Episode 154

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Few things get people into more trouble during the zombie apocalypse, or horror stories in general, than failing to heed warnings. It’s all too easy to get focused on a task and downplay the weird noise in the next room, or to simply assume that the crazy-looking fellow who warns you of the curse is, indeed, crazy. In real life, that noise in the next room is almost certainly the house settling, and a crazy guy talking about curses should be summarily dismissed. In scary stories these things are never to be treated that lightly. Sure, sometimes the noise is just a noise, but even then that’s just setting you up to let down your guard to you don’t hear the zombies quietly approaching from behind you.

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  1. Funny how quickly those who would save you would suddenly want to eat you. Irony is a good thing in a webcomic! Also, Gene is either going to have to face the reality in a hurry and accept that Jeff’s fate is what it will be, or get bitten and join Jeff, posthumously! 😀

    • He certainly does. We’ll see how it shakes out.

  2. The hospital probably has revolving doors right? The zombies should have no problems getting in to their tastey long pork snacks and welcoming Jeff to their large shambling family.

    • Most hospitals that I’ve been to do, although even revolving doors can be locked.

      • And what if two zombies tried to go in on opposite sides of the same revolving door?? They’d just keep pushing, and no one would get in or out.

        • That’s an absolutely fantastic mental image.

          We have a revolving door at our office. It gets jammed up pretty often and we only have white collar zombies here. They still have some coordination and problem solving ability.

        • I have a small MOC that has that I need to post. Altho its use in the Grand Emprium.

        • Excellent! Do post.

        • The lighting is terrible but I will see if I can clean it up. I don’t see how you get the lighting so well on your modular sets. You must take 50 shots a pic.

        • I have decent luck with lighting on the background elements. It’s stuff on a white background that I really have trouble with.

        • I might see if I can wrap a small LED light in a piece of wax paper a few times and set it inside the bottom level out of camera shot.

          I swear since day one good lighting has been my white whale

          Even one of my flickr images that was supposed to have bad lighting to make the shot look like a bad shot, the lighting still didn’t turn out right. hahaha….oh well.

        • Oh good god I give up commenting…..”wail”…..

        • See, most of my pics are taken outside. Natural lighting, you can’t beat it.

        • @Mutts – Removed your dupe

          @Nikolai – Outside lighting would be fantastic, but I shoot a light in the evenings, which is when I have time, so it’s not realistic. Also my “studio” is in the basement, which gets very little natural light, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lug everything out to the back yard every time.

        • I almost forgot basements existed until I went to Boston for Christmas. Totally threw me off for a second.

        • I heart basements.

        • yeah its weird not having them actually. Freaks people out who move here.

        • When we buy our next house, a basement is on my list of “musts”.

        • Isn’t that unusual for your state to not have them or is the ground weird like Texas?

        • Most houses in Michigan seem to have them, although the newer cookie-cutter houses are often built on slabs.

        • I’m trying to do the math for how much of my life’s been spent living in the basement (or semi-submerged)… about a dozen to fifteen years, probably. That’s what living in Vancouver as a student will do to you… and then grad school… It’s been pretty rare that my LEGO’s been out of a basement. A few short years ago it could all be moved out of storage for use and then back again, but that’s not the case anymore!

          Hell, I’m nervous about moving my sets to the new place next week. Indoor lighting means never having to say “missed the daylight.” And when you’re in Canada and four months of the year have night-time start around suppertime or earlier, you best get some lights.

          The only way I’m not having a basement is if I end up in a condo in Vancouver again. A basement is an excellent thing.

        • Lich you have any pics of your build room? I’d love to have a peek if you have a link.

          Oh and as for the darkness issue…almost moved to Alaska once upon a time. Just couldn’t wrap my brain around the new concept of “nightime”

        • Just remember, Mutts – shorter days in the winter mean longer summer days. Hell, I recall being up in Edmonton, Alberta at the start of June once and it was still twilight-y at 10pm.

          It’s not quite that lengthy down here – mountains make that tricky, too – but it’s still fun.

          As for my workspace – if time presents itself in the next couple of days I’ll have a quick metacomic up for the “move” of my space in-strip. I’ll try to include a few “before” pictures, too.

        • I’m trying to remember exactly what the day was like when we were up there. Beautiful country but I am glad we didn’t move. We have long summer days here but not twilight at 10. Maybe 9:30 or so and there is nothing worse than 90 degrees at dawn is brutal.

          Anyway look forward to seeing your build space when you have time…always curious about those as I am still trying to figure out mine.

        • Go figure, Mutts – the strip for today’s entirely rooted in workspace pics.

          It’s a flippin’ mess. It’s better since the pics were taken – in terms of prepping for a move. It’s not organized properly yet…

        • And then I’m so sleepy I forget the linkage: http://yolt.thecomicseries.com/comics/pl/137489

        • hah…I love it! I left a reply on your site but it seems to have vanished.

          Anyway this looks exactly like my build area altho I don’t have as much. We even have some of the same lamps & storage.


        • Man Rollen, that’s a hell of a mess you’ve got yourself there. Good luck on the move.

        • Naw, it was just awaiting moderation. It’s up.

          And yeah, it’s gruesome. I’m off to pack the ancillary detritus now – mostly mixed media. Fun!

        • And our small drawers are awfully similar, but mine have grey plastic pulls.

  3. I’m getting the feeling that Barb wants to leave.

    • Yeah? I was trying to be subtle about that 🙂

  4. “we have to leave, we have to leave now” while smiling at everybody

    why is it that lego only sell smily faces? if you want a sad or angry face it has to be on the back of someone elses head and those usually don’t go with anyone elses head. in fact there is one frowny face but that just looks grumpy rather than mad or sad even though it goes with practically anyone.

    • You know what Brickyman? That’s a damn good question right there.

      • She’s trying some sort of half-remembered persuasive technique, with making friends with a smile helping you achieve your goals or somesuch. It’s incredible the things that you learn that stick with you half-consciously. I still do a half-smile thing when I try to sing a G above middle C due to a tip I was given in a musical back in ’94, since that half-smile somehow tuned my delivery.

        Maybe she’s singing it and wants to be on key! That would be no weirder than anything else….

    • Perhaps Barb has a spin-off strain of the zombie virus that turns her manic…

      • Hah. That’s as good as explanation as any.

        • Maybe she’s one of the crazies… 😉

  5. Look at slide 1 and then slide 3…Look she grew a mole :D!

    • That’s a… that’s a frown… line… thing. From frowning…

      • Lol, Also just a thought. In one strip could there be your dave fig in his suit popping around. Or maybe you could do it for a few strips and call it “Spot The Dave!”

        • I’ve actually been thinking about trying to hide everyone’s favorite character (Scrimshaw) in the background of a strip.

        • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • You never know, Scrimshaw might even show up in, say, a review.

        • I took a picture of a statue at WDW that looked like ol’ Scrimshaw. I’ll have to post it on Flickr.

        • WDW?

        • Walt Disney World!

        • I’ve already been doing “spot the Dave” for quite some time in Zombie Outbrick. He’s shown up at least three times so far.

          Although his most recent appearance requires a good eye, and a good memory from a previous time he showed up.

          And I’d love to see Scrimshaw pop up randomly in different places in BotD! Although, now that the word is out, I think everyone will start by looking for him in every episode…

        • which clearly means he needs to sneak in ZombieMutts

        • That’d be cool…. but I think you just spoiled that too, ZombieMutts.

          Every episode from now on, I will first check all backgrounds for 1.Dave, 2. Scrimshaw, and 3. ZombieMutts.

        • I feel left out… Or am I?

        • Dave’s already snuck in many Nikolai’s!

        • Ooh it’s true! And I didn’t even notice them before… very subtle, and well-executed Dave!

        • I try.

        • Will there be any me’s? 😀

        • I think it’d be incredibly easy to spot a zombie wearing an orange jumpsuit…

        • There have been seven since the first strip 😉 I hope that keeps you busy for a while the dude person

        • Love the new avatar.

  6. Ah, I hate having that kind of doctor. That’s why I don’t go in for the small stuff, like colds, strep, or Swine Flu, anymore.

    I think everyone really should get going, as it seems Barb is beginning to lose her smiling composure… I wouldn’t want to get in the way of an angrry woman with a shovel! (Or worse – a chainsaw.) 😉

    • Contrary to popular belief but… Chainsaw sucks for killing anything.. At all… I mean you can dodge it, hell you can push it out of the way if your smart & quick enough.
      But what you should really be scared of is..
      An angry woman in a car.

      • I’m just scared of women in cars. Period.

        • Raised by my mother :3… So.. I don’t have much area to speak.

        • Considerably.. Maybe that’s where I got my cold-hearted exterior?

        • ‘I’m just scared of women in cars. Period.’
          You should be, the dude person.
          A lady bumped into her ex-husband at the shopping centre, so she put it in reverse and hit him again.

      • “Chainsaw sucks for killing anything.. ”

        YOU SHUSH

        • You with the logic and lack of theatre! Zip it!

      • I wouldn’t ever attempt to push a running chainsaw out of the way. I’d just get my fat ass out of the way rather than miss and then kiss all my fingers goodbye.

  7. “The only doctor you’ll find here is the kind that you want to eat you!” A witch or voodoo doctor?

    • Hah, maybe so.

  8. Okay Barb, leave, but first check out these pics for 2012 sets. I guaruntee you’ll like them.

    • I’m digging the buildings in the “Friends” line. It’s a shame they’re not using standard figs. Like I’ve said time and again, we need more female figs, especially emotive faces.

      • I find it disturbing that two grown men were obviously scanning toys made for girls at the exact same time wondering what parts they could use for apocolypse themes.

        • Little girls are going to be a part of the zombie apocalypse just like the rest of us. The sooner they accept that, the better off we’ll all be.

        • The drink you serve is cold but true.

        • Has ANYBODY noticed the new red fire helmets, new red wheelbarrow and BRICKARMS U-CLIP in the Dino syringe gun? Or are you just going to admire the themes for the girls?

        • The wheelbarrow looks awesome. I haven’t noticed a U-Clip

        • Okay, so the U-clip is hard to see, but the Dino set with the Coelophysis(look it up) and you will see the gun is what looks like a regular rifle with a U-clip connecting a syringe piece to it.

        • I’ve noticed another thing…
          -go on the police station bit
          -click on it.
          -this will take you to a page where you can zoom in
          -look at the van coming out of the station
          -is it using a brickforge peice as headlights?

        • Not sure which BA piece you mean but I wouldn’t be surprised to be honest. Guns aside I am surprised LEGO doesn’t wipe out more of the custom folks out there.

    • That Chinook is cool…probably going to be about $60 tho

      • Reminds me of the coast guard copter from a couple years ago. It was also pretty cool, although I’ve yet to find a use for it. I keep playing with the idea of a crash site with bits and pieces strewn about, but that seems like a waste of such a neat model.

        • Think I have to disagree my yellow friend… Think about the crash site scene in DBD Exile and re-address that idea.

        • Hmm… crash sites are pretty cool. What with the carnage and all.

        • Crew is upside down while strapped in…
          Not everyone lived so people are turning…
          Noise alerted some Zed….
          Swarms a coming…

          ———Wait?….WHO’S THAT????!!!!

          Is that CLARK camping out in the distance?Did he see or hear the crash!??!?!? Is he going to check out the downed chopper?!?!?!?!

        • perfect way for you to shoot an outside scene.

          Easy 5 to 10 episodes right there


        • This is a very intriguing idea. That’s going in the idea list.

        • “ZombieMutts trashcan of idea’s”

        • I Must have chinook. Now.

        • It really is awesome…

          Here is the coast guard Dave mentioned


          quite a bit you can do with either one. Also did anyone notice the grizzly bear?

        • I’m thinking on getting that police station when it comes out, but I’ve got a space problem and I WILL pick up a hospital if one comes out in Autumn so what can I do?

        • Legomiles….

          I’m actually having to disassemble some of my creator sets for space reasons.

        • I don’t leave many sets assembled. My Cafe Corner series, creator houses, and some vehicles that I think are cool. That’s about it. Everything else is broken down and stored.

  9. Is my hazmat zombie showing?

    • How about now?

      • Wait for it….

        • HUZZAH!

        • What zombie hazmat? I don’t see one…

        • Looks great, Nekrospike! Now I certainly won’t get you confused as much with the other commenter here whose avatar is a zombie minifig and whose name starts with ‘n.’ 😉

        • Whos that?

        • The other commenter I mentioned? That’d be Nikolai.

  10. Look at the given link and the fire truck that comes with the fire plane. Look at the trailer and the chainsaw on it. Mutts you can get the chainsaw finally.

    • Oh I have a few…Its just at one point before this comic ends I hope to see one Zed taken down by a chainsaw with that glorious blood effect our leader Dave uses.

      Be mindful I know Dave’s address and I am not above sending a bag of dog poop to his house in protest if my demands aren’t met.

      • I’m going to be wrapping up the hospital arc in a few weeks. The chainsaw may play some sort of role.

      • I’m hoping Jeff will die, but not before expressing his true love to Barb by giving her his chainsaw, and soon they get to Ambulance bay, but the amblulance is out of fuel, so the team refuel it with the gas in the chainsaw. And sunflower oil.

        • Now thats just heartwarming.

        • Awww….

        • It’s like, Jeff never really did much for the group so this is his one good deed.

        • Don’t most chainsaws run on a gas/2-cycle oil mix?

        • Or the willpower of scrimshaw