Episode 120

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
After characters split up to investigate a situation or search for supplies, they have to reconvene and get everyone on the same page. These brief expository scenes are there primarily for the characters share information with each other. This way we know that all the characters are aware of the situation, and you don’t get those frustating sitations where people are needlessly keeping certain facts to themselves (Lost was really, really bad about that). However, it’s also a nice lazy way for the author to summarize the situation to the audience and restate the importance of certain things, like the lack of food.

26 thoughts on “Episode 120”

  1. What’re the chances they’ll run into the nurse from the hospital right about now? 😀

    • Maybe she’s trying to shop at the little grocery store downstairs.

  2. I’ve been reading this comic for a while but I’d hate to admit that I forgot who is who. Can you create a character Bio page?

    • It’s in the works. I hope to have it done and posted in a week or two.

      • Yea!!

  3. The bio page is an awsome idea. I thank you in advance and I wouldve taken the at least the arm pads. What’s if they look for plants instead of processed foods.

    • The rest of the padding would definitely be a plus when it comes to facing down some zeds.

      As far as plants, that’s a good idea. There just doesn’t seem to be much in the way of them in these apartments.

  4. I love how everyone is staring at Mr. Flip-out when he complains about there being no food. 😉

    Cannibalism would be very ironic about now! That guy’s not being useful for much else at the moment…

    • “Rr Flip-Out”, I love it! You do always have to be practical in a survival situation: eat the most useless guy in the bunch.

      • Wouldn’t the zombies have something to moan about the humans eating their dinner? 😀

        • Hah, they’ll have to take that up with their union representation.

        • If he’s not a zombie, he’s probably too afraid of being eaten to come to the meetings! 😀

        • Well that’s his own fault. If he’s not involved and voting, how can he possibly expect any change?

  5. Huh. I always thought of Stewart of a common sense type of guy; not likely to get excited about something like a hockey helmet. I guess in a Zombie apocalypse you really don’t have much to get excited about, so I can understand. Sort of.

    • We’re going to be learning a bit about Stewart here soon.

      • Now that sounds interesting 😉
        I just hope Stew will survive all those trables! (o_O)

        Anyway… Dave, what happened with the guys that escaped the TV studio… with that bitten guy… you know who I mean, right?

        • I sure do: Ted, Gene, and Jeff. Those guys are going to be coming back in the next… I dunno, chapter? Act? I’m not sure what to call it. I’ve definitely got plans for them.

        • I see… good, I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next! 😉

    • Stewart has about as much common sense as hen’s teeth! 😉

      Nonsense, on the other hand, I suspect he’s got supplies of in great abundance! 😀

      • Hens have freakishly sharp teeth!.

        @Dave are we going to see Stewie with his hat back on later? 🙁 always thought if you ever kill him off the other survivors can find his hat and Cheryl could go “Oh God no!”

        • Chickens with teeth?

          Oh yeah, that hat is part of his look.

          I like that death scene. Good stuff!

        • Heh a red hat with a lot of red around it…o.o

        • Read the story underneath o.o http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/003953-2006-02-23-a-chicken-with-teeth.htm

  6. Stewart seems like a sports kind of guy, so maybe he’s used one before.

    • The helmet? I dunno if he’d be so excited about it if he was used to wearing them.

      • You’ve obviously never witnessed overexcited hockey fans, then! 😀