The Bonus Features Episode 14

Believe it or not, I’ve been planning this joke for a couple of weeks now. It’s a little dark I guess, but I had fun with it.

At any rate, having EMTs on site for big events is kind of important. Whenever you get a lot of people in a relative small space, mix in heavy equipment and god know what else, it’s a recipe for problems. Having well trained medical personnel nearby can seperate a minor injury from a major lawsuit.

But still, modern medicine is woefully inadequate in cases of decapitation. I’m no doctor, but I would bet that we’re still decades from a cure.



Yeah, I really dig the ambulance. I’ve been waiting for one for a while now, since I missed the last release.

the dude person

I too like the ambulance. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now, but I haven’t even gotten around to building it yet. I know I want to incorporate it into my comic though, although you’ve certainly beat me to it! Man, do I need to get my characters the heck out of that office…


There’s nothing wrong with economy of scale. Lots of compelling stories took place in a single location.


I like the new Ambulance that LEGO’s put out. Right now it’s on my wish list.


It’s a pretty nice set. There’s a couple things I’d change about it though. I wish the nose wasn’t quite as long, and that the rear hatch had two doors rather than the minivan style hatch. Still, I quite like the set.


decades? Centuries, more like. Though in lego terms…I still believe Lego people (in certain Legoverses) can’t die from being decapitated, but are like zombies in that they just pick up their body parts and get back together. But like I said, it differs from uiniverse to universe. That’s my universe, but in this universe decapitation and zombification is final.

Also, I feel like I want to see whatserface that got bitten a while ago.


Actually, if certain countries would just lift their ridiculous bans on stem-cell research, it wouldn’t surprise me that much if we did gain the ability to repair decapitation within a hundred years. Some of the possibilities for medical science are pretty amazing.


Well, I sure hope the actor recovers from his decapitation! 😉


Since we’re talking bonus episodes here, it probably depends on whether you decide to put his head back on for him! 😀

Of course, shots with the author’s hand in them are pretty rare, for obious reasons! 😀


Sadly, they’re not selling that epic ambulance. It’s definitely the best on that’s been made so far. Where’s the hospital for it though?


Hopefully it’ll show up soon. It’s technically a 2012 set, so maybe you guys are just getting it on time instead of early?


I am not too into the licensed sets at all but this…

want want want want want!


I think if you let it happen, you could use the magical elements and characters to bring back to life the people who were formerly dead zombies after they’ve turned and been killed. Bringing back Shannon after she got killed by a bullet shouldn’t be that much trouble for a mage experienced in raising the dead. 😉 It’d be a pretty good opportunity to at least have the group talk to her, if only for a little bit. 🙂


Ok so I am buying Red Dead…

I need to buy the game of the year edition right? Or do I buy the regular one then pay for add-ons? I have been out of the loop big time.


Game of the Year will have everything, and you won’t be disappointed. Red Dead has to be one of my all time favorites. Love that game.

If you buy from amazon, make sure you click through one of the links in a review first!


I buy everything on amazon….

wait…you mean every purchase someone makes through one of your links…even if its not that item displayed gives you commision?


wait….maybe not…need to find out if I got that as a gift first


Hopefully it works correctly. I should just pass a unique ID through with the URL.


I should go back on Red Dead sometime, haven’t been on for a while…Last time I was on all my friends went offline halfway through a shootout against an enemy possie near the mines above tanners reach. Noticed I was just hiding behind a rock and asking if we could be friends, whilst lighting dynamite ofcourse…


I still haven’t bothered with multiplayer. I can never get into it. Too many people who have way more free time than me make it not fun.


I might be up for a private match at some point. Are you a PS3 or XBox guy, Nekrospike/


Is it just me or does anyone else think its “a bit wrong” for an EMT to wave a severed head to camera?
I love all these “extra’s”. Putting all the thought into a storyline and still coming up with these gems……excellent work Dave!

that ambulance looks cool, my most recent purchase was the new police helocopter….it was crying out to be fitted with a minigun! 😀


Thanks Dexscotland!

That helicopter does look like it needs a minigun. I still need to pick one of those things up. I haven’t made a BA order in quite a while.


Which helicopter is that, the twin-rotor heavy lifter? That doesn’t look like an attack chopper or a gunship to me, it looks more like a large transport.


Well decapitation doesn’t kill a zombie, Dawn of the Dead 2004 around the end.

zombies! :)

I love the fact that the EMT is smiling while waving a recently deceased man’s head in his hand. like that nurse lady in the hospital.


EMTs see a lot of awful stuff; they have to develop thick skin and gallows humor. Just like public school teachers.

Tom Walsh

I read your comment about the swing door in the back of the ambulance, and besides the Ninjago series, I’ve been slowly gathering the Kre-o transformer sets and they have an ambulance with double doors in the back, if you find the directions online you may be able to repurpose parts and mod your ambulance to follow suit. And now that fun is over…back to reading/studying Chinese.


I might actually modify it at some point. Right now I’ll use as is, because I don’t have enough time to do much else.

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