Episode 104

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
At the start of every zombie story, patient zero has to die, and then rise like the cannibalistic freak he was born to become, devouring his friends and loved ones with reckless impariality. Depending on the circumstances, our Lazarus might die alone in the street, or surrounded by people working in a futile effort to save him. The latter option is always a great choice for zombie stories. The more people trying to save the original zombie, the more victims that zombie will have within arm’s reach.

24 thoughts on “Episode 104”

  1. Dead, but not quite. 😉

    • He’s only mostly dead!

      • I sure hope that nurse didn’t get bitten! It would be a pity for such a nice helpful nurse like her to start infecting everyone! 😉

        Can you give us an idea of how long it’ll take for you to reveal just how all this zombie infection started, and what the cause of it is?

  2. Ahahaha. Nice work people!

    • Hah, to be fair, it’s mostly the cop’s fault.

  3. Guess we know who Doc’s gonna work on now!

    • The triage list is nice and short now.

  4. Am I the only one who got an “And don’t call me Shirley” vibe from the repartee here? I’m not sure why; all I know is that such is high praise where I come from.

    • I just want you to know we’re all counting on you…

      • …and it’s shaped like a big Tylenol.

      • I can make a hat, or a bow tie, or a pterodactyl…

      • Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

  5. Nice to see the story progressing Dave!

    I like how there’s a “bonus” panel in this episode. I can’t wait to see how the infection started!

    Thanks to your inspiration, I’m now in the process of getting pieces and minifigs together for the first scene of my own Lego zombie comic…

    • I recently re-did my template to make bonus panels easier to add. We should see more of them going forward.

      Once you get something together, make sure you post a link. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  6. Oh Dave, you ruined the story for everyone who read the commentary how would we have guessed he was going to have the cop backing up against the wall saying he’s going to shoot and everyone doesn’t realise he’s a zombie… ooops.

    • I’m such an ass about spoilers, aren’t I?

  7. My second comic strip is finally up! Check it out and comment i have the next 3 strips ready to upload when your ready

    • Lookin’ good Larkin. Lookin’ good.

  8. This doesn’t relate to the Comic.. But lately I’ve been into a-lot of watching youtuber’s and their masterful Character Development and so on.. One I was most impressed with was these 2 episodes.. Each 30 minutes long.. If you can ever find an hour or two seperate half hours to watch something You have to watch these, they are masterfully done.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gc66fs5fZY0 Thats 1 and some one close by will be number 2.
    Unlike other film makers these people know what they are talking about when it comes to physics. Such as actual combat, Recoil, and ETC.
    Just recently I was watching Skyline and there were soldiers on a building standing up -STANDING UP- Firing .50 BMG Calibered Sniper rifles with very little recoil. Unless the government is making secrete super humans… Then This kind of thing from a movie really hurts me. (Makes me wanna rip my eyes out). But if we were talking about faster, they actually have recoil in it which surprised me. WASN’T THAT GOOD OF A MOVIE, but still they got their facts straight so I wouldn’t have to get angry. But compared to all other movies, the Freelands even if only 30 mins each, are easily compared to how I felt about 300. Not comparable on graphics CLEARLY… 300 was a master piece of a work, but so is Freelands so much so I can’t even explain how well done It is.
    Hope you get to watch it Dave!

    • I’ll have to check those out when I get a bit of spare time.

  9. One word comes to my mind after ALL that:

    • You got that right!

  10. I’d say dave you should make a youtube video for a special Bricks of the Dead series? Could be a Spin-off…Murphy’s Brother?

    • I wish I had the talent/patience to make a stop-motion video. It’s something I’ve always thought would be really cool.