Colony Episode Six

The comic is going to continue through the weekend, so make sure to check in on Saturday and Sunday!



Your backgrounds are all great so far. This dark sand is very cool. I was wondering if you’ll use only original LEGO for the weapons and accessories on the minifigs. Well I guess now I have my answer 😉 . Story is building up at a decent pace… I’ll stay tune!

If I wanna be picky here I’ll just blame you for the difference of lightning in todays’ 3 panels… Hey I’m just trying to help here 😉 LOL

Great comic, you seem to spend quite some time on setting up all those pictures!


I’m trying to remember but I think the lighting is the same but what’s changed is how I’m holding and focusing the camera.

And yeah I speant an insane amount of time building sets. It’s the most fun part!


I think I spotted a typo, “missing minors”.

Unless the colony is using child labour. 😉

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