Episode 121

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
When things are looking dire for our heroes, chances are we’re going to hear a callout for something big from one of the characters, who is usually – but not always – the group’s leader. These are generally requests for someone to volunteer for a suicide mission, or come up with a brilliant plan to save the group from the threat du jour. This gives a character, perhaps one who has been in the background for most of the action so far, a chance to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park.

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  1. It could be a turn for one of the gals to step up and come up with an idea… perhaps we’ll get a scene shot showing the lay out of the city? Perhaps the Officer knows layouts and plans to go.

    • You never know.

      As far as the layout of the city goes, I’d love to do something like that. Chris Doyle from Brick House made a sort of forced perspective shot like that once that I’ve always thought was incredible.

      It would probably help people get a handle on how big the city is too. I think the couple big buildings we see downtown might give the impression that this is a bustling metropolis, but it’s actually just a small town.

      I should probably come up with a name for it too.

      • How about “Dead Brick Junction” or something along those lines? 😀

        • I’m want to use something that sounds like an actual town.

        • “Dead brick?” As opposed to what? Are your bricks usually alive or something? 😉

          and I doubt anyone would want to live there…. Although people live in Hell, Michigan so I guess they might.

        • @ the dude person

          They certainly do. I know I’ve been through the town before, but I can’t recall anything about it.

          Are you from Michigan as well?

        • @dave

          No, sorry, VA actually. But I had heard of Hell, MI before.

          So you’ve been to Hell and back again! I might have to go there someday just so I can say that.

          It would be sort of funny if Stewart and Co. made escaped the city and traveled for a while, only to find themselves in Hell (MI.)

        • Ah, right on. I thought we had another Michigander. VA is quite nice too.

        • The Dude Person & Dave: there is a small village not far from the town where I live, and the village is called Hrob, which means Grave in English 😀 Pretty cool name, don’t you think? 😀

        • That is pretty cool. Is the town known for its cemetery? Does it have a tombstone factory?

        • Dave: Nope, no tombstone factory or such 🙁

      • Hrobsdale?

    • Yeah, layout and plans of the city would be pretty cool. And the city surely should have a name, hehe. If it was a big city, they might even find acces to the sewer system.

      • As for size, I’m thinking of a city of around 10,000 people, maybe fewer.

        Sewer system is a neat idea. I’ll have to remember that one.

        • So… would the sewers smell better than they would normally, because there’s no more human waste being flushed into them?

          Or would they smell worse because the waste would be sitting there, rotting? Or because of all the rotting zombies around?

          If Stewart and Co. think that appartment place is gross, how will they cope with being in the sewers?

        • The Dude Person: “Clean the debris and light some candles and the sewers won’t be THAT bad…” 😉 😀

        • You’d want to be careful lighting something in sewers. Apparently some of them can accumulate rather explosive gases. 😀

          It’d be even worse if the gas company runs gas pipes through sewer systems for access and the pipes leak gas – this actually happened.

          Of course this will bring a new question for Dave: “Where’d all the zombies get to?” “Oh their remains are in that raging fireball over there when some idiot lit a candle in a sewer system!” 😀

        • Excellent point BV. How big are sewer pipes in the average city, anyway? I mean, does a small town really need giant pipes like in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

        • Actually, that’s what webcomic research is all about. 😉

          I live in a small town and most of our town sewer pipes would be too small to crawl through, except perhaps for the one leading out to the sewage treatment plant. One would be hard pressed to crawl through one which has raw sewage being pumped through it, however. Sewer pipe size also depends a lot on how much it’s got to transport. If your fictional town is big enough to call for them to have larger capacity sewer mains that smaller branch sewers pump into, like London, then perhaps you could have a rather big sewer section somewhere underneath town.

          Of course, small towns might also take advantage of naturally occurring underground formations that neatly solve the sewage transport part and just pump it all out at the desired collection point.

          You should probably also consider if the building they’re in has air ducting and vents, since it’s a multi-story building, this could be quite likely depending on how many floors it’s got.

        • Excellent points, BrickVoid. I think with a smallish town (population of around 10,000 or so) they would have standard sewer pipes that would be to small for a person. However, those smaller towns might have significantly larger storm drains.

          Time to do some research!

        • Cliché Lookout:
          In movies, there are always ventilation shafts and/or sewer pipes large enought for a person to crawl through them… 😀

        • That might just show up at some point, Adelaide.

      • @ Adelaide C.F.

        Ooh, candles, how romantic! 😀

      • I love this conversation.

      • -Turns on the Slow R&B Jazz- There we go.. Perfect.

  2. Someone will come up with something that’s so crazy it might just work! 😀

    • I can’t tell you how badly I was hoping someone would say that. Thank you, kind sir.

  3. Finally caught up 🙂 Great job…love your work.

    • That ivette!

  4. hey dave (off topic) where did you get the crowbar?

    (for some reason the site is REALLY SLOW is it just my computer or is there some issue with the site?)

    • Hey Tyler,
      The crowbar is from BrickForge. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

      Yeah, they site has been running slow, especially the comments. I’ve been working with my host on it. I’m really sorry for the frustration.

      • Okay, I’m testing out a new service through my hosting provider that should increase the speed. If anyone is having issues, please let me know.

        • Ooh!! It is faster. Very nice! (Although the speed was never a problem for me)

        • Good to hear. Hopefully it’s the same for everyone.

        • Yup, definitelly much better now 😉

  5. “Last time I check we were surrounded” coming from the guy with the most protection, I say use Sam as bait and then leg it 😀 or Stew and then at least if he gets scraped he’s protected.

    • Just wait until he dons the rest of the pads; he’ll be insufferable.

  6. Looks like it’s time to order a BRICKARMS MINIGUN!!

    • Hah, that’d probably do the trick. You don’t see too many miniguns just lying around small towns though.

      • Well maybe for you “Michiganders,” but over here in VA we use them to trim our hedges…

        Who would get to carry it when it’s not in use? Might not be wise to hand Mr. Flip-out a hedge-tri – I mean, minigun….

        • Sometime tells me Stewart would insist on carrying it.

      • Thought: Maybe some creative civvie took it off a military jeep! Hey! Hey!

    • umm………i dont think they sell mini guns………..yet (hint) (hint)

      • ToyWiz

  7. Hey, I just noticed…shouldn’t the cliché say “threat du jour?” I’m assuming it’s French, in which case it really should be.

    • It is italicized. Does it not look as such?

      • Well, see it’s not the italicizing part that’s the problem. You spelled it J-U-O-R. I’m saying it should probably by spelled J-OU-R.

        “threat du jour”


        “threat du juor”


        • Hah, well I’m a dumbass. I’ll fix that now.

  8. thanks dave by the way witch would YOU GUYS prefer in a zombie apocalypse shotgun or m4?

    • I know I can hit a target consistently with a 12 gauge (although I haven’t shot skeet in years); I’ve never shot an M4. I guess I’d have to go for the shotgun.

    • I’d definitelly pick the shotgun…
      Chances are, I would accidentally shoot some of my fellow-survivors, though 😀

      • So everyone is going to stay behind Adelaide, right?

        • Yeah, that might help 😀

        • I would pick the shotgun, I figure the only reason I would need a gun to kill zombies would be at close range, Otherwise you run the other way, Baseball bat would be my preferred melee weapon, along with a katana if there’s a few lying around! :]

    • Personally, I’d go with the shotgun. You’d be more likely to find shotgun shells than 5.56 rounds when you’re wandering through cities and towns…

      Also, you’d probably need some training and practice with an M4 in order to even shoot straight with it. And you HAVE to shoot straight, because even if you do, with a machine gun like the M4, you could still miss. Accuracy and aim aren’t as much of a problem with shotguns.

      Another thing people seem to fail to consider is, guns like the M4 need to be cleaned/greased, and assembled and dissassembled. I don’t own or regularly use any guns, nor do I know a whole lot about how to take care of one – but I do know that part of military training is maintaining the M4 to keep it working and jam-free.

      If any Joe Schmoe on the street knew how to use and maintain an M4, why would soldiers need to be trained for it?

      Also, I know that in real life, there is no “auto-target” feature, so if you start spraying the precious few bullets you have all over the place and can’t keep the barrel down while you’re shooting, you’ve done nothing but waste fairly rare ammunition and draw unnecessary attention to yourself. You could possibly bruise your shoulder, if you don’t know how to hold a rifle properly in the first place.

      If I had to use an M4, I’d only use it at close range, to conserve bullets and increase my chances of actually hitting something. I’d probably have it on single-fire, too, so the machine-gun part of it (as in, its being an automatic weapon) wouldn’t be that useful (if that was even an option – I know there are some semi-auto M4’s, just depends where you’re supposedly getting said M4 from)

      Just some things to consider.. I’ll stop rambling now… 😉

      • whoa……..lots of input thank you guys i to would prefer a shotgun because it takes less shots to kill zombies ever play cod black ops zombies? i love that game! anyway thans for the input i may need to change from tyler to tyzan8 to get a gravatar (i made one it is not a sigfig of me it is my zombie fighter) i am up so late to study for my final at homeschool (taking a break now)anyway again thanks!

        • That’s kind of a video-game convention though, isn’t it? I mean, in real like, zombies wouldn’t have hit points and a single well-placed round from any thing (of reasonable caliber of course) should put it down.

          Yes, I am a nerd.

        • i want to disagree with you about the nerd part dave but uh…….i dont know how to i dont know you at all (i just realized how much of a sucker i am for lego webcomics i read 2 often reasonably clever and this one and sometimes lego space the webcomic but just barely)…………wow…….
          by the way who own black ops for ps3 and would they want a challenge? my neighbor rules at tdm,nazi zombies and lots of modes he has first stike map pack 1 and other games including uncharted 2 and gta 4 i hang out there alot well sorry to give ou my life story there but i kept going on and on and on and on…….if you read all of this you passed my test you rule!

        • Hah, nothing wrong with being a fan of Brick Comics. They’re pretty awesome.

          I don’t own Black Ops; I don’t buy many games, and those that I do pick up tend to be on the older side (the most recent purchase I made was Red Dead Redemption about two months ago; hell of a great game).

        • wow cool thanks hey i got a virus from an email so i am getting my computer restored from clearing it the email was from bing (stupid bing whaaa)
          that thing there was a referrence to nightly news at nine a lego webseries it is pretty funny…….anyway thank you………….i just got an idea if the conversation ever gets quiet you could put up a zombie question of the issue hey mine certanly got you all talking.you dont have to do that but if you want you can.

        • hey it’s almost like a conversation but we are probaby MANY miles from eachother and we communicate in text not voices and we cant see our faces ha ha ha bye see you later!

        • That’s a pretty damn good idea. A weekly discussion point or something like that.

          I’ve got some changes planned to celebrate the 150th comic in a few months, maybe I’ll include your idea as well.

        • here i am eating breakfast commenting on a lego webcomic
          by the way in one of the early episodes you said you have a machete in your garage that kinda creeped me out can you please explain why you own a machete and have it in your garage?

        • I use it for clearing brush and cutting hedges. I’ve got this row of spindly bushes at the edge of my property line that just grow like crazy. Using the hedge trimmer was a pain, so I cut them back with the machete twice a year. Much easier.

        • oh oki thought you were a murderer KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!
          that sounds easier,more fun and less time consuming.
          are you a fan of left 4 dead i am not but i have an idea for fan art of some of my lego figures i made for you as a fan.

        • i think this is the longest comment chain on the site i’m not sure though but most of them were mine sooooooooooooooooo i have no idea

        • Oh yeah, it’s just a tool, although it’d probably be pretty handy in case the zombies showed up. Providing, of course, I could make it to my garage without getting eaten.

          Left 4 Dead is pretty fun, but I really wish there was a “Classic Zombie” mode where you had to get headshots, the zombies are slow, and there weren’t any of the special zombies (hunter, spitter, etc.).

        • i can comment on my mobile phone.

        • i might take a few photos of my
          minifigs i made for fan art
          they include bald left 4 dead guy wearing a vest,you as zombie fighter and a few more pics of you killing zombies and my sam or murphy or i dont know his name i know the other names some of them anyway my guy wearing a flannel shirt hancuffed right now anyway this is long and rambly so if you read this all you passed my other test you are awesome!

        • sorry to bother you again but i will try to find a zombie game like that……..may take a while though.

        • wow i guess i do need the bio page thanks

      • Flannel Shirt Guy = Sam
        Red Jacket & Hat = Stewart
        Cop = Murphy
        Blond Girl = Shannon
        Brunette Girl = Cheryl

      • i broke my arm trying to shoot that m4!!!!

  9. maybe they could release the crazy person on them I dunno.

    • The zeds would never see that coming!

      • zeds?is that what you call your zombies?

      • Yessir. I believe it stems from Shaun of the Dead, but it might be older than that.

        • thank you dave

        • shaun of the dead? is that what the name of the comic is based off of?

        • This comic isn’t directly based off anything, but it’s inspired by the original Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead.

          Shaun of the Dead is a zombie comedy from the UK. It’s a great movie and I highly recommend it.

  10. hey i just read your donate page it seems you have a devious way of disposing of unwanted cast members ha ha ha.

    • Hah, that offer is as good as gold. You send me some cash, I’ll put you in my comic and unceremoniously kill you off.

      That’s value!

  11. Yeah, release Mr. Flip-out on the zeds! 😀

    …And SOMEONE’s feeling chatty… Careful there, tyler, or you’ll crash the BotD site! 😉 (kidding)

    I do think there’s a big difference between simplified video-games where you shoot things, and real life when you shoot things. in my opinion, you can’t exactly tell me what weapon is most effective against zombies in real life, when you’re drawing experience from a video-game.

    Actually, I highly doubt shooting zombies with a shotgun would kill them at all… Probably just knock them over or slow them down, unless you severely damage the brain.

    Bodyguards have literally taken bullets to the head for the people they’re protecting, and survived – so if a regular human being can survive something like that long enough to get medical treatment, how long would an undead ZOMBIE survive? You’d essentially have to destroy the brain, I think… which would be incredibly difficult at any range with a shotgun. I’d imagine most of the spread would hit the zombie in the chest, and that wouldn’t do much good unless it crippled said zombie.

    Anyway, I’ll stop rambling (again)

    I found it sort of hard to follow your string of comment/posts, but if you do like webcomics, or more specifically, brick comics…. or even more specifically, zombie-themed brick comics, click on my avatar or name! 😉 I run a comic called “Zombie Outbrick.” (Hope you don’t mind the shameless plugging, Dave! 🙂 )

    I personally LOVE Shaun of the Dead! Simon Pegg (the main actor in it) is awesome, I highly reccomend you see it.

    Apparently, in the UK, the alphabet goes “ex, why, zed” instead of the American “ex, why, zee.”

    You should post a link to the fan art you mentioned at some point, by the way.

    • Hmm, interesting. As someone who doesn’t know anything about guns and stuff, I’d say that shotgun would be pretty effective weapon against Zeds at a close range. Like, it seems kinda unlikely to me that someone would actualy survive a good headshot or two (providing that I would know how to use the gun properly).

      • By the way, “Zombie Outbrick” is a wonderful name for a Lego comic! 😀

        • Thanks! Let me know if you check it out :).

  12. well first i post so many beacuse i keep forgetting things and i did’nt take the pictures yet sooooooo……….I will get on that and stop stalling.(see you later guys)

  13. it may take a while beacause i am at my dads and only brought one of the things with me and i took a pic on my phone and it is what i am commenting on the site with now i may try it with my dads ipod and his laptop but i need to sign up for mocpages so i can put it up. plus i am at my dads for the weekend so i cant get the other ones unless i go to my moms to get something and bring it over. by the way i’m 11 in case you were wondering but i am really smart not to brag or anything i just wanted to say that to clear up the mom’s house and dad’s house thing my parents are seperated. well that is it i will work on my sam photos(they will have a funny title relating to where sam is handcuffed)i shall work on that now may take a while though lots of stuff to do well i will get to work see you later! (it took me like 5 minutes to write spellcheck and reword this comment) my phone just said calm down too many comments ha ha ha ha ha ha