Colony Episode Seven



Are you kidding me?!? This might be the biggest, most insane, building set ever build for a webcomic ever! And I assume we don’t see the whole thing… Any chance we can see a large view of this bay 85?

Man your buildings are AWESOME.

Looks like we are getting to know our space marines here…


You’ll see the whole thing although not in one shot. I’ll post one later I’m a few episodes as to not spoil anything.


This is an impressive build Evan! The vehicles are detailed and very well designed.
I also see that you have the SI-DAN HGU-56 Pilots’ helmet in black; how well would it fit on a new (2014-15) minifigure head?
I like the feature where the visor can move & hide


Maybe I missed something but why wouldn’t it fit for the new mini figs? Did something change? If so I’ll unbox a set and check it out for you.

And thank you!


No major design changes have been made to minifigure heads since the 80s. However, standard wear over decades have made them less likely to fit new pieces than newer minifig heads (Just try to fit a hair, such as an x104, from the 80s onto a fresh-out-the-box minifig, it’ll probably fall right off :D) That is all 🙂 Thankyou


Thankyou 😀 I’ll buy a couple as soon as I’ve finished my Police Helicopter 🙂


Dang. Just, dang.

You could skip the comic and just post photos of your sets and props.


I have so little free time that I actually considered doing that 🙂

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