example, a few months ago we had a short period of fuel shortage – not because there was no fuel left but because of a strike in France (I don’t remember exactly what happened but the result was that the trucks delivering the fuel were immobilized) In a matter of hours people were queuing in front of the petrol stations and several had to close because they did not have any fuel left.
Another example – I recently saw the movie “Contagion”, not the greatest movie ever but the scenario is somehow plausible I think – worldwide outbreak of a deadly virus. There is this scene taking place in the US (United States not Somalia!) where the National Guard is giving away food rations… people are queuing waiting to get their share. At some point the soldiers run out of stock and the whole thing turns into chaos. People fighting for a bag of rice, women trampled…
So.. is stocking up supplies a good idea? I seriously think so. It will probably not help you survive a nuclear holocaust but at least it could allow you to stay out of trouble for a while… until things get back to normal.


Very good thoughts here Yatkuu. Being able to handle to occasional roadblock (fuel shortages, prolonged power outages, etc.) is a good goal.

Personally, we have a good supply of food socked away. Lots and lots of stuff in our basement. Unfortunately, some of it is in a deep freeze, and we don’t have a generator in case we lose power. Someday, someday.


Good thinking – I also consider it a parent duty to be somewhat ready to deal with such situations.
A generator… interesting idea but are you not afraid that this will attract your entire neighborhood? (unless of course you live in a Hershel-like farm..)


Oddly enough, where I live we’re in the minority for not having a generator.


My zombie plan? Heroically sacrifice myself to let someone else get away as soon as I can cause my religion allows that but not outright suicide and there’s no way I’m living in a world overrun by the walking dead.


1 Acquire sinister looking wardrobe
2 Befriend Surviving neighbors who were prepared
3 Betray them once befriended to ensure longevity of supplies

Repeat as needed


What’s your address again? I just want to make sure I never move in your area!


You can join me as long as you’re willing to clean my tyrant cape daily.

Its velvet!


I think a good toothbrush and water can take out most stains. Make sure it is red so the blood doesn’t show through. lol


But thats your problem NOT MINE!!!

Unless you decline the job offer…

I’ll also need a minion to wave palm leaves at me during the warmer months. You may have that job if you so desire.


Bring ’em Bro! Bring ’em! I got my crow bar and bat ready man.


yeah right… if anything this conversation showed us ZM’s true face!


A true survivor knows better than to make lots of enemies…

Tom Walsh

If the apocolypse were to happen, first I’d have to find a way to my house, since I would most probably be at work or school. And also hope that it’s shamblers like Romero and not the runners like in some re-works. Surviving that, I then would have to find a way to ensure my family’s safety, probably try and find a house with smaller windows than my own does. Keep access limited, buy build/make sure there is, a bolt hole. Aquire more weapons then just a blade, something blunt that can take a beating, steel bat? Find/steal/somehow aquire canned goods since those won’t spoil as fast…note to self, take can opener. After ensuring shelter and saftey along with a food supply, try to aquire a projectile weapon of some sort, possibly a crossbow like in the Walking Dead so as to keep a little quiet. From there it’s the whole work towards fortifying better, building a power supply, ensuring the continuation of clean water and sanitation. Try to perhaps do the whole gather other survivors thing. Not sure, depends on the way the virus is transmitted, that would be the main problem. Is it the classic bite/scratch deal, is it some kind of plague, exposure to some weird toxic terrorist attack, etc. I think I would leave transport to walking or bicycle, use cars for parts and energy sources. I guess mostly keep quiet, keep low, and keep healthy as possible.


Very thorough and thoughtful response, Tom, thank you!

Getting home from the office is a nightmare. I’m lucky enough to live within 15 miles from work, but my wife has an hour and a half commute. Nightmare.

Silver Fox

For the 16×16 Challenge, I’m busy working on my idea. I’ve conceptualized what I want and now I’m pushing towards building it. I’d like to avoid a rushed job.

As to zombie preparedness. My family has food storage. I’ve got survival gear already set up due to efforts for overall Emergency Preparedness.

In regards to zombies, I have a machete to get me started on the hacking ’em up. Next would be firearms and ammo.


Definitely avoid a rush. That’s why I set the deadline out so far, what with the holidays and all.

I too need a firearm and ammo.


This is one of the few times extreme OCD comes in handy. I have multiple zombie plans, depending on fast/slow and infection type, down to precisely which buildings I’m taking refuge in, which vehicles I’m looking for, best weaponry, and who I’m picking up/ what order I’m picking them up in. It may be a little sad, but try and say that with a zombie biting your neck!


I’d like to thank you BOTD for bringing back my Zombie dreams. I thought they were retired but thinking about survival brought them back.

This is a good think since I am a bad ass zombie assassin when I sleep! lol


I’ve been having an over flow of action filled dreams as of late.. ITS AWESOME

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