Episode 103

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Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Trying to talk down an irrational character using cold logic is never an easy task, and it becomes infinitely harder when that character is waving a 9mm in the protagonist’s face and screaming demands. Generally speaking, this character is going to show up and start making a fuss during an extremely inopportune time, like the middle of a zombie attack, or when a doctor’s quiet concentration may have served to avoid or at least slow down the zombie outbreak at the beginning. Sadly, dealing with this problem will always take away attention from another issue which will, in due course, prove to have been far more important.

18 thoughts on “Episode 103”

  1. Its a good thing the nurses are the ones that do the actual job of helping some one, where as the doctors just say whats wrong walk away and live life paid by words. So… WOOHOO GO NURSE IN BACK GROUND! As well silly doctor doesn’t realize 9mm has very little stopping power… JUST SAYIN’ could be the hero of the day.

    • Nurses are criminally under appreciated. Bear that in mind as this story arc plays out.

      • I actually have a-lot of medical training from my mother alone which is an LPN, I’ve been learning from her and my Father sense I was 5 So I could very well be of medical help to people.
        Which also makes me a problem in A Text based RPG when I’m basing a character off of my own skills… Because I’m vastly skilled in a-lot of places.

    • On the other hand, most nurses aren’t surgeons, so the gunshot fellow may seriously need the doctor instead… if he wasn’t, you know, a zombie.

      And 9mm doesn’t have much stopping power? It’s true, but it might be a little hard caring for patients with a bullet or two in one’s body.

  2. Relax, both patients will die while the cop and the doc are arguing 😀

    Also, I wonder if that cop is somehow related to Murphy… probably not, but…

    • Nope, no relation.

      • Maybe he IS Murphy!!!

      • No need to keep on attempting to decypher characters, People should just read.. Yeahhhh.

      • Hah, this is a highway patrolman, Murphy is a city copy. Two different characters 🙂

  3. I have a feeling this little stand of isn’t going to end well…………….

    • Trust your gut.

  4. If he’s a good Doctor, he should’ve trained that nurse to tranquilize unruly patients! 😉

    Even ones who don’t yet realize they’re patients, in this guy’s case, mental patients! 😀

  5. Hey Dave!

    I just read through ALL 103 episodes of this webcomic today, it took me quite some time!

    I think it’s excellent, especially with the commentary. It has inspired me to get back into LEGO again (I have a large collection, but haven’t touched it in months.) I’ve also been thinking of making my own LEGO zombie comic lately, so I typed “Lego Zombie Comic” into Google, found this, and read the entire thing, and here I am!

    You should be very proud of yourself, Dave. I literally laughed out loud when I saw that silly “you only put out two comics a week?” comment a while back! One a month could potentially be too much for me to put out if I was trying to make a comic, I don’t think that person really understands what kind of work (or time!) goes into this sort of thing.

    Kudos to you for sticking with this and keeping ’em coming! I eagerly away the next one.

    • Hey, thanks the dude person! That made my day.

  6. I’m guessing that’s a Brickarms Gun?

    • Yessir, M1911.

  7. Seeing how we’ve all got this figured out that the infected guy is gonna munch on somone, I kinda think Dave has something different planned maybe a whole ton of zombies coming out of the morgue and eating them or something…Gotta hand it to you Dave…you make me question myself…

  8. Honestly, if his partner was bitten by a human, the odds are fair that he doesn’t need a doctor at all. Any competent nurse should be able to clean a wound and pop a few stitches in. Dealing with a GSW to the trunk, on the other hand…

    By the way, is it just me or does that guy look quite bit like Jeff? Red hat, white shirt, blue trousers?