3 thoughts on “Colony Episode Six”

  1. Your backgrounds are all great so far. This dark sand is very cool. I was wondering if you’ll use only original LEGO for the weapons and accessories on the minifigs. Well I guess now I have my answer 😉 . Story is building up at a decent pace… I’ll stay tune!

    If I wanna be picky here I’ll just blame you for the difference of lightning in todays’ 3 panels… Hey I’m just trying to help here 😉 LOL

    Great comic, you seem to spend quite some time on setting up all those pictures!

    • I’m trying to remember but I think the lighting is the same but what’s changed is how I’m holding and focusing the camera.

      And yeah I speant an insane amount of time building sets. It’s the most fun part!

  2. I think I spotted a typo, “missing minors”.

    Unless the colony is using child labour. 😉