Episode 119

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About this Episode:
Oops, looks like the doors on my two sets aren’t quite lined up in the third frame.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Even in the zombie apocalypse people are going to do things that make them dangerous, or at least really creepy, and they often get physically restrained (handcuffed, tied up, locked in a closet, etc.) by other survivors. This can be played a couple of different ways. Sometimes the character ends up serving as comic relief until they redeem themselves somehow and are freed. In the darker stories, they end up geting left behind – usually accidentally – and then devoured by zombies while they’re helpless to defend themselves.

39 thoughts on “Episode 119”

  1. Given his reaction when the zombie was attacking, I’m tempted to say they should just leave him there. But I’m definitely not wanting to see him become one of the zombie horde either. *Flips coin … And it lands on an edge! 😀

    • Hah, nicely said.

  2. If that was me. I would shut up and wait for my freedom. But its not so I guess I’ll just have to watch what’s-his-name complain. But I agree with brickvoid

    • That would be Sam, and he’s not the most rational thinker right now.

      On a somewhat related note, what a character bio page be helpful to everyone? It seems like there are some characters who people don’t know very well just yet.

      • I think you mean “would a character bio page be helpful to everyone”. Yes, it would, definitely. If you change character appearances, make an older self of a given character, or morph them into a villain be sure to include that change as a part of their bio. 😉

        • Damn typos. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

          All right, I guess I’ll have to knock out a bio page. Should be fun.

  3. So, where’s the bio page? I can’t fucking find it.


    • It only exists in my fevered imagination right now.

  4. Makes me think of scene out of The Walking Dead… least it could be a set up for one…. wonder if he’ll cut off his own hand to escape a horde of ravenous zombies.

    • I have to say I hated that part of TWD, so I’m probably not going to do the same 🙂

  5. I laughed when first seeing this I had wondered what had happened to Sam, 😀 lol really though…Sam is so thick…simply pick up the fire extinguisher and then
    a) He’s Free
    b) Hes got a zombie weapon on a chain that can also put out fires 😀

    • The extinguisher would be a pain to lug around though, wouldn’t it?

      • Probably bearable strain that is an adequate weapon against zombies or anything else living or undead and fires or either starving to death or being turned into a zombie or zombie food. I wonder…

        • Oh it beats the alternative. No doubt about that.

  6. Ahahah… poor Sam! 😀

    Anyway, the “character bio” page would be cool! 🙂

    • Okay, well look out for a character bio page in the next few weeks. I’m slow, after all.

  7. Expanding on games from a few back I’m looking forward to when “Call of The Dead” comes to PS3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6lSDF1Dpho here is what happens when you start it. The mini vid before.

    • That looks pretty awesome. Pretty Left 4 Dead-ish.

      • It provides a lot of inspiration for zombie stuff, especially my movies. You should try it.

        • not one to talk about zombiesbut when does that come out and how do you get to it?

        • I believe it’s already out. Here’s the official site

        • Yes xbox it is already out and ps3 is next month…if PSN gets back up and running -.-

        • That seems like a big if these days, doesn’t it?

  8. hey thanks guys like i said before i am not really one to talk zombie movies but check this out!


    sorry it can’t be a link i dont know how to do that….
    (movie by tomjoetwins check out the other stuff on that channel it’s pretty good stuff.)

    • That’s a nice one! Your link works just fine.

      Your comment posted twice, so I removed the duplicate.

    • ok tis is one they made before that one it is kinda strange but it was some of their eairler work.
      ps thanks!

  9. oh sorry thanks!

  10. Hey! I got an idea! Why not create a Bricks of the Dead movie?

    • I wish I could. It’d be a hell of a lot of fun to do some short films based in the BotD universe.

  11. 1) No one would watch it(with the exception of the people on this website 2) would cost a lot 3) would require computer animation 4) I love that idea(sorry if this damaged your hopes for making the movie)

    • All valid points. The best I could ever hope to do is short films posted on YouTube, but I couldn’t pull it off anytime in the foreseeable future.

    • Well then, mr. negative. But I’m pretty sure it could happen.

  12. Plus, 1. It would attract ppl to the site. 2. Stuff like this doesn’t cost that much. 3. You can just download one of those computer animation softwares.

    • It would definitely bring in people. I could always use more traffic.

      I thought you meant a live-action movie. I’ve never worked with animation stuff outside of a bit of Flash. Is there a program that’s cheap/free and pretty accessible?

      • You should check out the LDRAW utilities available. Especially L3P and POV-RAY or or your preferred renderer. I’m pretty sure you could do something really good in those if you put your mind to it! 😉

        As for animation via photographing LEGO all you need is stop-motion software and a camera to take the pictures with! 😉

        Whichever way you choose, I’m looking forward to whatever you come up with! 😉

        • I’ll have to check out LDraw. I’ve tried the stop motion and I know I’ll never have the patience to do anything with that.

  13. it’s more comments then comics now is’nt it lol

    • I like to think that the comic is getting the conversation going.

  14. The handcuffs do seem a little much. Then again, he didn’t just fail to help Stew, he stopped the others from helping him too.