Episode 169

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
When survivors lose a member of their group, they generally have a hard time letting go. Some obsess with the past, others get depressed, some get angry, and still others look for answers. The trouble with looking for answers is that one answer might open ten new questions. Your guy disappeared without a struggle? Why? Did he abandon you? Is he coming back? Did he find help? Was he coerced into leaving? Looking for answers is a snake eating its own tail.

49 thoughts on “Episode 169”

  1. Why doesn’t she drop the bat and take the ax?

    • Because a fire axe is heavy, badly balanced, and doesn’t make a very good weapon compared to a bat?

      • She also had the opportunity to take Shannon’s ax a while back. I guess she’s just a bat person.

      • My thoughts exactly Bob.

  2. What does she call all of these dead zombies lying around here, then? I’m pretty sure Sam would have struggled quite a bit just killing those zombies by himself, the lack of one therefore implies that some form of relatively friendly help came along. 😀

    • Definitely good reasoning here.

    • If the help was friendly wouldnt sam have told the friendly help that his friends were on the other side of the building???

      • Now there’s a damn good quesiton.

      • maybe this “friendly help” came along in a truck and told Sam to get in but they wanted to escape all the zombies so they didn’t have time to get shannon, murphy, cheryl and stewart (is that his name?). and then all the zombies died of…um…food poisoning!

        • Yep, Stewart is his name. Shannon is quite dead at this point though, so she may be beyond help.

        • Yeah, maybe this “friendly help” skidded to a stop in front of Sam, and a heavily sunglassed person said, “Come with me if you want to live,” or something to that extent. 😉

        • Lol funniest thing In this is “MAY” be beyond help rofl that cracked me up

  3. Am I the only one expecting us to go another few strips before those zombies get up and attack?

    • I don’t think Bricks of the Dead (BOTD) zombies are that subtle, but you never know. In the Walking Dead TV show some of the zombies would go so far as to lie down and go to sleep or something, only to wake up when someone started making noise.

      Still… It is “Later”, with enough time for them to do some sort of search or look around, so at this point it’s looking more like the zombies have been lying there for fifteen minutes while people stand right there talking and noisily bumbling around on a fire truck. I’m guessing the zombies are well and truly deceased and no longer a threat.

      • ^ This is pretty well what I was going for.

        • You’d think there would be at least a hint of a wound on the dead ones or something. If it wasn’t for the fact that editing it in would make this webcomic production take forever! 😀

        • Although, if you took a production-line approach to it you could have a whole image file full of various effects that you could cut and paste quickly on top of a masked out area. 😉 Just saying. 🙂

        • It’s doable, but it’s not really the aesthetic I want. I like doing blood and the like for when people are actually getting wounded, but I like that it just goes back to boring old LEGO after that.

          Just my personal taste, of course.

        • Yeah, I’ve tried “static” blood effects before… They can be fairly tedious.

          I had a puddle of blood beneath the second zombie the Zombie Outbrick characters encountered, and I think I only had it visible in about 2 shots (I was careful of that in my camera angles), but it still seemed to take forever. I can’t imagine having to do that consistently, it’d probably add on at least 30 minutes to the process for each comic.

          I think I’ll stick to my trans-red 1×1 studs again.

    • Yeah, my zombies aren’t smart enough to lay traps of anything like that. If they’re laying on the ground for a while, odds are they’re dead.

      • Lying passive doesn’t have to mean a deliberate trap, if they’re still human enough to get hungry, they may be human enough to get sleepy too. That could make for some interesting situations, where the survivors can’t tell for sure that an area is safe or not at first glance.
        Of course, since they stayed down after Stewart called out for Sam, they’re probably dead. Or really heavy sleepers I guess…

  4. Any takers for “toxic personality” as the hush-a-boom that got’em? 😉

    • I know there’s an allusion there I’m missing. Enlighten me, good sir.

      • Well, a hush-a-boom is a completely silent explosive from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons – does that give you any clues? 😀

        • Wasn’t the Rocky ‘n’ Bulwinkle one a take-off on some variant of the H-bomb or Gamma bomb, at that – which were supposed to destroy all organics and left only structures and infrastructure?

  5. With all the zombie stuff and such.. I start to think even deeper and deeper into how I would react to zombies.. How it would change ‘my’ world in means of existence.. how I would react.. How I would handle personal situations, and external situations.
    You tend to find very interesting things out when you start to imagine yourself in those situations.. And being as realistic as possible.

    • So what would Calicade do in this situation? Try to track down Sam? Wait for Murphy? Or set out on his own and leave these squares behind?

      • So are you saying.. What if I was randomly interjected into the story line with these fellows?

        • That’s right. Idle curiosity.

        • Ok.. TO set the scene up better for my existance.. How did these people meet me? Why am I with these people in the first place? Did I meet them with in the town?

        • Let’s say you met them in the alley by Murphy’s car. They offered to give you a lift, but didn’t promise you could stay with the group.

        • Well.. Me personally.. Realizing that they have their own problems to deal with I would give my fare wells and tell them I would just be an odd one out. It would be hard to have any weight in a group of people that were complete strangers to me, and may prove more dangerous to me to be with them. So I would go off by my self and try not to take to many corners and try not to get into to many tight spots. My ass would be out and traveling the paths made in nature.. I’m really good at trans-versing nature so I should be okay with going in and out. I’m assuming I have some sort of weapon for self protection so.. I should be decent as long as I don’t get careless.. Which I don’t tend to… If I come across any zombies I’m pretty sure I could take them out pretty damn easy.. Hell when I played baseball my coach got onto me for swinging to hard.. Not my fault I put holes in the walls.

          SO IN ALL TO SAY? I would get away from their drama as fast as possible.

        • Hah, I figured that’d be the case.

          Being with groups, especially with people you don’t know and thus can’t really count on, is quite a gamble.

        • I can’t honestly say that I know what kind of melee weapon I would have on me.. Most likely my personal crow-bar.. I tend to have a baseball bat, a bayonet, and a crow bar at hand..So I would be good on close quarters.. Specially since as a teenage male I don’t tend to run out of energy.. Even as a big guy.. I spent 2 hours with an adrenaline rush playing in the Eufala lake with my friend and his family.. We were having a WW2 re-enactment :3… Well I turned it into one.

    • I totally hear you in the “what would happen in my world” thing. I have 2 dogs that like to bark. I almost cried when I realized they would be toast in the ZA. If the zombies didn’t eat them, I’d have to put them down to protect my group.

      • Ugh…I don’t even want to think about that with my mutts.

  6. Does anyone know their way around flickr pretty well? I need to upload a few dozen pics but I would like to temporarily limit access to them unless I designate specific contacts. Is that possible?

    • Got some more romantic photos you don’t want me peeking at?


        • Yet I did!
          Office relationship perhaps?

        • hah…no. My lady gal.

          Its still there for all to see. I was going to make one flickr account for zed mocs and one for other stuff and then decided that was a waste of time. So there.

        • I have your solution! I’m slowing becoming a Flickr addict, so I think I know what to do…

          If you’re logged into Flickr, and you’re looking at one of your photos, look on the right hand side, beneath the ads.

          You should see a little green square, with “Anyone can see this photo (edit)” next to it.

          Click on “edit,” and go from there. The choices, “Only you,” “friends,” and “family,” are fairly self-explanatory. (You can designate your contacts as friends and/or family, or just leave them regular contacts.)

          I hope that helps! 😉

    • I am a consummate Flickr noob. One of these days I’ll figure it out more than I have now.

      • Got it figured out…you can designate contacts as friends or family and limit access to pics or albums within those catagories. Pretty easy and clean which goes against the normal Yahoo way of doing things.

        • I know this doesn’t make sense, but I quite like Flickr and wish Yahoo wasn’t the controlling interest in it. I can’t stand Yahoo for some reason.

        • Argh… I’m facepalming myself right now, for not scrolling down to this point… Oh well, at least I tried to help.

          I actually prefer Yahoo mail to Gmail… despite the fact that Yahoo mail now tells me my browser is apparently slightly out of date… As a search engine, I stick with Google, though.

        • I wouldn’t touch Yahoo mail if it was the only provider available to me. Didn’t they only get around to implementing https this year? That’s, like, a decade behind the rest of the world.
          I’m not kidding. I would sooner run my own mail server than use a service with such little regard for security. It can’t be much harder than running a web server.

  7. I suppose if there WAS a struggle, there’d be some blood and/or gore around there somewhere.

    I’m still betting Sam was rescued by the Brotherhood of Life!

  8. Hmm, I’m curious exactly what signs of struggle Cheryl is looking for. Inside, you would look for broken furniture or whatever, but a street and fire engine are somewhat more sturdy, and I wouldn’t expect them to be damaged in a scuffle.