Episode 123

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Other Notes:
There won’t be a new episode on Memorial Day. Get out there and enjoy the day off (unless you have to work, in which case I apologize).

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Experience is often what separates a good leader from an also-ran, thus the youngest member of the group is most likely not someone to be counted on for leadership and advise. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule (just look at all the genius youths with experience far beyond their years who show up in stories, TV shows, and books), but by and large good leaders have been around the block a few times. Conversely, younger characters are generally immature, easily distracted, and have major issues seeing the big picture.

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  1. That shouldn’t explain anything, I’m 16 as well.. Soon to be 17 in… A couple months.. odd.. I’m also blonde… But my names not Stewart so I’m good. ANYWHO! Got a good point there are some young’uns (The majority of them) that don’t see the big picture. They don’t attempt to plan things out, plan ahead of time, or even consider the consequences. Though there is always the exception such as myself, of course, that their mind is constantly on the run. I can’t explain myself but I do hope, and believe. That my comments from later times have proven this all accurately.

    • There are, of course, always exceptions. Stewart just happens to play right into the stereotype.

      • ActuallyI was just thinking If Stewie’s 16 and Shannon is 32, I think he could run faster than her away from a horde :L

  2. As well, how does it speak for them that they were hanging about with an Immature 16 year old teenage boy?

    • That’s going to come out eventually when we get some down time and start getting into back-stories a bit.

  3. wow–wasn’t expecting Stu to be 16! MADNESS! lol 😛

    • I was wondering if that would surprise people or not. I’ve tried to make him a very immature character, but with minifigs it’s hard to get an age.

      • Maybe try the short “kid” legs on him?

        Just an idea.

        • See I think that would be too short. I was over 6 feet tall at 16.

    • It surprised me A LOT. In fact, I think it’s a bit absurd…I expected him to be like 25 or so.
      And I too wonder how it’s possible that Stew is so young while the other characters seem to be 30+ (I already wanted to ask you about it when I saw the bio page).

      • Absurd? Ouch!

        Remember that yellow house at the beginning? Stewart’s parent’s house. We don’t know where they went, and Stewart never mentions them. We’ll get a bit of that history here eventually.

        Sam, Shannon, and Cheryl get there separately (as mentioned in Espisode 17). That’s also going to come out before too long.

        Hopefully it’ll all make sense in the end.

        • Sam, Shannon, and Cheryl get there separately (as mentioned in Espisode 17).
          Ok, now I donť get it… In episode 17, Shannon says she, Sam and Cher got there together.
          So either I’m completely stupid or it’s because of the “language barrier” lol 😀

          But I’m sure you have some great plans for the background story etc… just can’t wait for it to be revealed! 😉

        • Hah, sorry. That was some bad phrasing on my part.

          Sam, Shannon, and Cheryl arrived together, but weren’t with Stewart prior to that.

        • Oh. Ok, that makes a sense.

  4. I wonder if Dave could make next Wednesday’s episode double-length to keep up the pace of the webcomic? I would care less about a missed episode than I would about my weekly fix of zed mayhem! 😀

    • Well Wednesday is already edited and ready to go, as are the next couple after that. I will say that we’re getting close to some action here, so I’ll be adding in extra panels as needed.

      • You know, you could’ve done a strip for Monday, all it would need is single panel, and a comment about moments of silence. 😉

        Even BotD zeds need remembrance now and then! 🙂

        • Good point. I’ll keep that in mind for the next holiday.

  5. Wow! Never expected Stew to be 16! If you could get like a sports jacket then he would look like a very angry teenager. (He has that camping guy’s head so he looks mad)

    • Hah, I was shooting for more petulant than angry, but I’m happy either way.

      • Repeat after me: “You just don’t understand! You don’t understand what it’s like to be now! I hate you!” and repeat as necessary.

        It’s not angry, it’s just hormones and underadapted coping mechanisms. Trust me, I’m a teacher.

        • Oops, that was supposed to be “You don’t understand what it’s like to be (insert age here) now!” I forgot that using the pointy brackets leads to invisibility in html.

        • Exactly right, Lich. Well said.

        • …and now, I rant and rave like a teen over the lack of a new strip for the sake of American holidays…

          Nah, I’m good. I’ll chill. We got Victoria Day last week, so all’s fair. 😉

        • Yeah… mondays are so boring without new comic strips… Dave, how could you?! 😀

        • Hah, sorry, sorry. This is damn near the first time I’ve gotten in front of a computer the whole weekend. We’ll be back in business on Wednesday.

        • It’s nothing a properly prepared comic buffer couldn’t handle. You should have a couple months worth of strips planned well in advance and ready for final touches, like word balloons etc, ideally. I think it depends on how well you can streamline the production setup for each strip.

          if you think of webcomic making as an assembly line, you could theoretically pump out any number of comics per week that you really wanted. 😉

          Of course, being a really talented webcomic artist already with over 100 strips in the bag, you know that it really isn’t that easy all of the time! There is a lot more to it of course, and I salute you, Dave! *salutes*

        • Oh I have loads of excuses 🙂

          You have to bear in mind as well that my traffic drop precipitously on weekend, and seemingly doubly so on holidays. I’d rather not lose the normal boost in traffic I get with a new comic on a day where fewer people would be reading.

          That’s a little corporate sounding, I know, but building an audience is very important to me, so I want to make the most of my efforts.

          With a full time-plus job, a wife and kid, tons of maintenance stuff to do with a very old home, and occasional freelance work on the side, I usually only get a couple of hours per week to work on the comic. I generally have a buffer, but sometimes things come up multiple weekends in a row and deplete it.

          For the last four weeks we’ve been prepping for a big yard sale, which we finally had this weekend. That gave me almost zero time for comicing, so I needed to preserve my almost-empty buffer for any sort of “just in case” scenarios.

          On the plus side, that garage sale allowed us to clear out our basement. I’m going to turn one corner into my LEGO area. Hopefully that lets me do more work, build cooler sets, and streamline my comic production a bit. We shall see.

          At any rate, new comic tomorrow and we’ll be back to normal.

        • One corner? I’d be surprised if it doesn’t invade the rest of the basement, Dave! 😉

          Of course if you’re the lucky guy who purchased an abandoned missile silo complete with underground bunker, you might have a pretty big basement! 😉

        • I always wanted to have a large basement filled with LEGO bricks, haha!

          … Seriously.

        • Hah, no missile silo, but I may slowly creep into a bigger area.

          @Adelaide – That’s a good goal right there.

  6. Him being 16 makes more sense then him being in his 20’s. This is seen by many popculture references he seems to stick with.
    Picking a Machete over a Blunt object
    The fact that hes wearing a cap and hes not a(The following) Trucker, or bald. And has a jacket that looks sort of a High School like feel to it. He would either be a 27 Year old Douche Bag that goes out to night clubs to flaught fake jewlery… Or hes just a 16 year old boy that thinks it makes him look all da best compared to the rest.

    • Yep, this is more or less what I was going for.

  7. Stew’s… 16? Heh. That’s the problem with Lego. You had me going for late twenties, personally.

    • It’s hard to get youth without them looking like really little kids. Part of the charm of the medium, I suppose.

  8. he’s one year older then me

    • You’ll catch him before too long; this comic is moving along at a pretty relaxed pace.

  9. Hey if you actually did have sort of a. Romance between cheryl and stew than that would be kinda weird.

    • We’ll have to see how that shakes out.

      • CONTROVERSIAL WEB COMIC ABOUT ZOMBIES AND LEGOS OH EM GEE…. Sorry.. Had to… I did kinda notice that as well. Though it would make sense with him being the future and everything, the young arrogance can always be a cougar attractor.. Though I don’t think shes just quiet in the cougar ages.. Though.. That can be debated.

        • Hah!

          You’re absolutely right, Cheryl isn’t in the “cougar” ages yet.

  10. Wow, 16? Really? I think his stern countenance and the line on the left side of his face make him look quite a bit older.

    Way to throw in a plot twist, Dave!

    Something tells me Cheryl wouldn’t go for Stew in a candle-lit sewer, though.

    • Yeah, I think she could do better.

  11. You have too many shots into the back room. I’m always expecting something to happen back there. Yes, I’m paranoid.

    • It does kind of seem like that, doesn’t it? Hah. Maybe kicking the door down wasn’t the best way to get in.

  12. umm is it just me or did the couch move inbetween panel 1 and panel 3?
    becauseyou dont see it in panel 1 but it’s right there in panel 3…….or am i just seeing it wrong?

    • i mean panel 2 not panel 1 whooops

      • That bin? That thing is locked down and not moving. Just the way it looks at different angles, I suppose.

        • no the red couch it may be just differnt angles but between panel 2 and 3 it looks like it moves.
          also where did the zombie on the box come from?

        • and then in panel 4 it looks faaaaaaarrrr away from the camera

        • Oh, nope that’s just angles. I try to use a really shallow depth of field for the comic, so sometimes it looks like things in the background move forward or backward slightly depending on what I’m focusing on.

          The zombie on the box was the one Murphy and Sam killed in the hallway back in Episode 89.

  13. Bullies, When they’re surrounded by a horde they better wish they had been nicer so He couldv’e given them a little bit of hockey protection.

    • Yeah, but then he’d be worse than Sam.

      • He’s definitely be worse.

  14. update on the fan art.
    hey guess what?
    MY COMPUTER CRASHED!!!! luckly i can comment on my phone i tried to reset my computer but halfway it said something about insert disc but the disk was already in there or it would never start……you have no idea what i am talking about do you well breakfast is good but the fan art may take a while i might try taking them and putting them up on my phone.sum of comment. fan art delayed. computer chrased. i can comment on my phone and it is not an iphone.The End.

    • Don’t sweat it, man. Stuff comes up.

      When it’s done let me know

  15. going to bed right now I know it’s not zombie related but if you wanna see something funny go on youtube and search in “rejected cartoons” without the quotes then click on the first result it’s really REALLY funny!I can’t link it because i am on my phone.later people!(this comment is off topic,funny and random.)

    • sorry for recommending that but i thought you deserve a break from stuff.

      • that was a nice 9 minute and about 57 second vacation was’nt it?

        • I’ll have to check it out when I get home from the office.

  16. my computer is working but fan art still may take a while.

    • That’s okay. Good things come with time.