The Bonus Features Episode 2

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
A scene’s setting is one of many factors in establishing mood. Where a clean and well lit kitchen might imply safety and security, a disheveled office with broken furniture and pools of blood… not so much. Suffice it to say, getting the proper setting to compliment the tone of a particular scene is important, which is why location scouts play such an important roll in pre-production work. Any time a scene needs to be shot outside the studio, a location scout will find an appropriate area and make arrangements to shoot there. This involves factoring in such considerations as the cost of working in the area, availability of light and electricity, and how difficult it is to get the cast and crew to the site.

Or sometimes it involves just finding a boring old hallway and calling it a day.



This is why I would be terrible at a comic, my creative disability. I would end up making every background a boring hallway. I’m just too lazy and not creative enough to think of anything 😛

Anyway nice episode Dave!


Thank you. But don’t worry, you’d get sick of shooting in boring hallways in a hurry and start mixing it up.

zombies! :)

i would not have as much trouble,cuz i would like to do a mid-evil one,but sets and minifigs would still be a problem.

the dude person

Boring hallways? Hah! You have read the first 25 episodes of Zombie Outbrick, right? 😉

Dave, even this so-called “boring hallway” set beats the pants off of the main hallway set I’ve been using in Zombie Outbrick almost since day 1. (Excluding the on-going flashback scene, of course.)


I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. You had that fantastic conference room.


So, are you going to have a different minifigure for each one of these comics?


Hah, it’s wherever you want it to be. Maybe it’s a school, or a police department.

the dude person

Of course you can Mutts. Now we just need to get you off to a real one. 😉


“Oh dear… I sure hope not!”

I sure am.

Future line of work tho. : )


Are we going to play “guess where I use this set” games, now, Dave? 😀


Ryan Templeton is hot! Is he single? Can I get his digits? hahahahahahah

That is actually my fav head. My son got it in a pirates set and he always plays as that one.

Silver Fox

How about a commentary for reusing a setting, but dressing it up slightly different for different uses?

the dude person

Watch out Dave, Silver Fox has magical physcic future-script-reading abilities, he’s even done it on Zombie Outbrick once or twice!

Silver Fox

I’ll clarify now if the pic didn’t… she.

I believe for dude person, I commented on his site about tropes and “patterns” that stories often use. And it’s the artistic presentation I often look for, if I can guess what’s coming, I don’t mind when the script has succeeded on the artistic sensibilities and quality.


Thank you! We’ll have some cast next Friday if I remember the schedule correctly.

the dude person

Hah, an interesting start to a new comic! I’ve actually been planning to use that particular head for a Zombie Outbrick character for quite a while now… He won’t be popping up anytime soon, but if the guy in this episode is still around when he does pop up, it could be a little awkward… Perhaps I’ll just use a different head.


I’m not planning to use this character again, so I don’t think you need to worry about it. He’s a one-off, maybe a two-off.


Their everyone.. They sneak up on ya.. All ya got is a homemade machete, a baseball bat, and a knife…

Dead Island is kick ass.

the dude person

*grumble grumble* stupid ‘spensive video games… *grumble grumble*


I broke myself buying it xD… Made sure to buy some cloths before I got it though.. Trolololol.


I couldn’t.. But now I’m enjoying it all… Just found a Beretta 9mm Hand gun, An M4A1(No ammo for this one yet), and I was given a D-Eagle.


Love Dead Island. Made a super-thick machete (x4 Upgraded!) with Electro-Shock Upgrade. Them damn Thugs. Where are you in it?


Well I’m just right after their over use of the SEWERS -Rage-
I really need to mod weapons.. But I guess I’m just a bit to stubborn to go out and find anything for it. I only use my guns to kill thugs, rams, and other humans. I hate the infected zombies because they don’t decapitate as soon as I slice at them any more.. I have so many mods that I could put on things.. And well..I have to go back into the sewers to the damn police station T_T


Oh, and after I had to use my machetes and my Two handed axe to take a guy out and take his ammo.. The body disappeared with my best melee weapons in it.. I raged my newly found shot gun into everyone’s face.

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