Episode 153

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About this Episode:
Okay, I promise this is the last time that we cut to another location that hears and reacts to Gene’s gunshot.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Guns are great. When it comes to killing zombies, guns do so with aplomb, allowing you to dispatch the walking dead from a safe distance. They’re relatively easy to come by (at least in the US), use, and maintain. Of course, there’s always a downside. With guns, that downside is undoubtedly their loud report, which acts to advertise your location to any ghouls in the immediate area.

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  1. Is “Breh” zombiese for food?

    But it looks like they’ve cleared an area too for who ever might just come out the door.

    • More of a “What the what?”, but it’s a subtle language.

      • I took some Zombiese classes is high school, although I was never fluent…

        • I only speak the Quebec zombie dialect. I keep getting razzed by Parisian zombies.

        • Yeah, the accent’s a bit different. I think it’s usually thicker and more nasal with the Parisian zombies… I can barely understand what they’re saying half the time!

          Thank God for subtitles in movies, at least.

        • Ssssah?
          Dammit Dave I thought this was a family comic -Splatters brains everywhere-

        • Patience, Calicade, patience.

  2. “that downside is undoubtedly their loud report, which acts to advertise your location to any ghouls in the immediate area. ”

    *teacher voice* And that, children, is why you must always buy a silencer before a zombie apocalypse….or at least steal one during it. In fact, while your looting a gun shop, steal all the useful weapons and ammo you can!

    • While I wouldn’t pass up a silencer if I could get a hold of one, they are certainly not as quiet as popular media would have you believe. Basically they make big guns sound like little guns. Furthermore, even little guns are louder than as shown in Hollywood.

      So, silencers would mean you’d only attract five or six zombies instead of ten. Helpful, but not an excuse to fire randomly without a second thought.

      • Suppressor*
        Actually depending on the gun it only decreases the decimal at which the gun sounds. Due to this mild decimal change it could possibly be only heard with in a few yards if used right.

        • Thank you. This always bugs me in movies.

      • I agree, guns are much louder than Hollywood would have you think them to be. I honestly wonder how action stars aren’t deaf halfway through a machine-gun-fest of an action movie.

        I’ve fired a couple guns before, even a .22 caliber bullet going off can really startle you if you’re not the one pulling the trigger.

        • Yes indeed. It’s hilarious when you see people shooting guns without any hearing protection, then having a casual conversation. No. F’ing. Way.

    • ‘ In fact, while your looting a gun shop, steal all the useful weapons and ammo you can!’

      You need to arm everybody in your group, you need spares just in case and you need ammo. In short, you need to get to the gun store.
      The only problem being: So does everybody else.
      The closest gun shop to your house is also the closest gun shop to a thousand other people’s houses, and at least a few dozen of them are going to get there before you. Assuming that the place isn’t clean out–probably because the shop is either locked down like a fortress, or because the owners are barricaded inside and would rather like to keep their livelihood and defensive measures, thanks–you still need to get your arsenal. See, owners of gun stores tend to like guns, and people that like guns not only generally want to keep them, but are also quite capable of using them. Basically, you’re screwed.

      • Buying your own ammo seems like a far better way to go…
        Oh wait that’s right.. Government wants all your self protection…
        -Grumble grumble-

      • Plus, looting in illegal and not something we would recommend or encourage, right fellas?

        • I’m a survivor , Dave. I’ll do what needs to be done and I have no shame.

          When the shrieks of terror of those in need fill the air I will use that OPPORTUNITY as cover to head in the other direction whilst the undead close in on their prey.

          Cowardly you say? I call that survival.

        • This is the greatest thing I’ve read so far today. Hat’s off, Mutts.

        • *curtsies*

        • Haha Mutts, come 2012, I can’t wait to see how many “surivors” piss themselves and curl up in a corner waiting to die.

          I’m not saying anything against you personally, I have no doubt that you would not be one of those people. But still, I hear a lot of “I’m so macho” claims that would most likely be entirely unsubstantiated when the *ahem* crap hits the fan.

          Besides, only a REAL man would have the guts to curtsey on the internet.

        • I have a strict rule: More ammo then guns. Sure, you may want something for every category, but when you can only carry a few couple mags for each weapon, you find yourself screwed within a matter of moments.

        • The same thing I’ve been saying for quiet some time. People act macho but when it comes down to it those who are calm and collective come in very very few.

      • I’m not going to bother stockpiling until I find my danged Bag of Holding. iPod Holding is fine for all the media I desire, but until I have somewhere to store all those Snap-On tools and machetes, what’s the point?

        Oh, and diapers. Plenty of those.

        Gad, imagine being a parent of toddlers in a post-apoc universe. You’d definitely want to team up with others in a similar situation, I’d think.

        • I could really use one of those bags of holding.

          So your kids are still in diapers too? Isn’t that getting old?

        • There’s a point in every mans life where he transitions into a pack mule.

        • Yet another post-move item on the list. I heard someone wise say something like start toilet-training at 2 and it takes a year; start at nearly 3 and it takes a month. They’re starting to ask about it, which makes it even more likely to go well.

          As for the pack mule – heck yeah. ‘Round town I can travel light, but more than a half-day trip and my twins need infrastructure.

        • Yeah, we’ve kind of heard the same thing, especially with boys. He just barely two and a half, and uses his potty before bath time, but that’s about it. He’s not terribly interested right now, so there’s no sense pushing.

        • We’re saving the potty for the new place. Right now – no joke – he flips up the seat to his plastic push-car and pretends. Hell, sometimes that’s his cue to fill the diaper.

          All of you who came expecting zombie comics and are repulsed by this? Just back up and consider how funny that is…

    • Suppressor*
      Guns… Oh how I miss you… As I ram through zombies with nothing but a bolo machete electrified, and a crowbar that magically rips through zombies….

      • So Dead Island is quite the hit I take it?

        • Dead Island is quite the experience. Probably better then L4D. Everything is better then CoD Zombies, so I won’t even bring that up. 😛

        • Way better than any other zombie game you will ever play. The experience itself will give you a new out look on zombies.
          You’ll reconsider your morals.
          You’ll find yourself wanting to kill groups of innocent people.
          Your idea of survival and conservation will change.. I’m gunna actually have to say.. I’m happy they didn’t implement a food system in o-o

        • Lol it is a fantastic game. Co-op is fab! My mate came in a car and saved me from a horde of infected (I hate those gits) 😀 some really good moments in it…including moving ones like people having to kill their own families or where the guy asks you to take his wife to the lighthouse and you come back and he’s a zombie D:

        • Dang…really? So glitches aside this is pretty sold?

        • Used copies are already $38…wow

        • Glitches might be a problem, but their not a major problem. The story line is so awesome, and yeah I know what your talking about there Nekro. This is the first time I’ve ever actually feared getting to close to a zombie.

        • I’m predicting a good deal on Steam around Christmas

  3. My bet is that this is the other side of where Murphy shot Cheryl, and that we’re shortly going to see Murphy running away from a horde of zombies and past his friends, yelling, “RUN YOU DUMMIES!!” 😀

    • We’re not quite ready to return to Murphy and company yet. This is still the hospital.

      • I will only be sure of that once you go there. I sure hope that won’t take you too many comics to get around to! 😉

        • A couple more weeks, that’s all.

  4. Wait, who did Gene just shoot? The doctor in the waiting room that looked like Harry Potter?
    I liked him.

    • Yeah, Dr. Potter. He’ll be missed.

  5. Pssh.. Just use a suppressed .50 cal.
    “I couldn’t hear that second shot at all!”

    • What is that quoting?

      • I’m quoting myself as I made fun of the idea of a .50 Cal with a suppressor.

        • Ahh, gotcha.

        • Haha. I knew it!

          In response to your “What is that quoting?” I was going to say “Himself, probably!” But then, I decided not to, for fear that it actually was a major quote from somewhere.

  6. Poor trashcan

    • Don’t pity the trashcan. It’s the star of the last panel.

      • Fame evaporates so quickly; one moment you’re a star, the next moment your just another trash can on the street…

      • Will the Trashcan get its own Facebook fanpage?

        • Make it happen Dave!

        • awesome

        • So the great zombiemutts supports the idea? Now it MUST happen.

        • Well I do love trashcans.

  7. This episodes about the magic trashcan and its lid. Watch the magic lid move to the front of the door. Magic or that I’m so hungover it moved to me.

    • The zombies probably kicked it a bit as they walked by. Zombies are careless like that.

      • Someday I’ll prove my theory about the constructive entropic motion phenomena of LEGO pieces…. In layman’s terms, it’s my theory that in all brick comics, LEGO pieces randomly move by themselves between shots. I think it has something to do with the way the electrons flow around atoms of the ABS plastic molecules, but I’m not sure yet…

        • This sounds like a hell of a good theory to me.

        • Thank you, I’m glad you think so!

          It will require some more research, I think… But field cases like this one really help that research along.

    • hah!

      • I’m quite agreeful. In an upcoming comic, I’ll be forced to move a corpse over a few feet so that you (the audience) can’t see the edges of the set!

        • Just don’t get any undead goo on your feet…that stuff stinks.

        • I think Nikolai said “corpse” not “zombie!”

          But don’t get any dead goo on your feet, either. At least you won’t move the corpse over a few hands! Eating finger foods would become quite a challenge…

        • I had a friend that worked at a cemetery for exactly one night and quit. Corpse goo is real and its clearly a creation of the devils workshop.

        • You mean like “Rock Music?”

  8. Off topic question for the hive minds of botd.com

    I need the reddish looking horse that lego makes for a moc I am working on.


    ^ you can see that there are three brown ones but I am hoping one leans more towards red. Worst case I will get the one with the red harness I guess.

    • I couldn’t comment too much on the color on account of my disability.

      Do you also have a pale horse and a skeletal horse?

      • I knew you would get that.

        Don’t forget the black one.

        • In fact…if anyone wants a zombie book I will trade one for a brown (or reddish if it exists), black or skeleton one.

          I’ll give you a choice of a few books…actual books and not E-Books.

        • Sounds like a solid trade.

        • I didn’t even know that part even existed. I’m gonna try and build a set that incorporates Alien Conquest and this video

        • It will have cows in it.

        • Man, I wish I had some cows.

        • Not to further Texas stereotypes but when you looked out the windows at my high school you could see cows. And we had a huge FFA (Futures Farmers of America) class…..so we had a pig farm on campus to…..with ducks for some reason.

          I really hated it there.

        • Come on, Mutts, you know America’s future is in duck farming.

        • Can’t say I can help you there. I do have a white one and a black one, but those are the standard styles. Damn those Belville ones are WEIRD!

        • I agree and there is more creepy sized girl ones coming out.

          I got everything lined on on BL right now…I will take down my trade until something else pops up down the road.

          Brown horse with a reddish harness will have to do.

        • Wish I could help, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have that one. That’s a mighty rare horse, too (brown w/ red tack). As it is, everything’s boxed away.

        • And I meant to add – farming on campus, eh? The semi-urban wilds of BC don’t seem so hicksville all of a sudden, though I certain know that I’m not too far removed from it here.

          We could see the seed orchard (conifers) that I worked on from my old high school, but that didn’t make me hate trees. Heck, not even the forestry students. They were too baked to be trouble.

        • yeah….fecking horses and pigs….

          Dallas is a weird place.

  9. Red vs blue quare for this episode” You ever winder why we’re here?” You didn’t think I was going to let that die did you?

    • The only one I ever saw was the one with “You ever wonder why we’re here?”

      I never really thought Red vs. Blue was all that great, maybe it’s just because I’m not the biggest fan of Halo.

      • There’s a few that have “You ever wonder why we’re here?”

      • The most amazing thing about “Halo” is that it managed to give M’Soft a little bit of counterculture cachet. I mean, seriously – it’s the evil empire and was talked of as such prior to the release of the big black box. By “Halo 2” it was suddenly getting a whole tonne of free marketing by a hallmark of machinima. Pretty darned impressive, really.

        Didn’t the programmers even put in a “no weapon” function for the sequel to make the work of Rooster Teeth easier?

        • That is pretty incredible.

          I’ve just never really gotten Halo. I played it a big at a buddy’s, and it felt like just another FPS. Nothing special. What am I missing?

        • I didn’t like it either….I guess its the online part people like better?

          I guess thats good I didn’t get roped in because I sacrificed a significant portion of my life to Modern Warfare when it came out…

        • I rented Modern Warfare and played it over the weekend with a buddy. Pretty great game, but I just couldn’t get used to an FPS with a PS3 controller.

        • You can buy these little trigger exteners that fit over the L buttons on the PS3 controller that really makes it work.

          All this talk about games lately…I need to set aside a few hours soon.

        • I’ve played COD for…well years now…and for my 16th I was given Battlefield: Bad Company 2. And my god…I’m not even thinking about Mw3…BF3 FTW :D!

        • I don’t know what it is with today’s teens and being completely obsessed with the most recent multiplayer FPS. Whenever a new one comes out, the old one is either thought of as crappy and undesirable, or it’s put on a permanent pedestal (like in the case of Halo.)

          I honestly don’t know what’s so great about FPS’s. I mean, I’ve played and enjoyed quite a few, but none of them seem all that special to me.

        • You know the best FPS? With the best graphics and controls? RL.. ITS SOOOO COOL!!!

        • I tend to stick to one game for ages. I’ve really only had “Team Fortress 2” for… Well, since it came out. Before that it was “Battlefield Vietnam,” which was on only due to a research paper in grad school on Vietnam War games. I’m content with just having one game for ages – now it’s mostly just people who really love the game.

          As for the FPS appeal… Partly it’s as close to the metaverse of “Snow Crash” I can get without getting into Second Life, and most of it’s that there’s a real thrill in the times that a good streak comes together or you find a real camaraderie with someone you’ll never meet.

        • Lich…are you talking about the version that came packed with Half-Life 1? If so wow…10 years ago I was glued to that game day and night.

          I can still recall hopping off a ledge tossing little red or blue grenades like it was yesterday and getting yelled at by angry internetters…

        • No, no – “TF2” which came with Portal in the Orange Box. I’ve actually never played the original TF. Hell, I’ve not even finished HL or HL2. I really should – I know how awesome they’re supposed to be. Right now I only get a few minutes of video games in a week, and it’s mostly “Super Mario Galaxy” (1, at that… 2 is waiting) when I can convince the kids that they want to watch something other than “Toy Story” with me. It doesn’t last.

  10. “your location to any ghouls” May I just remind you that the proper mythological representation of ghouls is that they are human savages who are cannibals. They evolve to become different creatures than humans because they live in dark places like caves and well…eat human…But these are not undead. That is the mythological version but w/ suits you 🙂

    • Yeah, I know ghouls and zombies aren’t technically the same thing. However, the creatures in the original Night of the Living Dead were referred to as ghouls, so I occasionally like to use the term.

      • I was going to point out that I didn’t like the use of the term “ghouls” interchangably with zombies, either.

        I never liked how Max Brooks did that in his survival guide, in places it seemed like he consciously switched back and forth between the two every time one or the other was used.

        • At least their not wights..-_-

        • Or lichs….

  11. I think I’ve made the best find! Drum roll please. I’m not saying it until I get my drum roll.

    • I happen to have a pair of drum sticks on my desk at this very moment, which I was just taking a break from using. (Seriously.)

      …There, you’ve got your drum roll. (It was a concert or buzz roll, if necessary I can redo it as an open double-stroke roll.)

      • No thats good. A WALKING DEAD video game. I have seen all the comments from episode 50 and up and no ones posted it so I thought I would.

        • Interesting! I wonder if it will be comic or tv show based…hopefully comic book. I love the TV show but progression needs to keep coming from the core and not spin offs IMO

        • It could be interesting if done right. I’d love to see a more survival-centric zombie game. Less combat, more avoidance, resource management, barricading, etc. Project Zomboid is shaping up that way, anyhow.

        • Oh yeah that review you did…I need to hop onto that game. Whats an appropriate donation? $10?

        • When I donated they had a scale where you could “buy” these ridiculous games as a form of donation, the cheapest was something like eight bucks, and the most expensive was something like twenty. Now you can just buy it outright for eight. Here’s the link

  12. You say that the downside to guns is the loud report, but the fact that they need ammunition has to be at least as bad. If you didn’t have to worry about running out of ammo, you wouldn’t really care about the loudness as much, you could just keep shooting them until they stop coming.
    Even if you had a truly effective silencer (I’ve heard that subsonic .45s suppress a lot better than more energetic 9mms – no personal experience in the UK, of course) and therefore weren’t attracting loads with each shot, you’re still going to come to the point where you run out.
    With a bat, however, you can keep whacking them pretty much forever. Not for long in one sprint maybe, but the point is a decent blunt instrument will last years.
    …I’d rather still have a gun as well of course, for that situation where you need to take one out at a distance for whatever reason.