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Hollywood is an important part of popular culture, to the point where many of us idolize the writers, directors, and actors who make our favorite films a reality. We see the creative output of their endeavors and dream of being able to do work like that. But at the end of the day, acting (and writing, and directing), as glamorous as it can seem, is still just a job. Actors are people like you and me, and they’ve got to pay their mortgage and feed their families. Sure, sometimes actors are lucky enough to pick and choose the projects they do, but most have to take what they can get because they’ve got bills to pay.

Also: the actor who plays Stewart may be an alcoholic.

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  1. Ha! I never thought about the characters being played by actors. Great idea.

    • Thank you!

  2. Heh. As soon as he started talking about reaching deep I knew he wasn’t talking about his present role. 😀

    • An alcoholic? Just as long as he doesn’t start snorting seven gram rocks and babbling about tiger blood…

      • Yeah, that would be bad.

    • Hah, I was hoping no one would.

  3. Hopefully he doesn’t choke on one of the ships in the bottle? j/k

    LOL… this is indeed very fun to read.

    • Thanks, Silver Fox. I know this is a bit of a strange diversion, but I think it’s a fun little concept.

  4. Half the time when ageing rock bands are on tour I remember Jonny Greenwood talking about “castles in Spain” – whatever the band from the ’60s/’70s/’80s may be, they’ve got to pay for the castle somehow.

    Isn’t Nic Cage in the same boat (ha!) with a castle in Germany or something?

    • You mean the vampire?

      • I love that.

        • I feel bad making you always approve so many links I post but I am a man of the internet.

        • Doesn’t bother me; adds to the discussion.

    • I believe Mr. Cage also owes a considerable amount of money to the IRS.

      • That’s the one.

  5. I never knew he had blond hair, he always wears that hat.

    • Yeah, he’s only taken the hat off once or twice in the strip.

  6. bwahahahahahahaha! I love this comic.

    • Much obliged!

  7. Off topic

    So I saw Fido last night…

    maybe I need to add this to the list of reviews I need to write but I am now thouroughly convinced we as zombie fans are being trolled by hollywood.

    What the hell was that pos….?

    • I liked Fido. I thought it was a fun movie. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but fun.

      • I saw where they were going with it and IMO it just didn’t work. Obviously a cross between Stepford Wives and Pleasantville which is brilliant but…

        I dunno…

        Just wish everyone would stop with this comedy zombie thing….

        • The zombie comedies are a bit tiresome, especially since so many are just awful. It’s like people think that zombies are just inherently funny, so they don’t really need to work very hard on the humor.

          Bullshit. Comedy is hard.

    • They filmed much of “Fido” in my area… Though I was east when they did so. I suppose I should watch it for the “hey, I know that place!” effect.

      • I always love that. For a while there quite a few movies – or at least parts of them – were being shot in Michigan. The generous tax incentives have gone away, however, so we get far fewer now.

        • With the Canadian dollar at par, it’s not as cheap.

          God, being in Vancouver in the late 90s when the dollar was below 70 cents USD… there were so many TV shows and films on the go. It was weird at UBC sometimes – they tore up the grassy median between the arts buildings and the architecture/theatre block to put in a mid-sized version of the software headquarters for ‘Anti-trust’ or whatever with Ryan Phillippe and… Tim Robbins? I dunno, I never watched it.

          A friend worked for the GAP on the main shopping drag downtown and ended up being the favoured personal shopping assistant for a lot of the Hollywooders, especially Reese Whitherspoon at that time. The best was when she worked for Schwartzenegger – the previous clerk tried to ask questions or make conversation and he said, “I don’t like the small talk” and was switched to someone else instead.

          Hollywood’s pretty rare around here in the interior – it’s just Canadian hockey players in the summertime for golf and lake resort living.

          Hmmm…. zombie hockey players fighting with a GAP personal shopping assistant…. nah.

  8. Hah, somehow I’m getting this “douchey” vibe from this guy.

    I agree though, that actors are oftentimes human beings like ourselves. It really seems silly that so many people have freaked out over (and are still talking about) Charlie Sheen’s most likely drug-induced rant. If any old bum on the street had said the same exact things, nobody would’ve cared. It’s just because he’s “famous” that he’s important to people.

    • Panel 4 is perfect isn’t it? Haven’t we all seen some arrogant drunk look away as they are disgusted with something when they take a drink….ugh….

      • Glad to hear it; that’s exactly what I was going for.

  9. Off topic question…

    When people are using cracked or shattere glass for MOCS what are they using besides stickers ?

    Trans clear 1×1 plates or something?

    • Ok…I see what people are doing…its sloped clear tiles on 1×1 plates or even 1×1 bricks.

    • I used 1×1 “cheese slope” pieces for the broken windows in my zombie MOC… Then Retrogarde used my technique for a Walking Dead mini-MOC on Flickr…

      I don’t know of any other instances of non-decal broken glass…

      • cheese slope…..


      • Oh…yeah…thats what I am talking about. Never heard it called that tho.

        • I use real glass!

        • crazy russian ^^^

        • Well, I started calling them cheese slopes, then everyone I mentioned “cheese slopes” to (even LEGO users) looked at me like I was zombifying… I thought I was completely crazy, until I saw someone else on the Internet refer to them as such!

        • The best part is I typed into into bricklink with a very confused look on my face.

        • Haha! So did it actually come up?

        • No! And thats when I realized my abstract thinking skills has momentarily failed me.

        • Cheese slopes and 1×1 plates seem to be the best bet, although I’ve seen a fer people make clever use of the small window panes at weird angles, which looks really cool.

        • That small window thing seems like a brilliant idea for single shot mocs. Interesting. Won’t work on that project I am working on but I will add that to my idea list. And that project has taken a major left turn since we last talked about it. Massive changes my orange bearded friend…massive changes….

  10. Winning!

    • Hah

  11. Are the zombies in your webcomic actors, Dave? If not, they really would like the “looking for juicy parts” of the acting! 😀

    • I wonder if Dave is a union fellow or hires rogue actors.

      • This isn’t something that occured to me. I might have to use that question in some capacity here.

    • I don’t want to give that away just yet, but we’ll find out before too long.

  12. (reading) . . . . . . . . . . . boat payment? . . . . . . . . . I GET IT!!! 😀

    • Excellent!

  13. Well dave Ive been playing dead island and in 8 hours I’m at the end of act two. Not joking. I did the very last thing and I drove my truck to the cave. Then my xbox froze.

    • Wait is this the first time weve seen stews hair?

      • Nope, it isn’t. I seem to recall seeing it in the first 100 episodes or so… Either that or a few episodes afterwards.

        I remember people’s reactions to seeing it, everyone seemed very surprised that it was blond.

        I’d give you the exact episode, but I’m a bit too tired to go through a hundred episodes to find it at the moment…

        • A hundred 156.

        • Yes, I know there are 154 episodes of BotD, but I have a general idea of where to look, which narrows down the search by about 50 episodes or so.

        • I take it back. About 165. Scrimshaws scaly wags 1, guest strip, 3 bonus episodes,and 154 episodes of botd.

        • Still, the exact number of comics there has been so far is not incredibly important, as I still would only need to search through about 100 or so of them anyway.

        • I think we’ve seen it twice. The first time being when he put on the hockey helmet, the second being when he took it off to give it to Sam.

  14. Interview with Shannon:
    “I never really liked Dave that much…Always knew he was gonna bump me off…B*beeeep*”

    • BLEACH!?

      • Maybe so.

    • Love it!

  15. So.. I was at a friends home this weekend.. He accidentally kicked over his X-box360 while playing Dead Island.. So now I have no more Dead Island.. Luckily for me I beat the game before hand. In the end.. At least I got to play the hell out of Super Smash Mario Brothers on the Game Cube.

    • How do you kick and xbox over. Were y’all standing 3 feet away?

    • So now that you’ve beaten it, what’s the verdict?

  16. ive always liked stewart, im probibly his biggest fan, id pay ten dollars for the whole ”stewart” minifigure.

    • You can probably get the figure pretty cheap on Bricklink.