Episode 122

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You asked for it, so here it is: a Character Bio page.

About this Episode:
Yuck, colors are a bit muddy today. That tan hallway just doesn’t give as much contrast as I’d like. Thankfully, we’re only going to be hanging out there for a couple more episodes.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Some characters are so desperate for respect, or to be seen as the leader of the group that they’re willing to waste perfectly serviceable ideas just because someone else thought of them first. If they’re not actually in a position to make decisions for the group, they’ll simply torpedo the idea in other ways, such as trying to make it seem ludicrous, or going out of their way to find flaws or dream up hypothetical situations in which the plan goes horribly awry.

Thankfully, sometimes their efforts backfire on them.

25 thoughts on “Episode 122”

  1. I’m not sure I get why she keeps calling him “Stew” instead of his proper full name. It sometimes sounds as if she’s going to make him a part of some stew recipe! 😀

    Of course webcomics don’t portray feeling in words that well, so what do I know? 😀

    • I suppose I could have written it as Stu, but his named is spelled with an “e” instead of a “u”, so I thought that would be weird.

  2. I have to comment on what BrickVoid said. It does indeed sound like Cher’s going cook Stewart (or at least his goose). All she needs is a big pot. Devour him! DEVOUR HIM!!

    • Hah, I never even considered the whole Stew = delicious soup thing before now.

  3. I think she will eventualy because if/when they run out of food they eill most likely resort to cannibelism. As pointed out in the zombiesurvival plans section of this website. Too bad those robbers took everything useful.

    • Hopefully they’ll come up with something before they have to start eating each other.

    • Hopefully, they’ll eat Sam, not Stu 😀

      Anyway, I wonder what they’re gonna do next 🙂 Maybe our poor Sam has a plan (well it’d better be a damn good plan, if he wants to be freed from the handcuffs).

      • First they need to get out of this hard-to-light corridor 🙂

  4. maybe they could have Shannon greet them she is the most acepting of the group.(i am kidding)
    good idea Adelaide no one left behind not even if they went INSANE of course it was because stewart was being a jerk so i would handcuff stewart AND sam now but faaaaaar away from eachother mr.flip-out and mr.jerk then………..well still working on the fan art dave your zombie fighter pics i am taking rule you would make one good zombie fighter dave not gonna say much but it involes a MINIGUN!!!!!! Anyway dont know when that will be out. HEY FUNNY IDEA what if somewhere they find a katana on the wall and after somebody grabs it then they fall off the wall then then say “uuuuuhhhhhhh” and somebody says “oh crap you are’nt a zombie now are you?” ha ha ha pretty funny huh that goes for dave or thebrickdude whatever. ANYWAY always wanted a webcomic because i have many ideas for a zombie webcomic but i dont reallly have time so i guess i will hand off ideas to get in to brickfilming (if i can get a camera) speaking of cameras what camera do you use dave it’s REALLY good hope i can afford it. RAMBLING ALARM WHEE WHOO WHEE WHOO WHEE WHOO WHEE WHOO WHEE WHOO RAMBLING ALARM!!!!!!!!!! i’l stop now ha ha ha ha ha.

    • by the way i started writing that at 10:30 and got done at 11:11 it took me 41 minutes!!!!

    • Yikes, maybe break up your thoughts into paragraphs there Tyler. It’s a bit hard to parse out.

      The katana gets bantered about as the ultimate zombie-killing weapon a lot. Maybe I’ll put one in the comic at some point and test it out.

      Time is definitely hard to come by. I just make it a point to set aside a few hours each week to work on this. At some point I’d like to go up to three days a week, but that’s just not in the cards right now. Damn busy life.

      As far as cameras, I shoot on a Nikon D60. I’m a big Nikon fan for some reason. We’ve have four digital cameras in the last five years or so and every one has been a Nikon and they’ve all been fantastic. I hear good things about Canon too, but I’ll stick with what I know.

      • well i am trying to get my comments into a few other than 24 so i shall now do paraghraphs

        • 24?

      • Katana? Ugh. I’m sick of the virtual cult that worship what is in most situations a sub-par blade.

  5. I have an idea.
    -Empty the rubbish bin
    -Put the dead guy from the apartment in it (or at least whats left of him)
    -Throw it out the window
    The ‘zeds’ will be attracted to the flesh, and the survivors can sneak away!
    P.S. You have a great Lego collection and are a fantastic builder too!
    Congrats from the UK!

    • Hey, thanks Miles!

      That’s not a bad idea (you’re thinking like a classic adventure gamer). Too bad the gang can’t read the comments.

      • Maybe Dave should have himself inserted into the webcomic. Of course, it’d mean you’re running from your own zeds, but hey that’s what adventure is all about, risk! 😀

        • Hah, I think I’ll stick to special occasions.

        • Have you seen Dave’s Immagi— totally Real muscles? He would just rip through the zombies with a smile on his face to powerful makes the story boring. If I had to come up with anything it would be to get on the roof and attempt to use those as a guide across the city. The buildings looked close enough together to get a good jump. As well with that you avoid to much noise, risking suicide, and get a nice overview of the town as you go. Though I guess doing such tasks are for the young and daring.

        • Muscle Dave is just like real-life Dave.

          Only way more muscular.

          And way less hairy.

  6. How do I get a profile pic :/

    • Hey Miles, you just need to go to http://gravatar.com and set it up there. It’s tied to your email address

      • OK, thanks 🙂

  7. thanks for the character bio page

    • My pleasure. It was a good idea.