Episode 124

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
I’m not speaking from personal experience here, but one imagines being around a number of rotting corpses would be an extremely unpleasant experience. Stumbling across a dead animal in the woods is generally more than enough decay for me; I can hardly imagine cruising around a town filled with bodies stacked like cord-wood. In zombie stories, however, characters are rarely bothered by this. Walking around streets liberally strewn with dessicated corpses must be something people adapt to quickly. When someone does make a fuss, they’re usually perceived as weak and/or feminine.

Of course, casually suggesting the group goes someplace slightly less revolting is just polite.

82 thoughts on “Episode 124”

  1. It doesn’t appear that Murphy is giving Sam a break. He’s gone from being handcuffed to a fire extinguisher to just being handcuffed.

    • Poor Sam.

      • poor guy at least he can walk now………….

        • Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

          Er, Sam.

  2. Ok I am going to go back and start from episode one and completely catch up. Excellent stuff, Dave.

    • Oh yeah, start from the begging. There are only 123 episodes to churn through, not counting guest strips and a bonus episode.

      • It starts with a newscast…..I am so happy right now!

        • Hell yeah it does. The newscasts that invariably show up in zombie movies are always great, which is why I wanted to start my series with one.

  3. Stew’s gone quiet 🙁

    • Hah, it won’t last.

      • CRAP…………..(ha ha ha kidding)

  4. Do they mean that they will be going out on the street? I personally think they should make or find some sort of explosive and blow a wall in the middle of each house so they can move from building to building without the undead making their commute a hassle.

    • We’ll have to see how the plan gets formulated, but I don’t think many people are terribly familiar with crafting explosives. I’m certainly not.

      I’m also no engineer or architect and wouldn’t know what would be safe to blow through without weakening the structural integrity of the building. It’d be a major drag to die in a building collapse while you’re trying to avoid getting killed.

      I love how you’re thinking outside the box though.

    • Also, the explosions would probably attract the Zeds…
      But hey… explosions are funny 😉 I’m sure they would enjoy blowing things up! 😀

      • Oh don’t get me wrong; I loves me some explosions. I just want to keep this grounded.

        Just like the weapons. Shannon isn’t prowling around with a customized H&K sniper rifle, because the average joe who gets stuck at work when the shit hits the fan isn’t going to have access to that sort of thing.

        • I know what you mean – I’m not a fan of those movies where everyone can fly a plane or build a home-made bomb or fire a bazooka…

          I just wanted to point out that explosions are funny 😀

        • I don’t think it’s any worse then Call of Duty zombies! A drunk Russian knows how to operate an alien weapon!! 🙂

        • Yup, Russians seem to be pretty skilful if it comes to weapons! 😀 (and it’s not meant to be offensive)

        • Hah, maybe I’ll have to include a Russian weapons enthusiast as some point.

        • Heh, “a Russian weapons enthusiast” would be awesome!

        • wait where is the alien weapon?what map?where?please explain….thank you in advance.

        • The (Ronald) Ray Gun.

  5. Ah, nice stalling Dave! What’s the matter, couldn’t think up the actual plan, and just decided to leave that for next time? 😉

    And Stew has gone awfully quiet… I suppose he’s just checking Cheryl out right now…

    • Dave needed to get them out of that corridor… he hated how it’s hard to light it properly! 😀

      But I too expected a bit more action.

      • This is, sadly, true. Damn color balance/lighting, and damn my unsubtle stalling. I’ve actually got the plan figured out and have for damn near a year now, if you can believe that.

        We’ll see stuff really happening soon enough. I plan on shaking things up quite a bit, but I don’t want to rush too much getting there. It’s the journey, not the destination, right? Right?

        • Right, haha! 😉
          Just… you know, curiousity killed a cat!

          Plus, I’m a bit talkative today, so I feel an urge to comment A LOT (see, just like our friend Tyler) 😀 😉

        • Oh hey I’m not complaining. Lots of comments make my site look more popular!

  6. Hopefully they’ll have learned to check before entering, after all zeds always seem to appear unexpectedly! 😀

    • That’s one of the reasons I love the slow zombie; they’re not chasing you down, they’re getting you when you foolishly relax your guard. To me that’s just scarier. YMMV, of course.

      • George A. Romero likes the “Shamblers” as well! Let’s just hope there’s no “Oh s***!” zeds around! 😉

        • Exactly. BotD is modeled after the zeds in the original Night and Dawn of the Dead flicks, except mine never use tools and can’t climb ladders.

        • Ladders will save this lot? Why, I doubt that very much! 😀

        • The zeds in PotC are even worse then the ones in Dead Snow!

        • I haven’t seen it. Maybe when it hits video, but damn where those movies awful (the sequels, the first was was good, dumb fun).

          Although the new one does have Ian MacShane in it, does it not? That might make it worth while.

      • I prefer slow moving zombies, too 🙂
        They just create the right “horror atmosphere”(whether it’s a movie or a comic).

      • I too prefer slow zombies. I cringed when I saw some obviously sped up zombies in a remake of Day of the Dead… Then one spazzed out, jumped on the [i]ceiling[/i], scuttled a little ways on all fours upside down, then dropped back down again.

        It was just random (there was no obstacle to be avoided, or any other benefit to jumping onto the ceiling for a moment)… These guys were like fast zombies on stereroids…

        Anyway, there are no zeds in PotC. Ever. Not even the 4th one (which I have seen.) There’s a guy or two on board a ship, who act as overseers, and they ate referred to as having been “zombified.” There’s no rotting flesh, no blood, no moaning, no shambling, and no consumption of human body parts, on the part of the “zombies” at all. Doesn’t count in my book.

        I liked the new movie though. Pretty good for something Disney made from a ride… the PotC movies are much more enjoyable than the last time they tried that… *cough* haunted mansion *cough cough*

        Anyway, if you were only going to go see it because you heard whispers of “zombies” being in it… Don’t.

        • Yet another reason I’m glad I avoided the Day or the Dead remake. Good lord.

          I kind of figured to PotC zombies would be something like that. The only thing that’s going to get me to eventually see that movie is Ian MacShane. Love that guy. If you’ve not already watched Deadwood, get on that.

  7. did anbody notice that neither stewart or am agreed?

    • i mean sam

      • Hah, don’t read into that too much. I thought it was overkill to have them all say yes. Think of any group decision you’ve ever been a part of. As soon as one or two people are in, the decision has more or less been made.

  8. i am curios as to why they didn’t take the fire extinguisher.

    It is a: a nice blunt weapon with some weight, which is some times good and bad

    b: very useful in a town to put out fire, which strike me a a very good way to attract zombies

    c: they make a very good distraction, get several (6-9) and put them on a stack of wood in a open area in the direction you are not going, light it on fire throw near the fire, then wait. The fire
    and corpse attracts the zombies and while the feed the extinguishers will either blow up sending shrapnel into the zombie crowd or shoot off in to the crowd doing damage.
    During the distraction you run for it

    • throw the corpses near the fire, then wait

      is what i meant sorry

      • Well they haven’t left yet, so they could always grab the extinguisher. Whether they will, well, we’ll just have to see. Those things, especially the big ones, are awfully heavy and unwieldy, especially when you’re trying to move quickly.

        • that is why the heavy ones are used in the distraction and light ones as weapons.

          you could however drop the heavy ones from a high height onto zombies

        • This is true. Have you ever blown up a fire extinguisher? That sounds like a hell of a dangerous thing.

        • No, I have never blown up a fire extinguisher.
          I have read the warning label on them and a lot of them say may explode in high heat.

          Watch mythbusters they had one that flew like a rocket.
          in that episode it took a while to happen. plenty of time to take cover

          plus in scouts some of the kids in other troops turned pop cans into bombs and rockets with a fire (along with a variety of other things)
          both are pressure vessels and take a while to fail or in this case succed

        • Yeah we used to throw all sorts of shit in campfires just to see what would happen. In hindsight, not the greatest idea in the world.

          I just figured things like fire extinguishers would have pressure release valves or something like that. That way when they get hot, the expanding air inside can vent to prevent a big boom.

        • many of the slightly older types do not have the pressure release and they
          like many safety are probably very simple. Which is to insure they are going to work despite no one doing maintenance on them for a few years.

          and being simple means it is probably easy to break/tamper. if you know roughly what you are doing.

          after all it is possible to circumvent safety devices on mowers and weed eaters and use them in highly unsafe ways.

        • Oh man, getting around safety features is practically and American pastime!

        • God bless the USA

          and our penchant for “tweaking and improving” things.

        • If it ain’t broke, break it!

  9. That was my first comment on your site yay.

    • Hopefully the first of many!

  10. i smell a running gag of me talking alot ha ha ha.

    • Sort of looking that way, isn’t it?

      BTW – I removed the duplicate comment.

    • Something about the combination of the words “smell,” “running,” and “gag” sounds truly disgusting…

      • i could not stop laughing when i heard this you get my vote for funniest comment right now ha ha ha ha.

  11. God there must be something wrong with me.. I would be the only person around that wouldn’t want to leave the room. I would have the feeling of the ye ol’ hunter belief.

    • Hah. Yeah, I wouldn’t be sticking around there. Killing a shambling, half-rotted corpse is a lot different than a deer or a turkey or something like that.

      • Yeah. It’d be a pain in the ass to mount a zombie on your wall.

        • I wouldn’t want to be that taxidermist.

          Or really any taxidermist. Blech.

        • I’m just generally a proud person I guess.

  12. you know how a while ago you said there will be big changes in episode 150?well i took some data did some calculations and tried to find out a date for that episode. here are the results (drumroll) I found out 2 things 1.( I don’t know the date. 2.(i don’t know how to calculate when it will be.

    (this was a joke.)

    • All joking aside, the big changes aren’t going to be story changed (I’m not that well plotted out to know exactly what episode the big things are going to happen). It’ll be something different that’s big.

      • it’ll be Stewart’s ego, then! 😉

        That thing is so big it’d fill all available space if you let it! 😀

      • Hah, love how you phrased that.

        I’ve been trying to develop Stewart as a know-it-all pain in the ass teen* from the start. Glad to see some of that comes through.

        *No offense to know-it-all paint in the ass teens. I was one well into my twenties.

  13. if i get into brickfilming with your permisson i may start putting up ads for your comic on my youtube channel OR MAYBE make some episodes in stopmotion but that is the least likely possibility.later.

    • I’m never going to complain about free advertising. If you want to make fan-film style shorts using my characters, I’d love to see them. They won’t be cannon, of course, but it’d be neat to see what someone could pull off in stop motion.

      • How odd – I’ve been pondering the same thing recently. (Making a stop-motion BotD film)

        I’ve done a bit of stop motion before, even if it wasn’t a brickfilm…. And let me tell you, it can take FOREVER to get anything done. If you’re not the type that is willing to stick with a project and plug away on it for weeks or months on end, serious brickfilming is not for you.

        Good luck though, Tyler. Post a link if you ever make a BotD brickfilm.

        • That’s pretty much my hangup. I’m simply not that patient.

        • oh i have LOTS of time on my hands i just don’t have the money for a camera I had $300 in a savings account but that was withdrawn by my mom and not yet payed back………plus i tried 7 different times to sign up for a youtube account it worked 3 times but i could never get the password back. the 5 other times it told me i did’nt qualify for a google account (sigh) things suck now that google bought youtube……..stupid google!well i will look for a cheap camera then get something better later down the road.i did shoot a brickfilm once bt it was on my phone and it was deleted long ago plus it looked crappy………i would make an AWESOME brickfilmer i’ve been studying walk cycles i have brickarms and will use it on my first film witch wil make it look like i am an expert i have lots of legos lots of ideas and lots of time…………i wish someone could sponsor me then i could become a youtube partner and earn money and pay them back in a few years.well i will stop rambiling now.goodbye and thank you!(off topic hey if you want to see a good zombie game online i could post a link the game is free and fun!)
          if you read all of this you passed my test you win!

        • Man, wouldn’t being sponsored be great? No more regular job, just futz about with your sill comic. What a dream.

        • THINGS I FORGOT-for voicing i don’t have a mic but i could borrow the one from rockband from my dads i heard it’s really good i might get audacity if it’s free.also for a fan film i had sam but i don’t know where he is now i almost have murpy i need his head i have his torso pants gun and hair don’t want to give away much but i might make one of his dream (from many episodes ago) i have 2 or 3 of your faces dave.i don’t have a plan for editing yet i will try to get what some of the bigger youtubers use.i know how to make it look like the minifigs are talking which makes me look professional.for more voice actors could get my neighbors to voice act for me maybe i can get my dad to voice probably or i could use one of my impressions or use audacity to change the pitch and what not.for a filming room i will look around my house i don’t know where i will film yet.for lighting i sort of have a plan.for effects i use to use clay but i lost it so i will learn how to do better ones.for cars i have a sightly decent supply. so……..wow this is long.well thats it.

        • Audacity is totally free. It’s a nice little program too. They even have a PortableApps version if you’re into that sort of thing.

        • i did’nt get an answer about the zombie game link should i post it or not?

        • Sure, go for it.

        • my computer chrashed…..again man technology just has not been good to me….anyway google “comatose johnny two shoes” without the qoutes and that should find the it is really fun.
          by the way what does permalink do?

        • I’ll have to check that out when I get out of work.

          Permalink is the URL for that specific comment. So if you want to tell your friend Gary to check out your second comment on the sixth comic in this series, you can give him the permalink and he can jump right there.

          It also gets sent to me via email every time there’s a new comment so that I can respond to it easily if I want. Since I try to respond to most comment (unless it’s a conversation between other people or something like that) I find it a really handy feature.

  14. how many emails do you get tha i commented a day?(joking)anyway if you like to see what can be done in stopmotion try forrestfire101 he is an awesome and very famous youtuber….i cant link it because my computer is still down i almost have it fixed i could get it done now but i am at my dads house.

    • Hah, I get quite a few. I’ll have to check out forrestfire.

  15. Actually, before I knew what stew’s age was, I just assumed he was a middle aged ex – marine kind of guy who knew his stuff. I guess it was the sunglasses that made me think that for some reason.

    • That’s really interesting. They do kind of look like shooting glasses or something like that, don’t they?