Episode 105

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About this Episode:
The police officer is named after famed behaviorist B.F. Skinner, inventor of the Skinner Box. This isn’t really significant of anything, that’s just the name a friend suggested and I liked it. Still, read up on the guy; he was quite an interesting fellow.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Rationalization is a powerful force for coping with various troubles, like sacrificing the life of a stranger to help a friend/family member. Characters, especially those that border on evil yet project themselves as being moral, often employ this mechanism – sometimes in tandem with trivializing the event – to deal with the stresses their unsavory actions bring. It’s a lot easier to put someone in harm’s way (like forcing them to act as a diversion for the zombies while you escape to safety)  if you tell yourself that they’re a bad person and that they’ve got this coming to them.

11 thoughts on “Episode 105”

  1. The only thing we’re not certain about when he attacked the police officer is whether he was a man or a man becoming a zombie! 😉

    • The bite-attack tells me he was well on his way to zombification.

  2. Evil, Good. Both Non-existing states of Being when in truth humans being the most interesting creatures those two words cannot defy a single person. That’s why we use the guidelines of Morality! Good morals in public and seen areas make you the good loving person. Even though in ones free time you like to strangle people and leave not one bit of evidence it was you. Or that person that shows no weakness in public.. Also known as the Hard ass, in truth cares about more people than should be possible.

    • Everything is relative. I’ve always kind of liked the selfish – generous spectrum as a little more reasonable scale.

  3. Slice off his head!

    • That’s the only reasonable thing to do.

  4. OMG 2 more pages away from reanimation?

    • Maybe not even that long.

      • Ooooooooh

  5. Next one is up but i dont know if u can read it i didnt have it resized right thats wat i get for editing the pics with a phone app

  6. intense. =D